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Vol. 16 No. 17
                                                Showing the Way to Truth and Justice

                                           April 30, 2009 - May 6, 2009

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Six nabbed in bogus 'Obama' sneakers ring

COUNTERFEIT SNEAKERS — Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes shows a counterfeit sneaker with President Obama’s picture to report-
ers at a press conference.

 Gov. places NYS in emergency preparedness over Swine Flu
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26                                                                                      Report
                                                                  WHAT’S GOING ON ObamaA; TripleCard:
                                                                                  Grade         A+
NEW YORK BEACON, April 30, 2009 - May 6, 2009

                                                                  By Victoria Horsford
                                                                      OBAMA’S FIRST 100                                                                                             By Vinette K. Pryce                    MSNBC TV reported that an NBC/
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Wall Street Journal poll gave an al-
                                                                    President Barack Obama goes                                                                                        President Barack Obama spent        most similar result with a 61 percent
                                                                  to the head of the class compared                                                                                 the morning of his first 100 days      job approval rating.
                                                                  with his predecessers as media                                                                                    in the spotlight talking to Missouri     That same poll revealed that when
                                                                  scrambles to evaluate and grade                                                                                   residents at a town hall meeting       he took office 26 percent of the
                                                                  his performance during the first                                                                                  near St. Louis.                        American people thought we were
                                                                  100 days. His popularity is high,                                                                                     There he said he was “not a        headed in the right direction. One
                                                                  approaching 70%.                                                                                                  miracle worker.”                       hundred days later, that figure is up
                                                                    Erstwhile US Republican Sena-                                                                                     But some of his critics are con-     to 46 percent, MSNBC said.
                                                                  tor Alan Specter announced that                                                                                   ceding that he may well be more          Reportedly, Americans polled said
                                                                  he was crossing the aisle to be-                                                                                  than that.                             this president in 100 days has shown
                                                                  come a Democratic, bringing the                                                                                       Later that Wednesday evening       that “he has the ability to deal with
                                                                  Dems number closer to the 60                                                                                      he held a news conference for all      multiple issues”
                                                                  member chamber, which would                                                                                       American to see.                          Pres. Obama was with troops in
                                                                  be Republican filibuster averse.                                                                                  The ink on his report card had al-     Iraq when pirates attempted to seize
                                                                  He signed a $787 billion Stimu-                                                                                   ready dried, the yardstick mea-        an American cargo ship. He met with
                                                                                                                           President Barack Obama                                   sured and the standard imposed         European heads of government,
                                                                  lus Recovery bill into law.
                                                                     His Health and Human Ser-          rich.                                  butt is about JOE TURNER’S           since Franklin D. Roosevelt rated      surprised the troops and coolly
                                                                  vices Secretary nominee                   On April 25, at Reverend Al        white director Bartlett Sher. The    him one of the most accomplished       quelled the incident by ordering the
                                                                  Kathleen Sebelius was con-            Sharpton’s National Action Net-        NY Times Ben Brantley review         commander-in-chief.                    US Navy to act with force if the cap-
                                                                  firmed on April 28. He has vis-       work Harlem headquarters, Gov-         rhapsodized about the brilliance         An overwhelming majority           tain was placed in imminent danger.
                                                                  ited three continents since he        ernor Paterson was greeted by his      of this limited-engagement Lin-      graded the first Black president         BBC World TV polled viewers of
                                                                  took the oath of office and met       base, Harlemites and members of        coln Center Theatre presentation     with an A.                             their international news broadcasts
                                                                  more than 60 heads of state since     the NYC black and white estab-         of JOE TURNER’S at the Belasco       Some generously doled out triple       reporting an overwhelming A grade
                                                                  January 20. And (he) has a laun-      lishment – Congressmen Charles         Theatre at 111 West 44 Street.       A ratings.                             last Sunday.
                                                                  dry list of international crises      Rangel and Gregory Meeks; UFT               Brantley said that JOE            And others announced the only           “He has hugely changed the im-
                                                                  with which to deal such as the        chief Randi Weingarten, Comp-          TURNER is theatre-philes favor-      letter to represent the president’s    age of America in 100 days,” a com-
