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					Google Update – Google Instant Preview

The Google Search playing field is always changing.

In part one we discussed changes to Google Places Listings in search engine results and emphasised how
important it is for Dealerships to take advantage of what Google Places has on offer.

In this post we will focus on Google Instant Preview and how it continues Google’s quest to make finding the
right answer to users’ queries faster than ever.

Google Update: Google Instant Preview

Continuing in the same theme as Google Instant (which allows users to see search results appear, and
change, as you type) Google Instant Preview allows users to view a website before clicking through to the
website. Combined, these two features help Google users to find EXACTLY what they are looking for as fast
as possible.
How does Google Instant Preview look and feel?

       A website preview is shown when users click the magnifying glass next to each search engine results
        listing. Once the magnifying glass is clicked, users can easily hover over each listing to decide which
        website to visit.

       The website preview may also highlight where on the website keywords that were used in the search
        query appear.

       Users can also use their keyboard to navigate between Website Previews.

How does Google Instant Preview affect Dealerships?

Not unlike Google Places Listings, the Instant Preview tool also disadvantages paid AdWords ads that are not
ranking high enough to be placed above organic search results. As you can see in the image above, the
preview may obscure a number of paid listings when in use.

The first page of your website has always been the most important; it must grab the attention of visitors,
provide relevant information and be easy to navigate. This new update means that good user friendly design
is more important than ever. With Google Preview potential visitors don’t even have to click on your website
to decide whether it’s what they’re looking for.

Bigger SEO issues come to light with Google Instant Preview.

Websites that use Flash elements will not appear correctly in Google Preview! Incorporating Flash elements
onto your website has never been beneficial for SEO.
Now is a great time to review how your website home page looks, feels, functions and ultimately sells your
Dealership to your visitors!

Special thanks goes to Natasha Barclay – Online Marketing Assistant for co-authoring this article.

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Tim Dlugosz
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