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									                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
  220 . 02 BANKING                                                                                                    3092

                                                CHAPTER 220
                                         BANKING DEPARTMENT
  22002 Commissioner of banking ; duties ,                    220 086 Receiver of delinquent bank may borrow from
  220 023 Saving clause ; effect of change                                  federal government agency ; court order .
  220-025 Fidelity bonds                                      220. 087 Additional interest on instalment savings accounts .
  220 035, Banking review board                               22009 Indemnity fund, national bank .
  220 037 Consumer credit review board                        220 . (0 Books and accounts ; commissioner's control
 22,004 Powers of commissioner                                220 11 Location of bank, how removed
 22005 Examination fees; assessment by commissioner           220 12 Attorney general, duty. of
 220 06 Not to disclose information                           220 . 13 Copies as evidence
 220065 Immunity of commissioner                              220 14 Commissioner' s report
 220 07 Banks ; impairment of capital                         220 . 17 Effect of consolidating banks and trust companies '
 220 075 Banks, ratio of capital to deposits .                220 18 Bank or corporation notaries ; permitted acts .
 22008 Delinquent banks; commissioner may take posses-        220 , 19(1 Final adjustment of statements of account .
             sion                                             220 225 City scrip
 220 081 Closed insured banks ; federal deposit insurance      220 28 Destruction of obsolete records by state banks
             corporation may be receiver .                     220 285 Reproduction and destruction of records ; evidence .
 220: 082 Closed insured banks, . ; subrogation of federal     220 29 Closing on legal holidays
             deposit insurance cor poration                   .22030 Closing in emergencies
 220085 Federal aid to banks

  220 .02 Commissioner of banking ; duties .                   217, whether doing business as corporations,
  (1) The commissioner shall appoint a deputy                  individuals or otherwise , but to exclude laws
  under the classified service .. He shall possess all         relating to credit unions and savings and loan
  powers and perform the duties attached to the                associations . .
  off i ce of commissioner during a vacancy thereof'              (5) Except as otherwise provided in s .
  and during the absence or inability of the                   220 . . 037, any interested person or any bank or
  commissioner . The commissioner may also                     banking corporation aggrieved by an act, order
  employ such examiners and clerks to assist him              or determination of the commissioner may,
 and his deputy in the discharge of the several               within 10 days from the date thereof, apply to the
 duties imposed upon him by this chapter as he                banking review board to review the same .. All
 f i nds necessary, and who shall perform such                such applications for review shall be considered
 other duties as the commissioner directs . .                 and disposed of as speedily as possible . The
    (2 ) The commissioner of banking shall                    banking review board may require the commis-
 enforce all laws relating to banks and banking in            sioner to submit any of' hisoff i cial actions subject
                                                              to such review to said board for its approval .
this state, including those relating to state banks
in chs 220 and 221, mutual savings banks in ch .                  (6) The commissioner shall employ in the
222 and trust company banks in ch 223 ; and all               office of the commissioner of banking , ' a
laws relating to the lending of money in s ] 38 .. 09         competent person as supervisor for the supervi-
                                                              sion and examination of all consumer credit
or those relating to finance companies, motor
vehicle dealers, adjustment service companies,                agencies over which the commissioner has
                                                              jurisdiction, other than credit unions .. Such
community currency exchanges and collection
agencies in ch . 218 ; and those relating to sellers         supervisor shall be subject to ch . 16, and shall not
of checks in ch 217 ; and he shall enforce and               be eligible for such position unless he shall have
                                                             had at least 5 years' actual experience either in
cause to be enforced every law relating to the
supervision or control thereof '                             the sales finance or loan business, o r serving in
                                                             the supervisory department having supervision
    (3) It is t h e intent of sub .. (2) to give the         over consumer credit agencies of this or some
commissioner of banking j urisdiction to enforce             other state, or a combination of both .. He shall at
and carry out all laws relating to banks or                  the discretion of the commissioner, furnish such
banking in this state, including those relating to           corporate surety bond and in such amount as the
state banks, mutual savings banks, trust                     commissioner may determine .
company banks, and also all laws relating to                   History: 1971 c 239, 307 ; 1973 c 3, 243 .
small loan companies or other loan companies or
agencies, finance companies, motor vehicle                   220 .023 Saving clause; effect of change.
