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									                  Customized ecommerce solutions with core modules

   Revolutionized Ecommerce Solution with E-store creation and Core Modules

Popular ecommerce solution providers are introducing core modules with value added services that has
revolutionized the overall ecommerce business offering more flexibility through customized solutions.

It is about high performance ecommerce solutions that is bringing in a revolution and has been proving
better with what it has to offer to ecommerce today. With the technological advancements happening
every now and then, ecommerce solution providers are busy bringing up new integration of value added
services, software development, fulfillment solutions and bring in a more revolutionized customer
solutions to keep visitors coming and avail opportunities to excel. They are now introducing core modules
that have totally revolutionized the overall web experience. It is mainly directed towards having an
ecommerce solution provider offering secure shopping cart for e-businesses to do just what is desired.
With a secure provider, you can literally create your e commerce store with built in shopping cart software
within minutes.

Such ecommerce solution providers are proud to announce the core modules, the integral part of all
ecommerce solutions, introduced to e-businesses, letting them create online web stores with fully
customized core modules for critical business challenges. What is underway is an ecommerce solution
available with free shopping cart for a limited time and with core modules and customized solutions. The
core modules work as effective ecommerce solution that allows logging in to a specific portal through
individual member accounts, work with the announcements module as the one essential core module and
ecommerce solution to generate a list of simple text announcements with a title and description given to

Next that is customized according to user requirement is banner advertising with the number of banners
and banner types displayed and managed through admin vendors tab and the Host. The core module
provides with ecommerce solution that renders contact information for a group of people and solutions for
discussion boards to render messages on a specific topic, solution-rendering list of document and
enabling easy browse and download. The core modules have the event list and calendar functionality to
make available upcoming event list with time and location mentioned and can also be rendered in
calendar format. The FAQ feature lets you do more with the management of the questions asked with
their corresponding answers.

The feedback section of the core modules introduced enable users to send messages to the admin of the
portal and populate the feedback form automatically after successful login. It brings the IFrame
technology to view any other website with the URL mentioned within a set frame from your site, image
render functionality, list of hyperlinks rendered to any tab, image or file, news feeds, customized searches
to search one or more common modules offered as effective ecommerce solution. The user defined
tables create a custom data table for managing tabular information with data reordering on click A-Z or Z-
A and renders feed module with topical information. Ecommerce solutions are therefore powered by
industry leading technology for businesses both large and small. Apart from these there are text
announcements to work on consisting of the title and brief description and other add-on features and
ecommerce solutions effective and those that serve for better to be used in the long run.

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