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					Network Marketing's New "Three Foot Rule"
Max Steingart

The Internet gives you several advantages over face to face prospecting.

Once you've run out of friends to talk to about your business,
you can turn on your computer and find new people to talk to,
or you can start approaching strangers at the mall.

Network Marketing's new "Three Foot Rule" is, "When you're sitting in front of
your computer, you're within three feet of the entire online world."

You can contact anyone on the Internet, when you know where to find them and
how to use Instant Messaging.

If you walked into a shopping mall full of strangers, you wouldn't know anything
about anyone there. You would judge people by the way they're dressed or how
they're groomed. Then you'd start a conversation with a stranger to learn more
about them. You'd have to invest your time talking to as many people as you
could to find out if they'd be interested in what you have to offer. And you'll
spend much of your time talking to the wrong people.

It's so much easier on the Internet.

Imagine walking into a very large room full of strangers. And everyone in the
room has their "Profile" taped to their back. Each "Profile" contains; the person's
name; their city and state location; their gender; their marital status; a list of their
hobbies; a list of their favorite gadgets; their occupation; and a personal quote
that tells you about their values and outlook on life.

You can walk behind anyone in the room, and read all about them prior to
starting a conversation. You can pick out the people you'd want to talk to in
advance of making contact and identify the people you'd want to avoid by reading
about them.

That's just one advantage the Internet gives you when you go online looking to
meet new people. By reading a person's Internet "Profile" you can immediately

1.   Who's online that you would enjoy talking to.
2.   Who's online that would most enjoy talking to you.
3.   Who's online that would be the most likely prospect to talk to.
4.   Who's online that was ambitious and who was lazy.
5.   Who's online that has a positive or negative outlook on life.
Knowing this kind of information about someone in advance of talking to them is
priceless because it saves you time and eliminates the rejection that comes with
talking to the wrong people.

On the Internet you can read a person's "Profile" and based on it's contents,
know in advance if you would like them and if they would like you. You can
Instant Message the people that you have something in common with, and start
an online conversation any time it's convenient for you.

Whether it's online or in person, people like talking to people that like the same
things they do. People like talking to someone that share their interests and
values. Don't you?

Additionally, you can know in advance if someone was a prospect for your
business by reading their Internet "Profile." You can pick out the people that
share your interests, your hobbies or your work experience
based on the contents of a person's profile. Internet Profiles will help you identify
the people that are ambitious or lazy, the people that are positive or negative. If
you can pick the "Green" M&M's out of a bowl of candy, you can easily identify
the best people to talk to online based on the contents of their Internet Profile.

Starting an online conversation with someone, that you know in advance would
be a great prospect for your business, is as easy as sending them an Instant
Message - "Hello, You've got a great profile. I see you like to play golf. I have a
7 handicap, what's yours?

Millions of people are online and sitting in front of their computer while you're
reading this article. You can meet people locally or anywhere else in the world
right now!

And last but not least, the rejection that's associated with the old "Three Foot
Rule" disappears on the Internet. "When you're withing three feet of a person
that's breathing, they're a prospect for your business" has been changed forever
by Internet access.

Instead of going through 100 "No's" to get your "Yes," when you're using the old
Three Foot Rule to prospect in person, you can get eight out of the ten people
you contact via Instant Messaging to look at your business because you've read
their Internet "Profile."

The next time you sit down at your computer, remember, you're within three feet
of the entire online world.
Max Steingart Is the author of "Shaking Hands on the Internet," "Success Online," "Your Daily
Motivation," and a free online e-zine for network marketing leaders.
For over eight years, Max Steingart's innovative training series has been helping
people use the Internet to network with others. He built an organization in one network marketing
company of over 7,000 people in two years. One of his students put 1,000 people into her
business over the Internet in four months.

His trainings have introduced breakthrough Internet strategies that produce immediate results for
anyone that can use a mouse to point and click.

Named "The Success Story of the Year" in 1989 by INC Magazine, Max is a highly quoted author,
a business visionary, an entertaining speaker, an accomplished sailboat racer and a humorous
teacher. He's owned several successful businesses including an INC 500 Publishing Company
that was the forerunner of e-bay.

Max works directly with home based business owners, network marketering leaders, individual
distributors, and network marketing companies. His live Internet stage presentations have been
described as educational, entertaining, eye opening and visually dazzling.

Max is the nation's expert in online relationship building online and has led the way in providing
cutting edge training tools for anyone that wants to expand their business on the Internet.

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