                                                                  Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a          troller Bill Thompson, Senator Bill    ite of Wilson’s 10 plays about       performance is with an A+ rating.      mentator on the BBC said.
                                                                  possible Taliban takeover of          Perkins, and Assemblymen Keith         African American life during the        “I am glad I represented him,”        “Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Clinton,
                                                                  nuclear club member Pakistan,         and Councilwoman Inez Dickens          20th Century. People finding their   State Senator Bill Perkins said from   Bush – all made mistakes in their first
                                                                  Somali Pirates, and the US eco-       – who pledged support for his          own voice in life is a theme that    Albany. “People who supported          100 days,” the British broadcaster
                                                                  nomic credibility in a globalized     2010 candidacy.                        runs through Wilson’s century-       him are seeing that their efforts      said. “He (Obama) can step into a
                                                                  world. What’s Going On grades             Most speakers agreed that          long sagas.                          have proven fruitful. With the         room and change the mood.”
                                                                  gives the President an A-!!!          Paterson’s biggest enemy is NY            Pulitzer Awardee August Wil-      stimulus he showed that he not           Cable Network News (CNN) said
                                                                     He confronts a new problem,        media. Regarding Giuliani as           son was a vocal opponent of          only cared about Wall St. but our      it was the first 100 days that presi-
                                                                  the Swine Flu, aka H1N1 Flu, a        Paterson’s 2010 Republican chal-       non-traditional casting and          street.”                               dents make the worst mistakes.
                                                                  respiratory virus transmitted         lenger, Reverend Sharpton in war-      would not allow whites to direct       “He has proven himself worthy.”      “Ford pardoned Nixon, Kennedy
                                                                  from pigs and from human to           rior mode bellowed. “Bring him         his plays. His widow digressed       The Harlem state senator said last     had Bay of Pigs (Cuba)” but this
                                                                  human contact, which originated       on!”                                   and with good effect based on        week at a press conference, Pres.      president has set a different tone
                                                                  in Mexico with pandemic poten-                VILLAGE PEOPLE                 feedback from friends, including     Obama announced a $400 million         dealing with home foreclosures,
                                                                  tial. While President Obama can           Congratulations to African-        cast member LATANYA JACK-            stimulus that is going to benefit      stimulus bills, he visited 12 states,
                                                                  allay fears about H1N1 Flu, it is     American Washington Post Op/ed         SON. The Harlem One Stop The-        public housing. He said people liv-    had…we are living in extraordinary
                                                                  scary reviewing all of the Fed-       writer EUGENE ROBINSON for his         atre Club has booked JOE             ing in public housing will finally     times, it is nothing like the days of
                                                                  eral authorities addressing this      Pulitzer Prize. Denied the WAPO        TURNER’S seats for the June 3        see improvements to elevators,         FDR.”
                                                                  health crisis: the Centers for Dis-   managing editor job a few years        performance at a discounted          windows, doors and services.               The fact Pres. Obama has “re-
                                                                  ease Control, yes; but Home           ago, Robinson has no regrets. As       group rate $67.50. Email info@         “He gets good grades,” Perkins       newed friendships with Europe”
                                                                  Land Security?                        managing editor he would be in- if you are in-     added.                                 seems to be a big plus for many.
                                                                     The H1N1 Flu is included in        eligible for a Pulitzer. Congrats to   terested.                                Since day one of his 100 day         On the AOL web portal 62, 633 in-
                                                                  the President’s daily intelligence    MIRA LOWE, newly named edi-              A revival of the Arthur Miller     audition, Pres. Obama faced as         dividuals were polled with a ques-
                                                                  briefing. There is no vaccine to      tor in chief of Jet Magazine, the      American classic, DEATH OF A         many challenges with resistance        tion “which grade would you give
                                                                  prevent or protect humans from        nation’s #1 Black newsweekly. NY       SALESMAN opened last week,           from the Congress, insurance           Pres. Obama?” A majority 27 percent
                                                                  H1N1. The seasonal influenza          Link/actress/wife/mother               with an all Black cast headed by     companies, banks, Republicans          gave the leader an A. With A to F
                                                                  vaccine may help provide par-         HARRIETTE MANDEVILLE just              CHARLES DUTTON at Yale Rep-          and Democrats and even a con-          the options, figures dispersed a va-
                                                                  tial protection. Symptoms are         returned from a spiritual retreat to   ertory. Play runs through May 23.    servative, talk show host who          riety of grades with voters favorably
                                                                  high fever, diarrhea, muscle pain     India……                                For       information,       visit   hoped he would fail. The demands       accessing their politics and conser-
                                                                  and discomfort, cough, sore                Journalist/educator RON                      of two wars, a recessive economy,      vative scores.
                                                                  throat, stuffy nose, headaches        SCOTT spent his spring break in                OUT OFAFRICA                 and a myriad of problems Pres.           With all the expectations of change
                                                                  and fatigue.                          Japan….Harlem community pillar            The CELEBRATE AFRICA              Obama now says “”We have be-           of US policy from every leader in
                                                                    THE WEEK IN REVIEW/NY               MARTHA DOLLY died. Born in             FOUNDATION (CAF) and its             gun to pick ourselves up and dust      the world, President Barack Obama
