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									Libra Horoscope Love Compatibility

             By Ria Nicks
Libra & Aries Horoscope Love Compatibility
This union between Aries and Libra proves to be quite positive and a good match up!
Since they are both opposites in the Zodiac each will have qualities the other lacks and will strike a
good healthy balance.
There is also great sexual chemistry going on here. Aries is often the aggressor and Libra is the smooth
charming one. Sparks will fly. Libra will set the bait and Aries will be the first to bite. Aries will supply
the passion and Libra will supply the romance.
Of course there are differences but Libra makes it easy for a mutual understanding to be met because
they will go to great lengths to maintain harmony and perhaps show Aries that there are other ways to
make things work. Aries just needs to slow down long enough to see that “it’s my way or the highway”
doesn’t always work.
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These two are leaders in their own right, Aries likes to take the reins and will often look like the
dominate one in this relationship because of their forcefulness. One draw back is often things go
unfinished because both tend to lack follow-through and that includes their relationships. Aries often
likes to intimidate while Libra often will manipulate.
Aries will teach Libra the importance of standing up for oneself and a sense of adventure, Libra will
instill and Aries the importance of patience and looking at least once before leaping.
Having the ability to come to a compromise is going to be essential for these two and Libra will have
an easier time doing this than Aries will because Aries doesn’t like to be submissive so Libra be
prepared to give in from time to time if you want to keep the peace.
Though the two are unique in their own way, if small adjustments are made, their pair will be just
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Taurus Horoscope Love Compatibility
This Taurus and Libra match could easily go either way, but in general it is a good match between the
Both people born under these signs are very well liked by almost everyone. Libra is a bit more
outgoing and social than Taurus but Taurus is happy to hold the spotlight as long as they are included.
Libra is very charming and flexible and likes to flirt and this could stir up feelings of jealousy for
Taurus because once it’s clear that you are in a relationship with Taurus, they become extremely
protective over those they love, almost to the point of possessive. So as long as Libra assures Taurus
that their relationship is solid and secure then they shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
Taurus people can be very patient. If a Taurus has their eye on you, it might be just a matter of time
before you succumb to their charm and romantic ways.
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Libra likes to give attention and can be quite the flirt and this is what could have possibly attracted
Taurus to you, but know this… Taurus wants something stable and a firm foundation to build on. If
Libra shows Taurus that they are too indecisive and noncommittal then Taurus just may move on. Both
signs prefer to be in a relationship.
Libra tends to wallow in self-pity and that will work for awhile but Taurus is looking for an equal
partner that they can get things done with. If Libra has an idea or a goal, you can be sure Taurus is
going to want to work towards achieving it. Taurus is a great person to have on your team.
Libra and Taurus both like fashion, homes that are in order and full of beautiful things so in this regard
things will work out in this couples favor as long as Libra doesn’t spend to frivolously.
Overall this is a good match worth pursuing!
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Gemini Horoscope Love Compatibility
Birds of a feather flock together!
These two have so much in common making this an excellent partnership! But you have to take the
good with the bad. Both Gemini and Libra, have the ability to see another’s point of view and have
great communication skills making it easy for them to share ideas without either being controlling or
Often one Sign is more outgoing then the other but with this match, they both will appreciate the
constant flood of change. They share the same interests and crave a certain level of variety and
As a couple, Libra and Gemini will surely have a lot of friends and since neither one is really the
jealous type and both tend to like to flirt, this could be an issue since both people like variety (that
includes relationships.) They have to be extra careful if they decide this is the one they want to be in it
for the long haul, that one or both don’t get too carried away with being flirtatious or they can stray
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Gemini and Libra need to be stimulated and each will be great at providing that for the other, if they
weren’t as suave and stimulating as they are then they wouldn’t likely be together for very long.
Libra might try to be a little less needy of a commitment from Gemini and let it happen naturally, while
Gemini might try to be a little more open and honest with Libra to make them feel more secure in your
By combining the differences between the two, this pair completes the other where the other on lacks.
Go explore the world together!
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Cancer Horoscope Love Compatibility
Initially when Cancer and Libra connect they may notice right off the bat that there is going to be
Although, Cancer may have been attracted to the outgoing personality of Libra in the beginning, after a
little time has passed they won’t understand why Libra is so indecisive which may lead them to think
Libra is not willing to commit. Cancer is looking for a long solid and secure relationship and may not
find that with Libra.
Cancer is very emotional and may have issues with Libra not opening up. Trust that Libra does indeed
have feeling but they are prone to keep their feeling and opinions bottled up inside for fear of not being
liked by others and would much rather bite their lip than cause conflict.
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Libra is very outgoing and social where Cancer is more placid and wants to stick close to home and is
happy to just stay in touch with their own tight knit circle. Libra wants to go out and paint the town red
and be seen!
Conflicts arise when Cancer can’t trust. Libra is generally well liked and befriended by others and
Cancer may try to hold Libra back and this probably won’t go over well… Libra does not like to be
Financially this could be a disaster, one likes to save and only splurge on occasion (Cancer) while the
other has a taste for the extravagant (Libra.)
