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What's Your Tattoo Type? The Different Types and Styles Of
Tattoo Designs
With so many different styles and types of tattoos the uninitiated average person can easily get
confused. If you don't want to get confused by the different variety of tattoo designs then read on. This
will help you not look like a fool when you go to your local tattoo shop and it will help you in working
with a tattoo artist to know the vocabulary of basic tattoo styles.. This article will explain the major
difference between such tattoo styles as Tribal, New School, and Old School.

All About Old School, New School And Tribal Tattoos

Old School Tattoos
Old school tattoos are tattoos that were design in the first half of the 20th century and they are often
referred to as traditional or old school tattoos. These wonderful classic designs typically done with
strong and bold black lines and had very little to no color in them. The designs typically featured
patriotic themes that were popular among sailors. In fact Sailor Jerry is probably the most notable
tattoo design of the period and considered by many to be the father of modern tattooing. He worked out
of a little tattoo shop in Hawaii where he did powerful and edgy tattoo designs for sailors that were
stationed in Hawaii. You can spot these designs by their lack of color and use of heavy black lines. The
inks and tools used to tattoo back in the day were very crude and basic and the designs well very
beautiful and classic in style now were fairly simple.

New School Tattoos
Within the last 15 to 20 years there have been many advancements in the tools and inks used to do
tattooing and this has lead to a rebirth of tattoos. New school tattoos are also sometimes referred to as
West Coast Tattoos since they were popularized on the west coast first and then later filtered throughout
the country and world. These wonderful tattoo designs are often very bright and have strong bolder
colors and styles. The designs often take the old school themes and then updates them. For example a
sparrow was a very typical design for old school tattoos. These are very popular among new school
tattoos also however they are very bold, brightly colored and often more complex then the old school

                               This Article is Brought To You By:
                                       My Custom Tattoo
                        Visit our Website For More Tattoo Designs
                               This Article is Brought To You By:
                                       My Custom Tattoo
                        Visit our Website For More Tattoo Designs

Tribal Tattoos
The art of tribal tattooing dates back through centuries of time to many of the ancient cultures. Many of
the native and ancient cultures participated in some form of ritualistic tattooing. This was often done to
mark a special occasion as a rite of passage or to adorn oneself. These very ancient tattoos were done
with the most crude tools and inks were very basic. They were done by hand and by piercing the skin
one pierce at a time and very slowly. The larger designs would take years and years to complete.
However, within the last 10 or so years these ancient designs have been revived and gone through a
rebirth and become very popular again. Just like the new school tattoos these ancient designs and
patterns are now being done with modern tools and inks. As this trend has grown in popularity there
has been many new designs created so many of todays tribal tattoos don't look like the designs of old.
However they still feature a predominance of the use of black ink and line work and make a very strong
and bold tattoo design that is popular with both men and women.
So what tattoo design and style do you like? If you are contemplating getting a design spend some time
thinking about the over all look and feel that you are after. Do you want something that is old school,
new school or maybe a tribal design? The choice is yours to make don't let anyone tell you what you
should get.
Some of the designs in these galleries expecially the Old SChool Tattoos are kind of a cross over
between old school and new school. The old school tattoos would be done in black, red and maybe
green ink only becuase those were the primary color of tattoo inks. Some of the pictures in the old
school tattoo gallery are older designs some of them even done by Sailor Jerry but they have been
redone with bright newer ink colors crossing them over into new school.

                               This Article is Brought To You By:
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