dealers, adjustment service companies, commu-                No order, rule or regulation heretofore made by
nity currency exchanges and collection agencies              the banking commission or banking department
and those relating to sellers of checks under ch .           which is in effect on the effective date (,July 17,
                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
3093                                                                                  BANKING 220 .035

1947) of this section shall be deemed to be               of the petitioner's interest, facts showing that
vacated or in any other manner affected by its            petitioner is aggrieved and directly affected by
enactment .. Fromand after said date such orders,         the act, order or determination to be reviewed
rules or regulations relating to matters as are by        and the ground or grounds upon which petitioner
the act creating this section placed under the
                      s                      r            claims that the act, order or determination
jurisdiction of the commissioner of banks shall           should be modifi ed or reversed 'The issues raised
be deemed to be those of the commissioner of              by the petition for review shall be considered by
banks and such orders, rules or regulations               the board upon giving at least 10 days' written
relating to m a tters which are placed under the          notice of the time and place when said matter will
jurisdiction of the commissioner of savings and           be heard to the commissioner and the person
loan shall be deemed to be those of the                   applying for review or his attorney and upon any
commissioner of savings and loan .                        other person who participated in the proceedings
                                                          before the commissioner or his attorney Notice
220 . 025 f i delity bonds . (1) The commis-              of hearing may be given by registered mail,
sioner of banking and the deputy commissioner             return receipt requested, and the return receipt
of banking shall each execute and file an official        signed by the addressee or his agent shall be
bond or bonds in the aggregate sum of $25,000             presumptive evidence that such notice was
approved by the gover nor                                 received by the addressee on the day stated on the
    (2) Employes, appointees and agents of the            receipt . Any other interested party shall have the
commissioner of banking whose office or                   right to appear in any proceeding before the
position falls within the designation of such             board ..:
office or position in the schedule appearing next            (c) The board shall base its determination
below, shall be required to furnish official bond        upon the record made by the commissioner and
or bonds in the aggregate sum of not less than the       may also receive additional evidence to supple-
amount set opposite such designation as follows,         ment such record if it f i nds it necessary, The
to wit :                                                 board shall affi rm, modify or reverse the act,
   (a) Supervisors of divisions of the of'f'ice of the   order or determination under review. The
commissioner, of banking, each, not less than            burden of overcoming the act, order or
$10,000 .                                                determination of the commissioner under review
   (b) Examiners of active or delinquent banks           shall be on the person seeking the review . Any
and credit unions, each, not less than $10,000 . .       findings of fact made by the comm issioner shall
   (c) Special deputy commissioners, each, not           be sustained if supported by substantial evidence
less than $10,000 ..                                     in the record made by him or in such record
   (d) Special assistants to the commissioner of         supplemented by evidence taken by the board ..
banking, each, not less than $10,000 .                    The board shall have the powers granted by s .
   (3) Each and every bond required under this           885 .. 01 . (4) . Any person causing a witness to be
section shall be underwritten by a surety                subpoenaed shall advance and pay the fees and
company duly licensed to do business in the state        mileage of such witness which shall be the same
of Wisconsin .:                                          as in circuit court , The fees and mileage of
                                                         witnesses who are called at the instance of the
220 . 035 Banking review board . (1) (a)                 commissioner shall be paid by the state in the
The banking review board shall advise the                same manner that other expenses are audited
commissioner of banking and others in respect to         and paid upon presentation of properly verif i ed
improvement in the condition and service of              vouchers approved by at least one member of the
banks and banking business in this state and shall       board and charged to the appropriation of the
review the acts and decisions of the commission
                                      commission-        offi ce of the commissioner of ' banking .
er of banking, except for such acts and decisions            (d) Each member of the board and all
subjectt to review under s 220 037, and shall            employes of' the board shall, with respect to the
perform such other review functions in relation          disclosure of information concerning banks, be
to banking as are provided by law The banking            subject to the same requirements and penalties
review board may require the commissioner of             as the commissioner of ' banking
banking to submit any of his official actions to it                               g
                                                             (2) The banking review board may make
for, its approval The board may make rules of            rules and regulations to safeguard the interest of
procedure as provided in ch 227 .                        depositors: and stockholders generally in
   (b) Any interested person aggrieved by any            emergencies . .
act, order or determination of'the commissioner              (3) Any f i nal order or determination of the
of banking may apply for review thereof'by filing        banking review board shall be subject to review
a petition with the secretary of the board within        in the manner provided inch, 227
10 days after the act, order or determination to             (4 ) The board shall have an offi ce in the
be reviewed, which petition shall state the nature                           e
                                                         quarters of the commissioner of banking The
                       Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
  220. 0 35 BANKING                                                                                      3094

 board 's secretary shall keep a record of the              under par . (a), the commissioner may accept
 meetings of the board and of all hearings,
                                     f                      any examination that may have been made of
 deci s ions , orders and determinations of the             any bank, trust company bank or mutual savings
 board : The board may make reasonable rules not            bank within a reasonable period by the federal
 inconsistent with ' law as to the time of meetings,        deposit insurance corporation or a federal
 time of hearings, notice of hearings and manner            reserve bank, provided a copy of the examination
 of conducting same and of deciding the matters             is furnished the commissioner , The commission-
 presented . The board may direct that hearings             er may also accept any report relative to the
 and testimony be taken by any member of the               condition of any such bank which may have been
 board or by an examiner designated by the                 obtained by said corporation or federal reserve
 board .                                                   bank within a reasonable period, in lieu of a
     (5) The board may employ assistance                   report which may be required under the laws of
 necessary in the performance of its work and fix          this state, provided a copy of such report is
 reasonable compensation therefor, subject to              furnished the commissioner .
