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Sea Turtles In North Cyprus

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For about one hundred million years, our waters have been visited by the
green (Chelonia mydas) and the logger-head (Caretta caretta) turtles. The
green turtle only nests in Cyprus, south-east Turkey and sometimes in

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These fascinating creatures come ashore on the deserted beaches of North
Cyprus between May and August to nest and Alagadi Beach is classified as
a special protected area.

While on your trip in Northern Cyprus, you may be intrigued to know that
this is home to some of the most significant turtle housing beaches in
the Mediterranean. The two species that live and nest in Northern Cyprus
are endangered species. Just about 10% of the loggerhead and 30% of the
green turtles in the Mediterranean nest in Northern Cyprus. Bearing in
mind that as little as 300-400 green and 2000 loggerhead turtles are
likely to live each year in the complete Mediterranean, it is critical
that people do all they can to help and protect these near endangered

These North Cyprus Marine turtles start their lives on land, where they
come out to emerge from eggs, just after 45-60 days of incubation on land
and in the sand. When these turtles hatch and emerge they then begin to
make the attempt to reach the sea, they swim anxiously out to sea waters
where they stay put for the remaining years of their lives, the only
break in this would be when a adult female will come to shore and lay her

It is projected that only one single hatchling out from two thousand will
make it and survive to full adult life and maturity. As soon as they are
25-30 years old, and reach 1-2 meters in length, the adult females and
males with set out and migrate to waters off nesting beaches to eat and
reproduce. For the duration of a nesting season a female lays 3-4 nests,
each carrying just about 100 eggs. she will nest every 1-3 years and will
always return to the exact same beaches. There is no exact number on how
long these marine turtles live but they have been suggested to live up to
160 years old.

They are two species of marine turtles that find themselves nesting in
the North Cyprus Mediterranean and they would be the loggerhead, caretta
caretta and the green turtle (chelonia mydas) the grand total number of
both of these turtles has said to be a estimated 300-400 for the green
and 2000 for the logghead females that nest each and every single year.
Both of these species of sea turtles are endangered , more so with the
green turtles. It has said to be that North Cyprus and Turkey seem to be
the only nesting grounds these turtles come to love. There is over 80
beaches along North Cyprus that between may and October and monitored
closely for the precious turtle activity.

While on your stay in North Cyprus and wish to see these lovely creatures
you may indulge in a boating experience of the shore and see these
turtles swimming, and with many places to see at night you might catch a
glimpse of these night nesting turtles.

Group of Ecologists and students have been observing and helping to
protect these rare animals from extinction for a number of years.

Some general information for you to keep on hand:
Mating time for these turtles is May/June
Hatching time is Aug/Sep
Nesting time is June/July

I hope that by through this article you can take away some general
information on sea turtles in North Cyprus. If ever in the area on
vacation or stay pay a visit to these wonderful beautiful creatures.

Visitors are welcome to observe this exciting experience!!!