                                                                     On April 24, Governor David        Haiti in 1923, Mrs. Dolly embraced     partner New York University will     ourselves off, and we’ve begun         could hardly fulfill the public prom-
                                                                  Paterson told NY 1 TV host            the American dream. She earned         host the Second CAF Dinner           the work of remaking America.”         ise he made to his daughters Sasha
                                                                  Dominick Carter’s NY1 TV he           degrees in the U.S, became a nurse     Awards Gala on Wednesday,              “These challenges could not be       and Malia on Nov. 4, 2008.
                                                                  plans to keep his job and will be     and married, Dr Harold Dolly. She      May 13 at NYU at 60 Washing-         met with half measures. They             With visits to Europe, the Carib-
                                                                  the NYS Democratic Gubernato-         is survived by two children Harold     ton Square South, Manhattan.         couldn’t be met with the same, old     bean and the Middle East where he
                                                                  rial Party contender in 2010. He      Dolly and Donna Atmore-Dolly           Celebrate Africa Foundation          formulas. They couldn’t be con-        greeted military troops in Iraq, re-
                                                                  was adamant that neither NYC          and a granddaughter Ania.              Board trustee and spokesperson       fronted in isolation. They de-         newed relationships, expanded
                                                                  media, nor the polls were going                THEATRE STUFF                 Chika Onyeani announced the          manded action that was bold and        family visits to Cuba, cordially
                                                                  to run him out of state. I know           AUGUST WILSON’S drama,             honorees: the Republic of            sustained,” Pres. Obama said.          greeted known enemy leaders, es-
                                                                  that local media, including NY1       JOE TURNER’S COME AND                  Botswana as the Best African            “The changes that we’ve made        calated troop deployment to Af-
                                                                  and Carter have been foretelling      GONE, is at the center of a storm      Country of the Year 2009 and         are the changes we promised.           ghanistan, signed 15 major bills,
                                                                  Paterson’s demise.                    offstage almost as volatile as the     Edward Bergman, Executive Di-        We’re doing what we said we            championed a piracy episode at sea,
                                                                      The NY Times published a          riveting Black American classic        rector of the Africa Travel Asso-    would do.”                             decided on how to stimulate the
                                                                  cover story a few weeks ago           does onstage. The latest scuttle-      ciation as a visionary who has          “We’ve got a lot of work to do      economy, faced-off with the Con-
                                                                  claiming that Paterson has fallen                                            contributed immeasurably to the      because on our first day in office,    gress, made numerous visits to 12
                                                                  out of favor among Blacks. It                                                continent’s economic growth          we found challenges of unprec-         US states, he has also hosted eight
                                                                  was mentioned that the Demo-                                                 through tourism.                     edented size and scope.”               foreign heads at the White House.
                                                                  crats should give him a deadline                                                 Botswana President Seretse           Tested at every juncture, he       He has met with 44 heads of gov-
                                                                  by year’s end to withdraw as a                                               Ian Seretse Khama has been in-       quickly made decisions that im-        ernment; attended four multilateral
                                                                  candidate, if his numbers con-                                               vited to receive the CAF 2009        pacted a natural disaster such as      summits and issued 19 executive
                                                                  tinue to plummet.                                                            award. The CAF Best Country          a flood in North Dakota, and at        orders.
                                                                     Governor Paterson, is the ipso                                            criteria includes a nation’s prac-   the 11th hour of his 100 day just         It took him almost three quarters
                                                                  facto leader of the state Demo-                                              tice of democratic ideals, good      missed a barrage of criticisms for     of his test days to present the be-
                                                                  cratic Party. Then mainstream                                                governance, tolerance war on         an alleged Air Force One photo         loved daughters with a pet named
                                                                  media proffers polls showing                                                 terrorism and resource manage-       opportunity involving jets flying      Bo. It was not until Easter that the
                                                                  that Giuliani is favored by more                                             ment. Botswana, a diamond-rich       over New York City.                    busy commander-in-chief honored
                                                                  New Yorkers to be Governor than                                              landlocked country in southern          The Associated Press gave the       his promise.
                                                                  Paterson, if a vote was held to-                                             Africa, boasts one of the            president a 64 percent approval          And on the 99th day, he received a
                                                                  day. Governor Paterson has had                                               continent’s highest per capita in-   rating. According to their poll 48     big boost from Pennsylvania Sen.
                                                                  audiences with labor leaders,                                                comes. Event tickets are $250.       percent of Americans believe the       Arlen Specter who switched parties
                                                                  NYC real estate barons, still bris-                                          Tables are $2250. Call 917.279.      country is headed in the right di-     defecting the Republican to join the
                                                                                                                 Mira Lowea                    4038                                 rection.                               Democrats.
                                                                  tling about higher taxes for the

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