 an y statutes applicable thereto.                             (2) The commissioner shall examine , or
     (6) Any bank whose assets, upon the basis of          cause to be examined, any bank when requested
 a fair valuation , are equal to or in excess of its       by the board of directors of such bank . The
 liabilities exclusive of capital stock, preferred         commissioner shall also ascertain whether such
 stock, capital notes and debentures, shall be             bank transacts its business a t the place
 deemed to be safe and solvent . The banking               designated in the articles of incorporation, and
 review board may prescribe schedules, rules and           whether its business is conducted in the manner
 regulations for- arriving at a f'air' valuation of        prescribed by law Such commissioner may, in
 va rious classes of assets of banks .                    the performance of his official duties, issue
   History : )971c 307                                    subpoenas and administer oaths ; provided, that
                                                          in case of any: refusal to obey a subpoena issued
 20 . 037 Co n sume r credit r e view board.              by him or his deputy, such refusal shall be at once
 (1) The commissioner shall delegate a depart-            reported to the circuit court of the circuit in
 ment employe to keep and preserve the records of         which the bank is located , and said court shall
 the consumer credit review board .                       enforce obedience to such subpoena in the
    ( 2 ) The consumer credit review board shall          manner provided by law for enforcing obedience
counsel, advise with and review the acts and              to the subpoenas of' said court ,
decisions of the commissioner of banking under                (4) Whenever the commissioner is of the
chs 138, 217 and 218 .. In performing such review         opinion that the loaning, investing or other
functions, the board shall have all the powers            banking policies or practices of any officer or
granted to the banking review board under s              director of any bank have been prejudicial to the
220 :035 (1) and its final orders and determina-          best interests of such bank or its depositors , or
tions shall be subject to judicial revieww under ch .    that such policies or practices, if put into
227 . The board may establish rules of procedure         operation or continued, will endanger the safety
in accordance with ch 22'7 . .                           or solvency of said bank or impair the interests of
   History : 1973c 3                                     its depositors, the commissioner may , with the
                                                         approval of the banking review board , request
 220 . 04 Powers of commissioner . (1) (a)               the removal of such officer or director .. Such
 The commissioner of banking or any deputy or            request s hall be served on the bank and on such
 examiner shall examine at least once in each year       officer or director in the manner provided by law
 the cash, bills, collaterals, securities, assets,       for serving a summons in a court of record or
 books of account, condition and affairs of each         shall be transmitted to said bank and off i cer or
 bank, trust company bank and mutual savings             director by registered mail with return receipt
bank doing business in this state, except national       requested . If such request for removal is not
banks .. For that purpose the commissioner may          complied with within a reasonable time f i xed by
examine on oath any of the officers, agents,            the commissioner he may by order, with like
directors, clerks, stockholders, customers or           approval of the banking review board, remove
depositors thereof', touching the affairs and           such officer or di r ector, but no order of ' removai
business of such institution .. In making such          shall be entered until after an opportunity for
examinations of banks, the commissioner shall           hearing before the banking review board is given
determine the fair valuation of all assets in           to such officer or director upon not less than 10
accordance with the schedules, rules and                days' - notice. An order of removal shall take
regulations prescribed by the banking review            effect as of ' the date issued . . A copy of such order
board . .                                               shall be served upon the bank and upon such
   (b) In lieu oPany examination other than the         of'f'icer or director in the manner provided by law
one required to be made by the commissioner             for service of a summons in a court of record or
                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 3095                                                                                    BANKING 220. 05

   by mailing such copy to such bank or offi cer or       establish rules regulating the kind and amount of
  director at his last known post-offi ce address . .     foreign bonds or bonds and securities offered for
  Any removal under this subsection shall be              sale by the international bank for reconstruction
  effective in all respects the same as if" made by the   and development, the inter-American develop-
  board of directors or stockholders of said bank . .     ment bank and the Asian development bank
  Any off icer or director removed from office            which state banks, trust company banks and
  under the provisions of ' this subsection shall not     mutual savings banks may purchase, except that
  be reelected as an off i cer or director of any bank    such rules shall not apply to bonds and securities
  without the approval of the commissioner and            of the Canadian government and Canadian
  the banking review board . . An order of removal        provinces, which are payable in American funds .
  under this subsection shall be deemed a f i nal           History: 1971 c 239 .
  order or determination of the banking review
  board within the meaning and contemplation of            220 . 05 Examination fees ; assessment by
  section 220 035 (3) .                                    commissioner . (1) The commissioner of
       (5) The commissioner, in connection with the        banking shall assess each state bank, mutual
  liquidation of any bank or banking corporation           savings bank and trust company bank for the cost
  or when called upon to approve any plan of               of each examination made, which cost shall be
  reorganization and stabilization thereof or when         determined by the commissioner and shall
  he is satisfied the interests of the depositors and      include the salaries and expenses of all
  creditors in assets held under any trust                 examinerss and other employer of the commis-
  arrangement so require in connection with such           sioner actively engaged in such an examination,
  reorganization and stabilization, may cause the          the salaries and expenses of the commissioner,
  bank or banking corporation or trust to be
                      g                                    review examiner or other person whose services
 audited .. The expense of" the audit shall, upon the      are required in connection with such examina-
 certificate of the commissioner, be refunded              tion and any reports thereof, and any other
  forthwith to the off ice of the commissioner of
                            e                              expenses which may be directly apportioned .
 banking by the bank , banking corporation or the          Any charge so made shall be paid within 30 days
 trustees out of the assets of the bank , banking          from the time the bank receives notice of the
 corporation or trust . Such charges shall be a            assessment..
 preferred claim against the assets                           (2 ) On or before the fifteenth day of July of
      (6) (a) The commissioner, with the approval          each year, each state bank, mutual savings bank
 of the banking review board, may establish                and trust company bank shall pay to the
 uniform savings rules which shall be adopted by           commissioner an annual assessment for the
 every bank, mutual savings bank and trust                 maintenance of the office of the commissioner of
 company bank . . Such rules may provide the               banking in an amount to be determined by the
 conditions under which banks, mutual savings              banking review board, but which shall not exceed
 banks or trust company banks may accept time             8-cents per $1,000 of resources, or part thereof,
 deposits and the methods of figuring interest .          for the first $5,000,000 and shall not exceed 6
 Such rules may also provide the term of notice of        cents per $1,000, or part thereof', forall resources
 withdrawal and the amounts which may be                  over $5,000,000..
