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Nono hair removal


An article about the Nono hair removal system

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									No No hair removal system- my review
Note – this is just a user review, if you’re looking for the actual product, click here for the No
No hair re moval product page

Before I bought the NoNo, most of the reviews I saw were pretty one-sided, so I’m going to try
to be thorough here and discuss both the positive and negative aspects for the No No system so
you can make an informed decision before buying.

First impressions
First off, I bought the No No hair removal system back in May for $250. As of today I’ve been
using it for over 6 months now, and I use it for my legs, armpits, and bikini area. I’m a latina
woman and my leg hair gets fairly dark and coarse, so I’d say I’m a pretty good test subject.

When I first tried out the No No device, I was absolutely delighted to see that it was completely
painless! I’m a total wuss when it comes to razor burn or any kind of pain involved with hair
removal, so this was a definite plus for me (MUCH better than waxing!). It uses heat, so it feels a
little warm when you apply it to your skin.

Something else I noticed is a little bit of a smell. It burns and crystalizes the hair, so it does get a
tad stinky. Not an overpowering or unbearable smell, but it’s noticeable. The smell goes away
pretty quick though when you rub the crystalized hair away with the included buffer.

An important thing to note is that the first couple times I used the No No device it did take some
time. I do my legs, armpits, and bikini area all at once and that took about an hour each time I
used it for the first couple weeks (twice per week). Some users might not like having to spend an
hour per session for the first 4 or 5 uses, but as your overall hair growth reduces it will take less
time. And trust me…..if you stick with it the results are well worth it.

It also might be worth noting that my sessions only take about 15 minutes now to cover my legs,
armpits, and bikini area. 15 minutes every 7-8 weeks aint too shabby, especially when you
compare it to shaving every other day!

Click here for more info on the No!No! Hair Removal System

As you use it, you’ll gradually spend less and less time with it because your overall hair growth
will reduce by a significant amount. After 3 months I only needed to use it about once every 6
weeks, and as of today my last time using it was almost 2 months ago…..and my legs are still
When my hair does grow back it’s finer now and a lot less dense, meaning less hairs grow back
than before using No no. I would say that their claim of 90% reduction in hair growth is pretty
accurate, provided that you use the product consistently for at least 2 months or so.

One other thing I’d like to add is that No No is terrific for getting rid of ingrown hairs. When I
used a razor before on my bikini area it caused ingrown hairs and the dreaded bumpy rash, but
this problem is gone completely with using the No No system.


       pain free
       good results/smooth legs
       no more ingrown hairs or bumpy rash
       only need to use once every 7-8 weeks after consistent use
       overall hair growth reduced greatly


       a little stinky
       takes a long time to use the first few weeks
       somewhat expensive

Bottom line
If you’re sick of shaving every other day, the No No hair removal system is an absolute no
brainer. I’ll remind you again, after using the product since this summer I now only need to use it
ONCE EVERY 8 WEEKS. Personally, I don’t miss shaving at all!

It’s a tad pricey, though less than the cost of a few waxing sessions….and without the pain!

From what I understand the price keeps fluctuating, but if you’re lucky you can get it for $100.
They do also offer a month long free trial use of the product for just the cost of shipping, so if
you’d like to try it out first you can click the link below.

Click here for the No No hair removal trial offer

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