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									Frank Lloyd Wright
Ian Bliss

As A Child
 Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland center, Wisconsin on June 8, 1867, to William Cary Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones Wright. Even before he was born his mother wanted him to be an architect.

Tough to be a teen
 When Wright was eighteen his father left the family never to be seen or heard from again. One week later he then got a job and took drafting classes at the University of Wisconsin.

The working life
 In 1887 Wright went to work for Joseph Silsbee In Chicago Illinois After a year Wright left Silsbee and started work with Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler, who were working on the auditorium theater in Chicago.

Kauffman House
 In 1936 Wright built the Kauffman House or (Falling Water). This building was built near Bear Run in Pennsylvania and it is one of his most famous private homes.

Guggenheim Museum
 In 1958 Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York city it is one of his most famous buildings rising in a spiral. So through thick and though thin Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the best architects in the world.

   The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation.

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