 withdr awn by depositors, which conditions the               (4) In the event the annual fees and
 bank may put in force in times of financial stress       assessments shall not equal the sum of $160,000,
 by action of ' its board of' directocs . The maximum     the commissioner may increase the assessment in
 rate of interest on deposits paid by banks whose         an amount not exceeding 10 per centum of the
 deposits are not insured by the federal deposit          fixed annual assessment for each bank .
 insurance corporation, whether certifi cates of              (5) Whenever in the judgment of the
deposit or book savings deposits, shall be the            commissioner, the condition or conduct of any
same as the rate set by the federal deposit               bank renders it necessary or expedient to make
insurance corporation for banks whose deposits            an extra examination or to devote anyy extraordi-
are insured by it,                                        nary attention to its affairs, the commissioner
     (b) In times of financial distress, the              shall have the authority to make any and all
commissioner with the approval of the banking             necessary extra examinations and audits or
review board may by order restrict the                    partial audits andd to devote any necessary
withdrawal of any class of deposits in any bank,          attention to the conduct of its affairs ; and such
mutual savings bank or trust company bank . . The         bank shall pay for each additional examination,
pendency of any proceeding for review of such             and for each . audit or partial audit, the actual
order shall not stay or suspend the operation of          cost thereof. Where an audit or partial audit is
such order .                                              ordered, the actual reasonable cost of auditors
    (d) ` The commissioner of banking, with the           shall be charged . Before directing any examina-
approval of the banking review board, may                 tion in excess of '2 or any audit or partial audit,
                    Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 220 .05 BANKING                                                                                                3096

   the commissioner shall examine the audits and             deputy or examiner shall examine a bank in
   examinations of any clearing house association            which he is interested as a stockholder, officer,
   as to the bank in question which may be                   employe or otherwise . No commissioner, deputy,
   furnished to it and shall avoid duplication of            assistant deputy or examiner shall examine a
   examinations, audits or partial audits wherever           bank located in the same village, city or county
   reasonably possible . In case of aud i ts or partial      with any bank in which he is interested as
   audits for which a charge may be made under the          stockholder, off i cer, employe or otherwise . The
   provisions of this section, the commissioner shall       commissioner of banking, his deputy, assistant
   promptly send a copy to the bank and the bank            deputies and every clerk in this office , and each
  shall pay the reasonable cost thereof '. When the         member of the banking review board and every
  commissioner delivers to a bank a copy of any             employe thereof, shall be bound by oath to keep
  examination, audit or partial audit, he may by            secret all of ' the facts and inf 'or ' mation obtained in
  letter accompanying same require the bank to              the course of such examinations, except so far as
  have the receipt of same acknowledged in the              the public duty of such officer requires him to
  record of the next meeting of directors of' the           report upon or take special action regarding the
  bank and may require that there be sent to him a          affairs of any bank, and except when called as a
  certif i ed copy of action by the directors showing       witness in any criminal proceeding or trial in a
  that all the directors of the bank have read said         court of justice ; and except that such commis-
  copy and are familiar with its contents and have          sioner, deputy, assistant deputy or examiner, or
  signed a statement to such effect on the copy             other person ' referred to herein, may in his
  received by the bank and may require that a               discretion and under such rules and regulations
  duplicate of such signed statement signed by all          as prescribed by such commissioner compare
  directors to be sent to the commissioner to be            notes as to names of borrowers, lines of credit,
  attached to and filed with the original of such          and other , matters affecting a bank, with a
 examination, audit or partial audit on f ile in the       national bank examiner, a clearing house
 office . . Failure of the bank or its board of            examiner, or an examiner for an insurance
 directors or any of them to comply with any such          company duly licensed in the state of Wisconsin
 order or direction of the commissioner within a           to insure or guarantee depositors or deposits in
 reasonable time fi xed by it shall be sufficient          banks or trust companies, and having such
 ground for the taking of possession of said bank          insurance in force . Said commissioner may
 by the commissioner and liquidating said bank             furnish to the federal deposit insurance corpora-
 under the provisions of section 220 .. 08 . .             tion, or to any official or examiner thereof a copy
     (6) Any bank or trust company holdingany              of any examination made of any such bank or of
 property in trust or in any fiduciary capacity or         any report made by such bank, and may give
 as custodian or' bailee shall pay in addition to said     access to and disclose to said corporation or to
 fees and assessments provided for in subs , (2)           any official or examiner thereof any information
 and (4) the actual reasonable cost of any and all         possessed by said commissioner with reference to
 examinations (whether or not they are in excess           the conditions or affairs of any such insured
of 2 in any one ,year) conducted by the off i ce of        bank .
