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					CSC Supplier Diversity Program
          Diane G. Dempsey
Sr. Manager – Supplier Diversity Program
             July 11, 2005

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CSC Is the 3rd Largest Global Provider of Information Technology
(IT) and Business Services.

• Founded 1959
• Specializing in:
   – IT and business process outsourcing
   – Systems integration and development
   – Management and technology consulting and
     professional services
• $13.9B in revenues for 12 months ended Dec. 31, 2004
• Approximately 79,000 employees in locations worldwide
• Serving 15 industries on six continents

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CSC Today
Fiscal Year Data
                                 Revenue                                                      Employees
             16                                                         100,000
                                                      13.9                                                              79,000
             12                        11.4                              80,000
                      9.3                                                           58,000
$ Billions


              0                                                              0
                                                    12 Months                        2000            2002                 2005
                     2000              2002      Ended2004

    LTM* Revenues:
                             By Industry                            By Service                      By Geography
                                                                                                            3%         Other Intl. 2%
                                                      Federal IT and                         Australia
          Utilities 3%                                 Professional               Federal      4%
                               Other                                               O/S
Retail and Dist. 2%            13%                       Services
   Healthcare 3%                                           31%                      3%
                                       Federal                                                       Europe
    Chemical 5%                         34%                                                           30%           North
     Telecom 7%                                                           Comm.                                    America
                                                   Comm. IT and            O/S                                      61%
                                                   Professional            47%
                    Discrete                         Services
                  Manufacturing                        19%
                    and A&D     Credit and
                      17%       Financial
                                   16%                                                             * Last 12 months ended December 31, 2004
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Representative Clients Worldwide

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Our Regions and Countries

                          Argentina        Hong Kong     Philippines
                          Australia        Hungary       Portugal
                          Austria          India         Peru
                          Bahrain          Indonesia     Qatar
                          Barbados         Ireland       Republic of Korea
                          Belgium          Italy         Saudi Arabia
                          Bermuda          Japan         Singapore
                          Brazil           Luxembourg    Slovakia
    Countries With        British V.I.     Macau         South Africa
Permanent CSC Locations   Canada           Malaysia      Spain
                          Chile            Mexico        Sweden
                          China            Netherlands   Switzerland
                          Colombia         Netherlands   Taiwan (ROC)
                          Czech Republic     Antilles    Thailand
                          Denmark          New Zealand   United Arab
                          East Timor       Norway          Emirates (UAE)
                          Egypt            Oman          United Kingdom
                          France           Pakistan      United States

                          Botswana         Jamaica       The Democratic
                          Brunei           Kuwait         Republic of
                          Costa Rica       Morocco        Congo (DRC)
                          Cyprus           Namibia       Russia
                          Dubai            Nepal         Sri Lanka
                          Ecuador          Panama        Swaziland
                          Finland          Papua         Trinidad
 Countries Where CSC      Greece            New Guinea   Uruguay
                          Guatemala        Poland        Venezuela
    Serves Clients        Honduras         Puerto Rico   Vietnam
                          Iceland                        Yemen

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World Sourcing Model
Applications and Business Process Outsourcing
                         Ireland                                                                    Solution centers
                                                        United Kingdom                              ITO/AO centers
                         2 ITO/AO Centers in
                         Dublin and Limerick            2 BPO Centers in                            Insurance BPO centers
                                                        Swindon and Luton
                                                                                                    Banking BPO centers
Canada                                                                                              Healthcare BPO centers
1 ITO/AO Center in Montreal
                                                       1 ITO/AO Center in Sofia

                                                                    1 BPO Center in Noida/New Delhi
                                                                    3 ITO/AO Centers in Noida/New Delhi,
                                                                    Indore, and Hyderabad
                                      1 ITO/AO
                                      Center in
                                       Asturias   France                                                    Singapore
                                                  1 BPO Center in                                           1 ITO/AO Center in
                                                  Paris                                                     Singapore
                                                                                          1 ITO/AO Center
                                                                                          in Kuala Lumpur
United States and Mexico
13 BPO centers in Columbia,                                                                                     Australia
Sarasota, Greenville, Jacksonville,                                                                             1 ITO/AO Center
Wethersfield, Houston, Dallas (2),
Kansas City, Birmingham (2),                       South Africa                                                 in Melbourne
Albany, and Mexico                                 2 BPO Centers in Cape Town
                                                   and Johannesburg
                                                   1 ITO/AO Center in Cape

