Sneakers _ Soul_ Cape May Film Festival Feature Presentation by jlhd32


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									Sneakers & Soul: Cape May Film Festival Feature Presentation
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The Saturday night feature presentation has been selected for this year’s Cape May Film Festival, and it is
a homecoming of sorts. “Sneakers & Soul” was directed by Jon Zelenak (who has local connections) and
much of the film was shot here in Cape May! Yes, you may spot a more than one local in a scene right at
the beginning.

“No matter what you do in life, always have a perfect bed and a comfortable pair of shoes, because when
you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” So goes the credo of Johnny-boy Bailey’s late father, Murray, a
man whose passion for life and love for adventure was an inspiration to all. It is also the credo that has
haunted Johnny-boy, an overworked and under-enthused lawyer from South Jersey who finds himself
trapped in a routine as dull as the black loafers he spends every day in. When Johnny-boy inherits a pair
of blue sneakers and a key to a mysterious New York City apartment from his father, he is given a chance
to find a new direction for himself and live up to his father’s legacy.

With his best friend, Ace, by his side Johnny-boy slips on the sneakers and the two embark on foot for a
journey spanning the state of New Jersey to the Big Apple. It’s a trip that will not only bring them to the
brink of friendship, but also give them a chance to rediscover the connections that matter most in this

The film has been seen in more than a dozen film festivals, but Cape May Film Festival will host the
movie’s South Jersey Premiere. In fact, this year’s Festival will screen several world premiere films, as
well as a number of New Jersey premieres. We say it every year, but we work diligently to bring the most
film premieres to New Jersey—and this year is no different.

Among the features being presented we are also screening “See What I’m Saying,” a film about deaf
entertainers that is engaging and heart-warming. We will also have a matinee screening of “Standing
Ovation,” a film for tweeners that was shot here in Cape May and Wildwood. You can see reviews for
both of these films at

The Cape May Film Festival will be October 22-24, exclusively at the Chalfonte Hotel. For more
information, visit or call 609-884-6700 or email

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