 the commissioner of banking of the books,                     (2) If ' any commissioner, deputy, assistant
records and business of said bank or trust                deputy, examiner or clerk in such office or any
company insofar as they relate to said property           member of the banking review board or any
held in trust or other fiduciary capacity or as           employe thereof ' shall disclose the name of any
custodian or bailee, said cost to include a fair          debtor of any bank, or anything relative to the
charge for time of assistants and off i ce overhead       private account or transactions of such bank, or
and to be determined by the commissioner within           shall disclose any fact obtained in the course of
a reasonable time after each said examination             any examination of any bank, except as herein
has been completed . A statement of ' sueh charge         provided, he shall be subject, upon conviction
shall be promptly sent to said bank or trust              thereof, to forfeiture of his office, or position and
company . Each such bank or trust company shall           to the payment of a f i ne of not less than $100 nor
pay such charge within ] 0 days after receipt of          more than $1,000, or imprisonment in the state
such statement .. Said cost shall include the cost of     prison not less than 6 months nor more than 2
furnishing copy to the bank or trust company . . If       years, or to both such fi ne and imprisonment
an examination or part thereof is charged and
fully paid for- under sub . . (4) such examination or     220 .065 Immunity of commissioner . The
part thereof ' shall not be again charged for under       commissioner of banking shall not be subject to
this subsection .                                         any civil liability or penalty, nor to any criminal
                                                          prosecution, for any error in j udgment or
220 .06 Not to disclose Information . (I) No              discretion ' made in good faith and upon
commissioner, of banking, deputy, assistant               reasonable grounds in any action taken or
                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 3097                                                                                    BANKING 220. 08

 omitted by him in his official capacity under the         that the average deposits for a f iscal year in any
 provisions of chs 220 to 224 ..                           bank are in excess of' an amount equal to 15 times
                                                           the capital lawfully paid in and unimpaired plus
  220 . 07 Banks ; Impairment of capital . (1)             15 times the undistributed surplus, such surplus
  C AP I TA L - IMPAIR E D ; DUTY OF CO MMISSIO NE R ;     to be computed after eliminating all items
  DEFICIENCY . Whenever the commissioner of                classified by the commissioner as doubtful or
  banking shall become satisfied that the capital of       loss, such bank shall within one year , after notice
  any bank is impaired or reduced below the                to this effect from the commissioner, increase its
  amount required by law or the articles of                capital or surplus so that such average of its
  incorporation, or below the amount certified to          deposits will no longer exceed such amount ;
  the commissioner as paid in, he shall have the          provided that no stock dividend shall be declared
  power to require such bank under his hand and           out of surplus that will reduce the surplus to less
  seal of office to make good such impairment or          than 10 percent of the capital as increased
 deficiency within 60 days after the date of'such              (2) For the purpose of computing such
 requisition . I n any case, where the capital of a       average of deposits there shall be deducted f 'tom
 bank shall have become impaired or reduced               the aver age of actual deposits an amount equal to
 below the amount required by law or the articles         the excess of the average f'or, the same period of
 of incorporation, the board of directors of such         the combined total of cash on hand (including
 bank shall have the power to make a pro rata             clearings), cash on deposit in approved reserve
 assessment upon all of the stock of'said bank to         banks and the par value of direct obligations of
 make good such deficiency, and may provide               the United States and obligations of agencies
 that the amount of such deficiency shall be due          guaranteed as to principal and interest by the
 and payable at a time to be fixed by such board of       United States and obligations of other agencies
 directors, which time shall be not less than 10          of the United States maturing within 3 years
 days after notice of said assessment ; provided,         owned by said bank over 20 % of' such average of
 that notice to stockholders residing in another          actual deposits for such yearly period .
 state shall be given by registered mail and a                (3) On or before April I S of each year each
 return receipt demanded . I f any stockholder            bank as may be directed by the commissioner of
 shall fail or neglect to pay the amount of the          banking shall file with said commissioner in such
assessment against his stock for 10 days after the       form as he may requite a report covering :
same shall have become so due and payable, the                (a) Average of' deposits for the year ending at
directors of such bank may offer said stock for          close of business March 31 of ' same year .
sale, and sell' the same at public sale upon 10               (b) Average of the combined total of" cash on
days' notice to be given by posting copies of'such       hand (including clearings), cash in approved
notice of sale in 5 public places in the town,           reserve banks and the par value of direct
village or city where such bank is located . Upon        obligations of' the United States government and
such sale, the purchaser shall forthwith pay the         obligations of agencies guaranteed as to princi-
amount of the assessment against said stock .. The       pal and interest by the United States government
amount received from the sale of'said stock, less        owned by said bank, for the year ending at close
the cost and expenses of'such sale, shall be paid to     of business March 31 of the same year .
the original owner of'such stock ..                           (4) For the purpose of computing averages
   (2) REV IEW OF C OMMISSION E R ' S ORD E R. In        referred to in this section account balances at the
any case where the commissioner has made an              close of business on the first, eleventh and
order requiring capital to be made good, the             twenty-first of each month shall be used . .
bank may within 10 days after the making of said             (5) Failure on the part of any bank to comply
order secure a review of same by the banking             with an order of the commissioner issued
review board by filing in the office of the              pursuant to this section shall be cause for- the
commissioner a statement requesting such                 forfeiture of the charter of such bank .
