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I go over a brief story of the origins of calculus

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The very definition of the word calculus is derived from a mineral build-
up and means "hard". The Mathematical term of calculus describes a field
that is a theoretical offshoot of algebra that attempts to define the way
in which events will change over time. Calculus is used to determine the
slope of a variable, or chosen identity, and how its rate of change may
change over time. The calculations usually produce a curve or graphical
presentation rather than a discreet sum and the information is read from
points in the curve, which reflect the rates of change. There are
relatively simply calculus theorems that will allow the calculation of
how often the phone will ring over the next month, or a how a population
of deer will grow in the upcoming years.

However, calculus is meant to be a theoretical tool that describes
hypothetical situations thereby imparting clarity upon the unknown. Many
would be happy to let the unknown remain that way, but if calculus is on
your agenda, you may need calculus help in the near future, and you can
figure on this without a formula.

The field of modern calculus was largely worked out by Leibnitz, a German
Mathematician who lived in the 1600's. He was a genius who conquered
Latin and began study of the Greek language and many other fields of
learning by the time he was twelve. Shortly thereafter, he began the
study of Law, but more relevant was his travel to Paris later in his
life. It is here that he met the famous mathematician Huygens who routed
the genius of Leibnitz toward the study of mathematics in general and to
geometry in particular. It was he that developed the theories of
Integrated and Differential Calculus, which remained largely unused until
the complexity of the twentieth century brought these disciplines to the
forefront. Differential calculus was then used in determining the rates
of velocity, mass and was useful in the trajectory of rockets. Fourier
calculations are based upon integral calculus. Integral calculus was
used to determine the rate at which the door on the space shuttle can

 Although calculus was developed by Leibnitz and furthered by other great
mathematicians who followed him, it is thought that some elements of the
science existed as early as the time of the ancient Greeks. It is
thought that at this time, Exodius developed the Method of Exhaustion
that contains rudiments of modern calculus. When you find that the
Methods of Exhaustion are directly applying to yourself, it is time to
seek help with Calculus.

The Mathematics study lab at your school, if there is one, will be happy
to set you up with a tutor. If this is not possible, ask your teacher if
he or she can recommend a tutor or approach someone who seems to get
"A's" on their work and ask for help. Remember that calculus is a
discipline that builds upon itself. Therefore, each stage must be clear
in your mind or the subsequent steps will be out of reach. Try to get
calculus help early in the game and stay with each topic as it is

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