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					Google Update – Google Places Listings
Google is constantly testing and developing new and improved features to make finding
relevant information on the internet a fast, intuitive, and seamless experience for their millions
of users worldwide.

In this two part post we will discuss two of Google’s most recent changes to the look and feel of
the search engine results page: Google Places Listing and Google Instant Preview.

Google Update: Google Places Listings in Search Results
Google has made a huge change to how businesses are listed when a user indicates they are looking for local
information in their search query. Previously Google showed Google Places listings at the top of the search results page,
with only seven small, highly sought after positions up for grabs.

How do the new Google Places Listings look and feel?
Business location information from Google Places is seamlessly incorporated into search engine results if Google feels
that it would be relevant to the users search query. There is also a new tab to the left of your search engine results
enabling you to see ONLY places information (not unfamiliar to how you would indicate to see only Images or Videos
while searching Google).
        Google Places listings are now included in normal search engine results alongside the company’s website

        Google Map Preview is now located to the right of the page (which push Adwords Ads down the page and
         make paid listing positions above organic results even more sought after!)

How does Google Places Listings affect Dealerships?

Dealerships must ensure that they are taking advantage of what Google Places has on offer. As you can see above,
Dealerships who take advantage of all the options available through Google Places (such as pictures), become much
more eye catching, and relevant, to potential visitors.

Google’s local listings update is a great reminder for Dealerships to ensure that their website is targeting important
location based keywords. Those who are not targeting such keywords may find themselves pushed further and
further down the search engine results page.

Special thanks goes to Natasha Barclay – Online Marketing Assistant for co-authoring this article.

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Tim Dlugosz
Manager - Online Marketing