review and stating the grounds of'objection to the
order of the commissioner . Said board shall             220 .08 Delinquent banks ; commissioner
promptly conduct- a hearing thereon after                may take possession . (1) Whenever it shall
affording reasonable notice to the bank and shall        appear to the commissioner , of banking that any
affirm, modify or set aside the order of the             bank or, banking corporation to which th is
commissioner .. No such review or hearing shall          chapter is applicable has violated its charter or
extend the time for compliance with the order of         any law of' the state, or is conducting its business
the commissioner unless the banking review               in an unsafe or unauthorized manner, or if ' the
board shall so direct ..                                 capital of' any such bank or banking corporation
                                                         is impaired, or ,if ' any such bank or banking
220 .075 Banks, ratio of capital to de-                  corporation shall refuse to submit its books,
posits . (1) Whenever the commissioner finds             papers, and concerns to the inspection of any
                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
  220. 0 8 BANKING                                                                                           3098

    examiner, or if any off icer thereof shall refuse to         notified as aforesaid, shall have a lien or charge
    be examined upon oath touching the concerns of               for any payment, or advance, thereafter made, or
    any such bank or banking corporation, or if ' any                    y
                                                                 liability thereafter incurred, against any of the
    such bank or banking corporation shall suspend              assets of the bank or banking corporation of
    payment of its obligations, or if from any                  whose property and business the commissioner
    examination or report provided for by this                  shall have taken possession as aforesaid, except
    chapter the commissioner shall have reason to               that all drafts issued and delivered against
    conclude that such bank or banking corporation              existing balances on deposit in any drawee banks
    is in an unsound or unsafe condition to transact            or banking corporations shall be paid on
   the business for- which it is organized, or, that it is      presentation, if they correspond by number and
   unsafe and inexpedient for it to continue                    amount to a list to be certified to them by the
   business,, or if ' any such bank or banking                  commissioner, his deputies or representatives,
   corporation shall neglect or refuse to observe an            and if there be insufficient funds in deposit such
   order of the commissioner, specified in section              drafts shall be preferred claims . Such bank or
            7      e
   220 . . 07 of the statutes, or if the commissioner           banking corporation may, with the consent of the
   shall find that the management of the bank or the            commissioner, resume business upon such
   manner in which the work of any of ' its off icers or        conditions as may be approved by him .
   employes is done, if continued, is such as to                    (2a) The commissioner on taking possession
   endanger the safety or solvency of ' the bank and           of a bank for liquidation shall, with the approvall
   the commissioner shall have made written                    of the circuit court, withdraw from the general
   recommendations for change in management or                 fund of ' such bank an amount of money deemed
  officers and employes and such recommendation                adequate.e by the commissioner and the circuit
  shall not have been complied with after the                  court for the payment of current monthly
  expiration of a reasonable time therefor fixed by            expenses and set up a working fund , Such
  the commissioner, the commissioner may take                  working fund shall be deposited by the
  possession of the property and business of such              commissioner in one or more state banks in a n
  bank or banking corporation, and retain such                 account known as "bank liquidation account"
  possession until such bank or banking corpora-               together with like funds from other banks in
  tion shall resume business, or its affairs be finally        liquidation . Once each month the expenses so
  liquidated as herein provided . Whenever facts               paid from the working fund shall be approved by
  have come to the attention of the commissioner               the circuit court Upon such approval, the
  which cause him to believe that it may be                    working fund of" each liquidating bank shall be
  necessary or advisable to take possession of a              reimbursed from the general fund of said
  bank, or if he has reasonable cause to believe that         liquidating bank so that the balance of each
 any of the grounds for taking possession of a                working account in said bank liquidation
 bank, specified in this section, exist, he shall             account shall always be the amount approved by
 bring the matter to the attention of ' the banking           the circuit court . When a liquidating bank is
 review board, reporting to them in writing the               ready to pay the fi nal dividend and f i nal
 situation and his own recommendation as to                   expenses, the working fund assigned to the bank
 action to be taken .. The banking review board               liquidation account shall be reassigned back to
 shall promptly consider the matter and promptly              the general account of such bank .
 decide whether or not the commissioner should                     (3) Upon taking possession of the property
 take possession of' the bank . If the review board           and business of such bank or banking corpora-
 decides that the commissioner should take                    tion, the commissioner is authorized to collect
 possession, he shall forthwith take possession as            moneys due to such bank or banking corporation,
 hereinbefore provided . If at any time the                  and do such other acts as are necessary to
commissioner is confronted with an emergency                 conserve its assets and business, and shall
situation where in his opinion it is imperative in           proceed to liquidate the affairs thereof ', as
order to protect the public or for other reasons             hereinafter provided . . The commissioner shall
that possession of' the bank be at once taken, he            collect all debts due and claims belonging to it ,
may do so forthwith without referring the matter,            and, upon the order of the circuit court, may sell
to the banking review board                                  or, compound all bad or doubtful debts, and on
     (2) On taking possession of the property and            like order may sell all the real and personal
business of any such bank or banking corpora-                property of ' such bank or banking corporation on
tion, the commissioner shall forthwith give                  such terms as the court shall direct .
notice of such fact to any and all banks or                       ( 3a) That in addition to the authority
banking corporations holding or in possession of             confer-red by sub . (3), the commissioner with the
any assets of ' such bank or banking corporation .           approval of the banking review board may, for
No bank or banking corporation knowing of ' such             purposes of collection or liq uidation, sell, assign,
taking possession by the commissioner', or                   convey and transfer or approve the sale,
                       Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 3099                                                                                        BANKING 220 . 0

assignment, conveyance and transfer of the                    Any creditor of such bank or banking corpora-
assets of a closed bank or bank operating under a             tion holding security of any nature, shall file a
stabilization and readjustment agreement to any               claim as a general creditor only for the amount
other bank or trust company under such terms                  by which the debt exceeds the value of such
and conditions as he may deem for the best                    security . . The value of said security and the
interests of the depositors and unsecured                     amount to be allowed on the claim so f iled shall,
creditors of such bank                                        upon application of such creditor or the
                                                              commissioner and upon at least 20 days ' notice to
   (3b) The acts of any special deputy
                                                              the opposing party, be determined by the circuit
commissioner under subsection (4) shall be
                                                              court of the county wherein such bank or
binding on the commissioner of " banking to the
                                                              banking corporation is located . If ' the commis-
same extent and with like effect as if ' such acts
                                                              sioner doubts the justice and validity of any
were done by said commissioner .