If this relationship lasts any length of time, Cancer will let their partner know that they are loved but
won’t feel they have to say it ever day, Libra may be too needy and want to be told how attractive they
are and how much they are adored and if Cancer doesn’t fuss over them, they will go find it elsewhere
which will make Cancer insecure and resentful and withdraw back into their shell.
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Leo Horoscope Love Compatibility
A stupendous match if both can be flexible…
Leo is very charming and will be instantly aware and drawn to Libra’s own charm. With Libra’s
genuine compliments and quick wit and grace, Leo can be easily sucked in!
These two will tend to love to go out and paint the town red and know how to throw the best parties
themselves. They both like their freedom and do not rely on the other to generate excitement in this
relationship, they are equally capable of not being stagnant.
Financially, they need to be careful not to overindulge because they enjoy spending money and their
looks are very important to them
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Libra tends to want to keep the peace when issues arise and often will tell white lies if they have to, to
smooth things over and make light of the situation where as Leo enjoys mini battles to get thins out of
their system. Each deal with conflict a bit differently.
Both Signs are very similar but neither will recognize their similar traits. They love to live in the now
and don’t really make concrete plans for the future. They must learn how to pay more attention to each
other and less on their social interactions or this could drive a wedge between the two.
Once Leo and Libra decide this is who they want to be their partner and they respect each others ideals
and values they will build an affectionate, strong, fair and committed relationship full of excitement
and passion, they will wonder how they ever lived without the other.
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Virgo Horoscope Love Compatibility
A bumpy road ahead…
Virgo and Libra may find that it takes a lot to get this relationship off the ground.
These two can be very focused just on different things but the good thing is they are great
communicators (but not always with each other) usually they can come to some sort of agreement
quickly. Both don’t like to rock the boat so may hold things in for a time causing resentment over time
if the issues aren’t talked about.
Virgo is very much a planner, very focused and methodical and like to make lists to keep themselves on
track and complete projects on time. While Libra is generally very indecisive and have a hard time
making up their minds, Virgo will struggle with this and wonder where is their sense of commitment?
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Extrovert Libra is a bit of a social butterfly and will find the need to go out and be a flirt every now and
then for attention and will see Introvert Virgo as a party pooper because they want to spend a quiet
night in. Virgo may see their partner as wild and reckless. Libra may see their partner as insecure.
Do you see the pattern here? These two are like oil and water.
One more thing they have in common is they like to take care of themselves and look sharp but the
difference is Libra will spend as much money as they want to, to make it happen and Virgo will be out
there shopping for the best deals. Finances will be a problem for these two.
Both Signs are going to have to be extremely flexible in order to make this match up work. Libra could
possibly be the worst match for Virgo.
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Libra Horoscope Love Compatibility
Too much of a mirror effect isn’t always such a good thing…
Libra is one of those Signs that really needs to have someone take charge (but not in a “giving orders”
kind of way.) With this match up, often no one will want to take the roll. Libra should have someone
with drive and determination but won’t be too bossy. Someone needs to steer the ship.
A great thing about two Libras coming together is they share the same wonderful qualities. Both are
fair, kind and civilized towards others. Both are extremely tolerant, sensitive and courtesy of the
differences you may have from your partner not often found in other relationships.
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These two view love in an idealistic way and know how to be romantic and will do things for those
they love with so much emotion and thought. These two will enjoy making their dreams a reality
growing the bond between them that much stronger.
One thing that can harm this couple is they often feel that they have to suppress their real feelings
sometimes because the need to be liked by others is so great. They would much rather prefer to keep
the peace and will even lie to avoid conflict or confrontation.
Libras need to be careful not to overspend and put themselves in serious debt. They like to spend
money on themselves and others, often not even looking at the price tag. How others view then is very
important to them.
This can work out wonderful if one of them can take charge and be the decisive one.
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Scorpio Horoscope Love Compatibility
Sensitive Libra may want to run… and run fast!
Besides good sex and both looking for a long committed relationship, these two aren’t going to have
much else in common.
Scorpio is a very deep and passionate person who likes their privacy, while Libra prefers to keep things
light and fun while being chatty and social. Libra will want to go out and if this happens, Scorpios
jealous streak will surely surface and bruise the kind and sensitive Libras feelings with a cunning sharp
Libra needs to have a strong and determined partner but not this strong. It is a very rare thing to see
Libra having the ability to soften and alter the way Scorpio handles themselves so if you have done this
or succeed at doing it, you deserve a big gold star!
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Libra is analytical and talkative when they communicate. Scorpio is strongly emotional and rely on
their intuitiveness to draw their conclusions and is non verbal for the most part… but don’t worry,
Libra will see things crystal clear by Scorpios actions.
There needs to be a very high level of trust on Scorpios part and a great deal of major compromising on
Libras part. This partnership can work but Scorpio just isn’t as flexible enough and they won’t bend to
Libras will.
It could possibly be a long hard road for intense Scorpio and easy going Libra if they decided they want
to give it a go.
