Protect Your Laptop by hery20


									Mobile computing is here and it's here to stay. While desktops are useful pieces of
equipment, most consumers are moving towards laptops for their personal computing needs.
This is a natural move as laptops provide all the power people need and allow them to work
wherever they want. The one downside of laptops is that they can be vulnerable to accidental
damage. Here's a few tips on how to keep your laptop safe.

First off, you need to get a good laptop bag or case to keep your computer safe while you're
on the move. There are lots of different brands of case, but look for something well made:
Technika cases are always a good bet in this respect. Whatever brand you buy, make sure it
has a good deal of padding and, most importantly, fits your computer snugly. You don't want
your laptop bashing around while you're transporting it.

It's also very important to avoid placing heavy things on top of your laptop. Some laptops
have the same feel as a book, so it seems OK to place them amongst a pile of textbooks. But
if your computer is at the bottom of a big pile, the weight of the things on top can damage
your screen and your keyboard.

Finally, make sure you turn off your computer when you transport it. Many people leave the
computer in standby while en route. This is convenient but saps your battery and can damage
your hard drive. If the disk is still spinning while you move it can scratch the hard drive and
create permanent damage.

There are a few simple tips to help you take care of your laptop. If you follow them a nd also
take good general care of your computer, it should last for years on end.

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