                                                              claim, he may reject the same , and serve notice of
    (4) The commissioner may, under hi s hand                 such rejection upon the claimant either by mail
 and official seal, appoint one or more special               or personally . An affidavit of' the service of such
deputy commissioners, as agent or agents, to                  notice, which shall be prima •facie evidence
 assist him in the duty of reorganization,                    thereof', shall be filed with the commissioner . An
consolidation, liquidation and distribution, the              action upon a claim so rejected must be brought
certif i cate of appointment to be f i led in the office      within 6 months after such service . Claims
of the commissioner and a certif i ed copy in the             presented after the expiration of the time f i xed in
office of the clerk of the circuit court for the              the notice to creditors shall be entitled to receive
county in which such bank or banking corpora-                 only liquidating dividends declared after presen-
tion is located .. Such special deputy commission-            tation, unless otherwise ordered by the court ..
ers may execute, acknowledge and deliver any                      (6) Upon taking possession of the property
and all deeds, assignments, releases or other
                                ,                             and assets of such bank or banking corporation ,
instruments necessary and proper to effect any                the commissioner shall make an inventory of the
sale and transfer or incumbrance of real estate or            assets of such bank or banking corporation , in
personal property after the same has been                     duplicate, one to be filed in the office of " the
approved by the commissioner, and an order                    commissioner, and one in the off i ce of the clerk
obtained from the circuit court of the county in              of circuit court for the county in which such bank
which the bank concerned is located . The                     or banking corporation is located ; upon the
commissioner may from time to time authorize a                expiration of the time fixed for the presentation
special deputy commissioner to perform such                   of claims, the commissioner shall make in
duties connected with such reorganization,                   duplicate a full and complete list of the claims
consolidation, liquidation and distribution as the            presented, including and specifying such claims
commissione r may deem proper The commis-                    as have been rejected by it, one to be filed in the
sioner may employ such counsel and procure                   off i ce of the commissioner ; and one in the office
such expert assistance and advice as may be                  of the clerk of circuit court for the county in
necessary in the reorganization , consolidation,
                    e                                        which such bank or banking corporation is
liquidation and distribution of the assets of ' such         located .. Such inventory and list of claims shall be
banks or banking corporations .. The commission-             open at all reasonable times to inspection . .
er may retain such of the officers or employes of                (7) The compensation of the special deputy
such banks or banking corporations as he may                 commissioners, counsel, and other employer and
deem necessary . The commissioner shall require              assistants, and all expenses of supervision and
from special deputy commissioners and from                   liquidation, shall be fixed by the commissioner
such assistants corporate surety bonds in                    subject to the approval of ' the circuit court for the
accordance with the provisions of section                    county in which such bank or banking corpora-
220 . . 025 .                                                tion is located, on notice of' such bank or banking
    (5) The commissioner shall give notice, in               corporation, and shall upon the certif i cate of the
such newspapers as he may direct, by publication             commissioner be paid out of the funds of such
of a class 3 notice, under ch , 985, calling on all          bank or banking corporation in the hands of the
persons who may have claims against such bank
                                     s                       commissioner .. Expenses of supervision and
or banking corporation, to present the same to               liquidation shall include the cost of services
the commissioner, within 3 months after the date             rendered by the office of the commissioner of
of first insert-ion . . Such notice shall also fix a place   banking to the bank or banking corporation
and time (not less than 3 months after the date of           being liquidated and the commissioner shall the
first insertion) to make legal proof thereof .. The          first of each month determine such cost in the
commissioner shall mail a similar notice to all              manner hereinafter provided, which cost shall be
persons whose names appear as creditors upon                 charged to each bank in liquidation and the same
the books of' the bank or banking corporation .              shall be paid to the office of the commissioner of
                    Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
  220 . 08 BANKING                                                                                         3100

    banking as other expenses of liquidation are               banking review board shall act speedily on such
    paid . . The amount of the aforesaid supervision           application . Within 10 days after notice of the
    cost to be paid by each bank in liquidation shall          decision of' the banking review board, said bank
    be determined by taking that portion of the total          or banking corporation may apply to said circuit
    supervision cost of all banks in liquidation for the            t
                                                               court of the county in which such bank or
    preceding month, which the total book value of             banking corporation is located to enjoin further-
    the unliquidated book assets of each said bank             proceedings . The proceedings on such applica-
    bear's to the total book value of all the                  tion shall be on notice to the commissioner and
    unliquidated book assets of every bank in                  shall be the same as where the application to the
    liquidation . In making computations for each              court is made as above provided without
    month the total supervision cost and all book              application to the review board.