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    CSC’s Centers of Excellence
         Explore and test state-of-the-art solutions with minimum
            investment and maximum innovation and results

  Aerospace        Air Traffic      Banking    Best Manufacturing     Database              eBusiness
Communications    Management                        Practices
and Engineering

  CSC e4SM and Global Business  Healthcare          High-           Life Insurance,      Modeling and
Business Process  Continuity     Business       Performance         Annuities and         Simulation
  Management       Services Process Outsourcing Computing              Pensions

          Property and       Security         Secure           Systems   Training (includes
            Casualty                    Telecommunications   Performance    Multimedia)
       (General) Insurance

          Providing the right setting to demonstrate, test, evaluate, and
                        deliver innovative client solutions
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                    How CSC Segments the BPO Market

                        Insurance                Banking              Healthcare       Credit Services                Federal

                    Administration of        Loan acquisition,     Health claims       Consumer credit      High Performance
                    new and renewal          loan servicing,       processing and      reports and          Computing
                    P&C policies from        insurance tracking,   medical management mortgage
                    application through      debt protection,                          requests             Testing
                    first notice of loss     auto warranty         Indemnity, HMO/PPO,
                                                                   point-of-service,                        Satellite Operations
                    Full administration                            self-funded,                             Facilities and Range
                    of individual life and                         Medicare, Medicaid,                      Operations
                    annuities                                      dental, behavioral
                                                                   health                                   Civil Administration
                                                                                                            and Security


                                      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Call Centers • Billing

                          • Supply Chain Management (SCM)          • Logistics • Distribution • Warehouse Management

                                              • HR   • Finance and Accounting • Indirect procurement

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Best Total SolutionTM Is Drawn from CSC’s
Complete Offerings Portfolio
Consulting       • Business and IT strategy                         • Business process integration and
                 • Industry consulting                                management
                 • Competitiveness strategy                         • Information assurance
                                                                    • Organization and culture

Systems          •   IT planning and architecture                   •   Procurement
Integration      •   Enterprise application integration             •   Systems development
                 •   Client relationship management                 •   Creative services
                 •   Supply chain management                        •   Human dynamics

IT Outsourcing   • Applications and legacy systems management       •   Desktop and distributed computing
                 • Web and application hosting                      •   Network services
                 • Technology planning, migration,                  •   Data center operations
                   and transformation                               •   Help Desk
Products         •   Banking and financial transaction management   • Healthcare plan administration
                 •   Card processing systems                        • Membership management
                 •   Customer care management                       • Web self-help
                 •   Insurance and reinsurance administration       • Billing/capitation management
                 •   Profitability analysis                         • Case management
                 •   Risk management                                • Clinical operations and practice
                 •   Broker, agent, and intermediary management       management
                                                                    • Supply chain management
Business         • Insurance underwriting, benefits, and            • Human resources and payroll
Process            claims administration                            • Pension plan administration
Outsourcing      • Billing, remittance, and customer care           • Procurement
                 • General accounting and reporting
                 • Healthcare payor and provider management
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CSC Ranked     CSC Ranked #1
 #1 Federal   Federal Enterprise
  Systems         Resource
 Integrator   Planning Provider

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CSC Supports an Active Supplier Diversity Program
     Computer Sciences Corporation’s award winning Supplier Diversity
       Office actively utilizes suppliers of diverse backgrounds in CSC‟s
       procurement process. This is done through program development,
       strategic sourcing, training, reporting and monitoring performance.
       CSC‟s supplier diversity initiatives span both the U.S. federal and
       commercial marketplace.
     • Maintains national contracts with Minority Business Enterprises/
       Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE) for computer
       equipment reseller, temporary technical staffing and freight
     • Supports client’s diversity programs by contracting with local
       MBE/WBE for labor, maintenance, hardware procurement;
     • Participates in Mentor Protégé programs allowing CSC to mentor
       protégé companies in developing infrastructure, business processes
       and technologies benefiting CSC, our customers and the protégé
       companies. CSC has received the Nunn-Perry award three times for
       this program.

