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                    How to write a Personal Statement for a CV

The sole purpose of designing a CV is to get to an interview. The average employer
will not spend more than 30 seconds to read your resume which means that your
impression should be swift. Your personal statement is your first prospect to
accomplish this. It is conceivably the most imperative part of your resume and
getting it wrong can negatively affect the chances of being invited to interview. It is
recommended to include the essence of a personal statement in the form of a cover
letter of your CV and its word length should not exceed 500 words.

Deciding what to include in a personal statement requires you to be very chary as its
purpose is to convey to your reader how and why you are capable for the position to
which you are applying. Your personal statement should focus on your skills,
achievements, specific competencies like decision making, business awareness,
planning, time management etc. Here are some instructions that can help you in
writing your personal statement:

- Your personal statement should be customized to the position and firm you are
applying to. It is recommended to include information that is relevant to the employer
that reveals both your height of interest and understanding of the position’s prospect.

- You are required to outline your strengths confidently and briefly, which can be
exigent for a lot of people. Try to capture your reader’s attention by including
academic, work or personal skills that can contribute to company’s goals.

- You should be able to explain the recruiter why you want the position. To
accommodate this you can include any relative work experiences that are relevant to
your candidacy for the position. It is advisable to not to repeat the experiences that
are mentioned in your resume or cover letter.

- Include lasting goals of your field in your personal statement, but evade haughty
and impractical ideals. Try to include everything that reveals to your recruiter why
you are predominantly well-matched to the position.

- Your sentences should be complete and at the same time concise and expressive.
Avoid using abbreviations, repetitive sentences and technical jargon. Sentences
should be grammatically correct. Use a dictionary and spell check.

If you are struggling to write an apparent, significant personal statement and need
some personal statement help then you can refer personal statement examples
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on how to write personal statements.

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