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									Basketball was invented in a pursuit for an indoor game, which would
supply complete fitness. Dr James Naismith, a Canadian physical
instructor, wrote down the basic rule for the game after initial
rejection of numerous ideas, at a YMCA Training School. This game was
officially played for the initial time on January 20, 1892, within the
YMCA Gymnasium, at Springfield College. Women began playing basketball in
1892, at Smith College, and different sets of rules had been laid down
for them.

This is really a team sport where two teams, consisting of nine members
every, throw ball into a ten-foot high basket of the opponent to be able
to get a score. While one team member aims for the basket, member of the
other team prevents him from performing so. The team that has the highest
score wins the game. The ball is dribbled and carried forward. In
competitive basketball variation there are lot of regulations and also
the handling of the ball is restricted. Less regulated versions have been
developed for recreational purposes and in some countries, this game is
considered as a spectator sport.

Initially a soccer ball was used in basketball after which a brown
colored ball was introduced. But to increase the visibility of the ball
to the players and spectators alike the color was changed to orange, in
1950s by Tony Hinkle. Initially dribbling wasn't a part of the game. It
was included within the game within the 1950s.

Different versions have different rules and time limits. According to
NBA, some of the rules have been discussed here. The basketball court
ought to be 94 X 50 feet. There ought to be baskets on two opposite ends
of the court. The court is either made out of wood or cement. The ten
feet high basket is made out of steel rim with a net attached. 1 score,
also known as shot, is counted as two points or three points when aimed
from a distance of 7.24 meter. The game is divided into four quarters
which each of them with a time limit of twelve minutes.

A break of fifteen minutes is allowed after the first two quarter and in
between each quarter, there is a break of two minutes. Within the third
quarter, both the teams exchange their baskets. At a time five members of
every team are present on the court. Permission is given to have up to
seven substitutes. Other than the coach assistant coaches, statisticians,
managers, trainers and doctors assists a team. Other equipments, other
than the ball, required throughout the game are scoreboard, score sheets,
clocks, stop clocks, whistles, and alternating possession arrows.
The male and the female player require to wear a pair of shorts along
with a jersey with clear number printed on the front and also the back.
High-top sneakers could be worn to supply extra ankle support. Sometimes
the coach can request clock stoppages in between the game, if he wants to
discuss something important with his team members. Generally 3 referees
watch over the game. Other things like timekeeping, fouls by an
individual or a team, score, team possession arrow, shot clock and player
substitutions are taken care of by the table officials.

Over the time period, various positions have been developed in
basketball. Initially there were one guard, two forwards, and two centers
or two guards, two forwards, and 1 center. Later on point guard, shooting
guard, little forward, power forward and center positions had been added.

Actions, which lead to violations are double dribbling, traveling, and
carrying the ball and shot clock. Foul is illegal physical contact with
the opponent team members, which would hinder them.

The other variations of the professional basketball are wheelchair
basketball for the physically handicapped, water basketball to be played
in a swimming pool, beach basketball which has extremely few or no
regulations, half court game which has only 1 basket, and street ball and
one-on-one which has two players and smaller court.

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