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       Outreach & Contracting with Small Businesses

CSC has implemented aggressive efforts to comply with
 outreach and contracting performance:
   Attends   over 100 supplier diversity events annually;
   • Counsels approximately 8000 representatives of companies
     owned by diverse suppliers per year;
   • Spent $468 million with Minority & $523 million with Women-
     Owned Business Enterprises in 2004.
   • Supports an excellent Mentor Protege Program, providing
     developmental guidance to multiple proteges in the Federal

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       CSC‟s Mentor Protégé Program
• CSC provides mentoring to qualified
  SDB/WOSB/Hubz/SDVOBs in the Federal Sector, both in
  DOD and Civil Agencies, by utilizing their services on a
  bonafide contract.
• CSC requires that candidates possess a minimum of two
  years of subcontracting experience with CSC.
• CSC reviews and approves candidates for the Mentor
  Protégé Program based on their corporate capabilities and
  complementary skills. The program limits participants in
  order to provide necessary focus for protégé development.
• CSC has been awarded the Nunn-Perry Award three times
  for its success in the DOD Mentor Protégé Program.

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CSC‟s Mentor Protégé Program - History
CSC has participated in mentor-protégé programs
 since 1995, nurturing
 SDB/WOSB/Hubz/VOB/SDVOB businesses and
 increasing supplier diversity initiatives.
  – Dept of Defense Program reimburses Mentors for a
    portion of the cost incurred for mentoring proteges.
  – Civil Agency Programs offer credit for
    sdb/wosb/hubz/sdvob utilization on the SF 295
    report, issued annually.
• Program was expanded in 2005 to include woman-
  owned, hubzone and service disabled veteran-
  owned businesses in accordance with federal
  government contracting requirements.

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CSC‟s Proteges
• Blue Collar Objects (SDB)– Department of The
• Delta - (SDB/HUBZ) – NASA
• East West Enterprises (SDB) – U. S. Army
• Infinity Technology – (SDB/WOSB) – U.S. Army,
  expired 1/05, currently in NASA Program.
  NASA InfoSurv (SDB) – U. S. Army
• HMP – (SDB/WOSB) Department of Energy
• Group IQ, Inc. - SBA
• Mandaree Enterprise Corporation (SDB/Alaskian/Hubz)
  – Department of Homeland Security
• Pemcco (SDB) – U. S. Army

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Areas of Focus
• CSC recognizes that each protégé has unique needs. CSC
  mentors it’s protégés based on findings ascertained from a
  gap analysis, identifying areas of focus:
   – Finance, Cost Analysis/Pricing & Contracts
   – Marketing & Business Development – Communications
     plan & sales strategy & pipeline development
   – Proposal Preparation & Review
   – Systems Engineering Planning & Development
   – ISO Processes
   – CMMI Level elevation
   – Strategic Plan Development
   – Leadership Training

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Nunn Perry Awards
• Three Consecutive Nunn-Perry Awards

 The Nunn-Perry Award was established in 1995 to
 recognize a Mentor-Protégé team's outstanding
 performance. CSC participated in teams that
 received this award in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

 2002 Nunn-Perry Award - 3D Research Corporation

 2001 Nunn-Perry Award - Computer Systems

 2000 Nunn-Perry award - Data Voice, Inc.

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         U. S. Government customers include:

• Agriculture
                             • HUD

• Commerce                   • IRS

• DoD                        • Justice
• DHS                        • NASA
• Education                  • Social
• FAA                        • State Dept.

• FEMA                       • Transportation
• GSA                        • Treasury

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      Summary of CSC‟s FY 2004 Federal Customer SF295
      Annual Summary Reports by Business Classification





15%                           8.84%

                                        0.60%    2.29%

        Small      SDB       Women     HubZone   SDVSB   Vet SB
       Business             Owned SB

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       CSC Participates with Organizations Supporting
                      Diverse Suppliers

• National Minority Supplier                • Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
  Development Council in Virginia,
  Connecticut, Houston Texas,               • Women President Education Org. (WPEO)
  Maryland, Southern California, Florida,     Local affiliate for (WBENC)
  North Carolina.                           • Information Technology Association‟s
• Tri-Association Small Business              Small Business Enhancement
  Advisory Panel (Aerospace Industries        Subcommittee
  Association, Government Electronic        • Institute of Supply Chain Mgt.
  Industries Association, National
  Defense Industrial Association)           • National Contracts Management
• NASA/OSDBU Prime Contractor
  Roundtable                                • Industry Advisory Council of the
                                              Federation of Government Information
• DoD Regional Council for Small              Processing Councils - Small Minority &
  Business                                    Woman Owned Special Interest Group
                                            • United Negro College Fund

