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									CPA Networks - The Key to Internet Wealth
CPA, Cost Per Action, networks can be your key to Internet wealth. Like traditional
affiliate marketing, you drive traffic to a landing page. But as a CPA affiliate you can
get paid even without a sale taking place. This is a huge advantage over traditional
affiliate marketing, and gives you much higher conversion rates.

As a CPA affiliate, also called CPA publisher, you generate leads for the CPA
advertisers. This means you are driving traffic to landing pages, exactly the same as
in traditional affiliate marketing. A CPA landing page can ask the visitor just to enter
their email address or ZIP code. In other cases, the visitor may have to answer a lot
of questions or buy something. As a rule of thumb, the more information the visitor
needs to give, the more money you get.

Even if the commission is low, driving traffic to landing pages that just ask for an
email address or a ZIP code can be rewarding. The conversion rates for such pages
are much higher than for pages that require a sale. Making a sale on the Internet is
not easy, most people are careful with their money and they are often worried about
giving their credit card details. Giving your email address is less of a concern, in
worst case you receive spam.

The easiest way to get started, is to promote email and ZIP submit offers. Although
they do not pay much, they have high conversion rates since they do not cost the
customers anything upfront. You should select one niche. There are thousands of
CPA offers to promote, you need to focus on just a few. By narrowing it down to one
single niche, you can focus on how to generate traffic for that particular market.

To help you select a CPA offer to promote, most offers will have an estimated EPC.
EPC stands for Earnings Per Click, it is an estimation of how much each visitor is
worth. It is based on all the traffic and payouts made to all affiliates. Your EPC may
be lower or higher but it is a good indication of what kind of return you can expect.
An EPC of 0.20 means that on average a visitor is worth 20 cents. This means that if
you are doing PPC, you must pay less than 20 cents per click in order to make a

You need to check the landing pages before you select an offer to promote. If you do
not like the landing page, find another offer. It takes some experience to be able to
judge landing pages but it is an important skill. This saves you from promoting offers
that convert poorly.

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