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									           Google Website Optimiser Overview

   Whether you're an expert in site testing or a newcomer to the field,
  Website Optimiser can help you determine the winning combination of
    content and design to drive the greatest number of conversions.

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                       How does it work?
Why guess what site content and designs best convert your visitors, when
you can find out from them directly?

Choose the pages and content to be tested
Using our web-based interface, provide us with
the content - headlines, images or text, for
example - and design alternatives that you’d
like to test.

Test these changes with your visitors
Website Optimiser will then show these content
and design alternatives to your site visitors,
while monitoring which combinations lead to the
highest conversion rates.

Learn what changes drive the most conversions
Our intuitive reports allow even the
mathematically challenged to quickly and easily
identify and implement the best combination.

Free web application
Begin driving more conversions and revenue for your website
without purchasing and licensing costly software.

A/B Split & Multivariable Testing
Identify your most effective site elements. Test everything from
individual copy blocks and images to complete page layouts.

Designed For Marketers, By Marketers
Your time is valuable and small changes can drive big results.
Website Optimiser has been designed to require minimal IT
support, giving marketers greater control, flexibility and speed.

Intuitive Reporting
You shouldn’t have to be a mathematician to conduct even the
most complex of tests. The intuitive graphical reporting interface
tells you exactly how each aspect of your test is impacting the
bottom line, helping you to remain focused on your business.

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Website Optimiser can bring benefits to any staff member involved in any
aspect of your website including marketers, search and display
advertisers, publishers and web designers.

Increase sales and conversion rates
Identify the winning content combinations that drive conversions and
increase ROI, regardless of site type.

Improve landing pages
Reduce the number of would-be customers that you lose through
ineffective landing pages. Website Optimiser's automated testing makes it
easy to fix and deploy compelling landing pages.

Get more leads
Streamline your online lead generation forms to get the data that you
need without losing potential leads.

Decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
Use testing to drive conversions and lower CPA.

Increase time spent on your site
Uncover your best content, engage your visitors and capture more

Eliminate guesswork from site design
Why base design decisions on assumptions? Leverage empirical data from
real visitors.

Settle office disputes
Not sure which version of a page will convert best? Run a test and let your
customers decide.


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