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Programs Offered in the University of Phoenix

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The University of Phoenix is one of the institutions that has national
recognition for its excellence in education on campus and online.

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In the beginning a University was a University; a huge massive building
radiating knowledge, authority and honor even from a far away distance.
Today we are more interested in the concept of University rather than a
huge institution made of stone. What we learn as well as the way we learn
it, is what really concern us. The ‘virtual’ university has appeared;
more and more of the traditional Universities have gone online, and are
now offering higher education and academic degrees this way.

The University of Phoenix is one of the institutions that has national
recognition for its excellence in education on campus and online. This
University was started early in the 1970s. They provide quality and
accountably higher education for the adults. Their approach to the
courses is fresh and new so that they deliver quality education. There
are many programs that are offered in this university.

They offer Degree programs, Certificate and Non-Degree Programs, as well
as Military programs for their students. This university offers under
graduate, Graduate, Associate, and Doctorate programs. If you don’t get
admission in the law faculty of this college, you can approach the
university of Houston law school for admission.

The type of program that is offered differs with the campus that is
involved with the university. You can check out the different campuses
for different programs. The undergraduate programs include Bachelor of
Science programs in different disciplines like Business, Criminal
Justice, Health, Management, Nursing, Organizational Security and
Management, Education / Elementary Teacher Education, and Information

Associate of Arts in General Studies is an Associate program that if
offered by the university. This program gives a strong foundation in
social sciences, mathematics, humanities, and life sciences for the
students who enroll to this program. The Graduate programs offer Masters
of Arts in Education (different disciplines with in Education), Masters of
Business Administration, (different majors like accounting, e-business,
global management, healthcare management, human resource management,
marketing etc.) Master of Science, Master of Counseling etc. Business
Administration, Management, Education, Health Administration are some of
the discipline in which doctorate is awarded.

There are many Certificate programs offered in the University of Phoenix.
These programs can be used to check your knowledge on a particular domain
and also for better career opportunities. These programs are more useful
for the working professionals so that they can take up these programs
whenever they find time to study. For more details on the different
programs offered you may check the website of the university.