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• 1999, 2004 - SBA “Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for
• 2000, 2001 & 2002 - DoD Mentor Program Program - Nunn
  Perry Award;
• 2004- EPA – Directors Award for Small Business Utilization -
  Mission Support Systems;
• 2004- EPA – Directors Award for Advocacy – EPA – ITS
  Program – Diane Dempsey;
• 2004 - Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council –
  Advocate of the Year – Diane Dempsey;
• 2005 - Military Surface Deployment and Distribution
  Command (SDDC) 2005 Achievement Award for Excellent
  Support in Subcontracting to Small Business;
• 2005 - Department of Veterans Affairs, Corporate Champion
• 2005 - Dialogue on Diversity Freedom Award, recognizing
  excellence in diverse staffing & supplier diversity practices.
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How to Begin
• Conduct Market Research
  – Review Fed Biz Ops and trade journals to identify
    upcoming opportunities;
  – Visit CSC’s website, to determine if a fit exists;
  – Attend Bidder’s Conferences to meet CSC representatives
    and identify other small business teaming partners;
  – Understand how the acquisition process works at the federal
    level and internally at CSC;
  – Perform competitive analysis:
     •   who is bidding?
     •   Does your company possess the qualifications required?
     •   Who is a real threat?
     •   Is this a price shoot out?
     •   Can your company compete?

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Positioning for Success
• Be prepared for opportunities:

• Maintain current marketing data for last minute

• Establish a line of credit, allowing your company to
  participate in long term business opportunities;

• Implement current technology;

• Embrace strategic partnerships/relationships with other
  small businesses, i.e., strengthen financial standing &
  broadens capability.

• Stay abreast of changes in the marketing and be flexible.

                                                         CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 23
What are CSC‟s expectations?

• A limited amount of subcontracting opportunities exist;
  therefore, CSC considers diverse partners providing:

      • Complementary skills;

      • Solid past performance;

      • Innovation and excellence;

      • Financial stability.

                                                   CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 24
         CSC Supplier Diversity Webpage

• CSC Web Page -
• Provides company data to assist small & diverse businesses.
   • Program overview;
   • What CSC purchases;
   • Awards;
   • Mentor Protege Program;
   • CSC Supplier Diversity Program Coordinators;
   • Supplier Profile – Suppliers may enter their company information
     into CSC„s Supplier Diversity Database:
   • Supplier Query – Sourcing tool to assist CSC acquisition
     personnel       seeking      qualified small businesses

                                                          CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 25
Database Registration
• CSC utilizes its supplier diversity database to identify small
  businesses interested in subcontracting to CSC. This is
  also FREE marketing for small businesses. A supplier
  profile may be completed at:


   CSC also utilizes the Contractor’s Central Registration for
    sourcing purposes - CCR – SBA Website:

                                                       CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 26
Target Customer - CSC

• Select 5 opportunities that CSC is pursuing or is
  the incumbent to focus your marketing efforts;
• Become familiar with CSC’s past and current contracts;
• Determine what role your company can fill;
• Contact the CSC Supplier Diversity Office and request the
  POC for the targeted opportunities.
• Complete the Supplier Profile for all subcontractors at;

                                                   CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 27
               Follow Up
• Be PROACTIVE. Respond to phone calls, e-mails &
  meeting requests.

• Be PUNCTUAL to scheduled meetings.

• Maintain marketing data that reflects your strengths:
        Crisp and succinct;
        Electronic and hard copy versions.
        Review marketing materials periodically for
        Develop data that can be easily augmented to focus
        on target area.

                                                  CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 28
CSC Supplier Diversity POCs
CSC North American Procurement Organization:
• Diane Dempsey 703-818-5671
• Addie Olsen    703-736-3773

CSC Federal Sector:
 IRS PRIME Contract   - Angela Brock – 301- 429-7245***
 Advanced Technical Division – Cheryl Dial 817-737-1548***
 DynPort Vaccine Company – Geraldine Zetterberg 301-607-5017 ***
 Federal Sector – SBLO – Annie Martin 703 736 3771,
 Federal Sector Mentor Protégé Coordinator – Tony Wools – 703 818 4217
*** Part time SBLOs

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~Inclusion is the key to

                           CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 30
Experience. Results.

                CSC Proprietary 12/16/2010 11:46:30 AM 008_7241_BO2 31

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