If you have a successful Libra/Scorpio relationship, please leave a comment below and share your
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Sagittarius Horoscope Love Compatibility
A diverse and exciting partnership…
These two have what it takes to be happy. Coupled with mutual understanding and love, chances are
they will work together harmoniously and journey together on life’s adventures without much care
where they will end up as long as they are together.
It’s a good thing Sagittarius can easily adapt and be flexible because Libra changes their mind like the
wind. As long a Sag is busy and has a job to do, they are pretty content so choosing a Libra can be a
good thing, Libra likes to be on the go and so does Sag
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Sagittarius usually takes the direct approach and often use few words, some including Libra may take
Sags’ approach of communicating sometimes as harsh or rude. Libra may be sensitive and not
appreciate this but because they don’t hold a grudge for long, they will get past it.
Money issues will arise between this couple, Sag can splurge on occasion but rarely, Libra on the other
hand could do it everyday. Sag will appreciate the fashionable wardrobe of Libra but won’t like at what
cost. Libras come back would be “It costs money to look this good!” Sag prefers jeans and T-shirt.
This couple “gets” the others sense of humor and find each other amusing and like to keep things light
and fun.
Sag may seen reluctant but when they are ready to commit to you, you will see why because they are
very loyal and you can expect this to last a lifetime.
The sex will be interesting and memorable for both!
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Capricorn Horoscope Love Compatibility
Makes for an interesting but unlikely match…
Unless Libra and Capricorn can adapt this relationship will have their share of struggles to overcome.
Capricorn is very hardworking, ambitious and often motivated on improving financial security, they
focus more on their careers than they do on their relationships. Libra will appreciate this dedication but
be saddened that Capricorn isn’t as dedicated to building a strong bond with their partner.
Often with successful Libra Capricorn relationships, Capricorn is the breadwinner and Libra is the
homemaker. Each giving 100%, which could bring a healthy balance and can be a good solid
combination but it can also cause both to be unsatisfied in other aspects.
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Libra is rather light hearted and easy going, while Capricorn is more serious. Libra isn’t looking for
another parent and will likely not express this to Capricorn but rather suck it up to avoid conflict and
over time become resentful.
Both Signs are self conscious about how they are perceived to others and won’t paint a bad picture and
embarrass one another in public. To others, people see a strong healthy relationship, but these two may
often feel the disconnection.
They often struggle to keep heat between the sheets.
Libra can teach Capricorn how to be more spontaneous and enjoy life, while Capricorn can teach Libra
how to be more organized and responsible. When they find a balance they will watch their relationship
grow stronger. Both are loyal and are unlikely to stray.
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Aquarius Horoscope Love Compatibility
Soul mate material!
This is one of the best possible matches…
Libra and Aquarius have so many things in common and have an excellent mental, emotional and
physical connection. They find the other very stimulating and interesting and have great conversations.
These two know how to have fun and keep things light. This couple find that loving the other comes
naturally and it never feels like they have to work at it.
Socially they are guaranteed to have a lot of friends and are always up for a night out. As partners they
will find that they have a best friend and lover, with this match that they can be totally comfortable
with communicating openly and won’t feel judged by their partner.
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A potential problem can arise if Libra gets a little too bossy, this will cause Aquarius to rebel and do the
exact opposite, so be tactful and choose your approach wisely. Aquarius gets a kick out of breaking the
rules sometimes.
Another potential issue might be that once Libra wants to commit they may be a little hurt when
Aquarius is hesitant, don’t be, it’s their nature to be independent and it will likely have nothing to do
with this beautiful, strong bond.
Sex will be both romantic and playful. Both like to keep things light and fun but also like to
this should guarantee that neither will ever need to look outside their relationship for sexual
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks
Libra & Pisces Horoscope Love Compatibility
A challenging partnership that can work with a great deal of effort…
Both are great communicators but often fail to see eye-to-eye and can become easily frustrated with
one another.
It’s surprising that these two have such a difficult time coming to terms sometimes, both people are
flexible and considerate but for some reason this couple might find that communication is the weakest
area in this Libra Pisces relationship.
Libra is the analytical one while Pisces is the more emotional one. Pisces may have a difficult time
receiving their mates objections.
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Socially, Pisces prefers to stick close to home where it’s quite and tranquil, closing off the world. Libra
enjoys going out where there’s a bit of a crowd and wants to explore the world and show off their
expensive taste.
Over time, Libra may find Pisces too needy and sensitive. Libra like nice things and will often try to
impress Pisces but when they get no reaction Libra may wonder if they care. Pisces may view their
partner as superficial or fake.
Sexually, there will likely be some romance but Pisces is looking for a deeper connection and would
benefit more from a bolder partner. Libra would benefit more from someone who keeps things fun and
Both would have better success in a relationship where there is a stronger personality. These two can be
indecisive and self absorbed.
In order for this to work, both need to be willing to sacrifice.
This is strictly based on Sun Sign, influencing our choices and behaviors in relationships.
Zodiac Personality Traits
Ria Nicks

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