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									Helping Others Succeed
John Fuhrman

As I stood on the stage and listened to the fading applause, it hit me. I had finally arrived. All that hard work and sacrifice paid
off. Now it was my time to shine. As a teacher/speaker I still had a lot to learn.

Back when I began writing my first book, I figured that when I finished some publisher would send me a check and I'd live
happily ever after. Well, two realities set in fast. First, I was rejected by over 100 publishers and I was having trouble finishing
the book.

When one publisher finally took a chance on my ability, he said that once my book was done, I would impact the lives of
thousands of people and motivate them to change the way they thought. In 90 days I was done. The book began to sell and I
began to get the checks. Life was good. But the lesson hadn't been fully learned.

Finally, after that speech, I was led to the table at the back of the room. You know the one. It's where I stand and sign my books
and sell tapes. Needless to say. it was packed. I was signing books until my hand ached.

I noticed that the next speaker was about to go on and out of courtesy, I announced that the table would be closing and
everyone should get their seats for the next part of the program. I assured them that I would be there when the next break

As I slumped into my seat, I noticed a shadow over me. There he stood. His shirt had seen better days and was the wrong size.
His tie was several inches above his belt and the jacket he wore was borrowed from a much larger man. I looked for an exit but
his red eyes met mine.

"I just wanted to thank you," he said as his lips quivered with nervousness. I stood to acknowledge his gratitude and simply
nodded, "You're wlecome." He went on.

"I'm thanking you for this." He held up a tattered copy of my book, "REJECT ME - I LOVE IT!" and started to cry. "You see, I
didn't see much point in hanging around any more. I was going to end it all when someone gave me this book." I fell back into
the chair. I had never been in this type of a situation.

"I came to this convention only because I knew you were speaking and I wanted to thank you for writing this book for me."

Before I could get a single word out, he was gone. I was unable to stand. Everything I had thought about the success I deserved
suddenly came tumbling down. Behind that wall of ego was the lesson I had finally learned. My success had very little to do with
my ability as a writer and a speaker. There are many with more talent than I.

My success stood in front of me that day and my life has been different ever since. Every page I type and every word I speak is a
result of this belief inside of me.

"I don't have all the answers. For many of you I may not have any answer. But for one of you I may have exactly the answer that
can change your life. And that's why I'm here today. I hope to meet you and shake your hand. But if that doesn't happen I ask
only this in return. Find someone who is searching for your answer. Give it to them expecting nothing in return. The success you'll
receive is beyond your wildest dreams."


John Fuhrman is a bestselling author of five books and tapes for growing a solid networking busienss. He has spoken for
thousands of Networkers around the world. You can visit his web site at and download a free copy

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