   values of unliquidated assets shall be determined              (10) Whenever the commissioner has paid to
   as of the last business day of the preceding               every depositor and creditor of such bank or
   month . The moneys collected by the commis-                banking corporation (not including stockhold-
   sioner, shall be from time to time deposited in one        er-s), whose claims as such creditor or depositor
   or more state banks, and, in case of the                   have been duly proved and allowed, the full
   suspension or' insolvency of the depository, such          amount of such claims, and has made proper
   deposits shall be preferred before all other               provision for unclaimed and unpaid deposits or
   deposits .                                                 dividends, and has paid all, the expenses of ' the
       ( 8 ) At any time after the expiration of the          liquidation , the commissioner shall call a
   date fi xed for the presentation of claims, the            meeting of the stockholders of such bank or
  commissioner may out of the funds remaining in              banking corporation by giving notice thereof' by
  his hands after- the payment of expenses declare            certified mail and by publication of a class 2
  one or more dividends, and after the expiration of          notice, under ch, 985, in the county where such
  one year from the first publication of notice to            bank or banking corporation is located . At such
  creditor's, he may declares final dividend, such            meeting the stockholders shall determine wheth-
  dividends to be paid to such persons, and in such          er the commissioner shall be continued as
  amounts, and upon such notice, as may be                   liquidator and shall wind up the affairs of such
  directed by the circuit court for the county in            bank or- banking corporation, or whether an
  which such bank or banking corporation is                  agent or agents shall be elected for that purpose,
  located . Objections to any claim not rejected by          and in so determining the said stockholders shall
  the commissioner, may be made by any party                 vote by ballot, in person or by proxy, each share
  interested by filing a copy of such objections with        of stock entitling the holder to one vote , and the
  the commissioner, who shall present the same to            maj ority of the stock shall be necessary to a
  the circuit court at the time of the next                  determination .
 application to declare a dividend . . The court may             (11) In case it is determined to cont i nue the
  if deemed advisable provide for the setti ng aside         liquidation under the commissioner , he shall
 of a sum sufficient to, pay all or any part of the          complete the liquidation of the affairs of such
 dividends due on any unproved or , unclaimed                bank or banking corporation, and after paying
 deposits .                                                 the expenses thereof ; shall distribute the
      (9) Whenever any such bank or banking                 proceeds among the stockholders in proportion
 corporation, of ' whose property and business the          to the several holdings of stock in such manner
 commissioner ' has taken possession, as aforesaid,         and upon such notice as may be directed by the
 deems itself ' aggrieved thereby, it may, at any           circuit court . In case it is determined to appoint
 time within 10 days after such taking possession,          an agent or agents to liquidate, the stockholders
 apply to the circuit court for the county in which         shall thereupon select such agent or agents by
 such bank or banking corporation is located to             ballot, a majority of the stock present and voting,
 enjoin further proceedings; and said court, after          in person or by proxy, being necessary to a
citing the commissioner to show cause why                   choice.. Such agent or agents shall execute and
further proceedings should not be enjoined and              file with the commissioner a bond to the people of
hearing the allegations and proofs of ' the parties         the state in such amount , with such sureties and
and determining the facts may, upon the merits              in such form as shall be approved by the
dismiss such application or enjoin the commis-             commissioner, conditioned for the faithful
sioner from further proceedings, and direct him            performance of all the duties of his or their trust,
to surrender such business and property to such            and thereupon the commissioner shall transfer
bank or banking corporation . Said bank ord                and deliver to such agent or agents all the
banking corporation may , if it desires so to do,          undivided or uncollected or other assets of such
within 10 days after taking possession apply to            bank or banking corporation then remaining in
the banking review board to review the action of           his hands; and upon such transfer and delivery,
the commissioner in taking possession . . The              the said commissioner shall be discharged from
                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
3101                                                                                      BANKING 220 .08

any and all further liability to such bank or              said certificate . The department of administra-
banking corporation and its or their creditors .           tion shall thereupon draw its warrant on the state
                                                           treasurer for payment of the amount stated in
   (12) Such agent or agents shall convert the
                                                           said certificate to the person named thereon . .
assets coming into his or their possession into
                                                               (15) Whenever the commissioner, with a
cash, and shall account for and make distribu-
                                                           view of restoring the solvency of any bank ' of
tion of the property of' said bank or banking
                                                           which he has taken charge pursuant to law , shall
corporation, as is herein provided in the case of
                                                           approve a reorganization plan entered into
distribution by the commissioner, except that the
                                                           between the depositors and unsecured creditors
expenses thereof shall be subject to the direction
                                                           of such bank and the bank or reorganizers
and control of the circuit court . In case of the
                                                           thereof, . which represent 80 per cent of the
death, removal, or refusal to act of any such
                                                          amount of ' deposits and unsecured claims of such
agent or agents, the stockholders, on the same                              d
                                                           banks, then and in such case all other depositors
notice, to be given by the commissioner upon
                                                           and unsecured creditors shall be held to be
proof ' of such death, removal, or refusal to act          subject to such agreement to the same extent and
being filed with it, and by the same vote
                                                           with the same effect as if they had joined in the
hereinbef'ore provided, may elect a successor ,
                                                           execution - thereof, and their claims shall be
who shall have the same powers and be subject to
                                                           treated in all respects as if they had joined in the
the same liabilities and duties as the agent
                                                           execution of ' such articles or reorganization plan
originally elected
                                                           in the event of ~restoration of such bank to
   (13) Dividends and unclaimed deposits                   solvency, and the r eopening of the same for
which have been provided for and remaining                 business . The investment board and the govern-
unpaid in the hands of the commi s sioner for 6            ing board of any county , city, village, town,
months after , the order for final distribution shall     drainage district, power district, school district ,
be by him deposited in one or more state banks , to       sewer district, or other governmental subdivi-
the credit of the commissioner, in trust for the          sion, or any commission, committee, board or
several depositors with and creditors of the              officer thereof ; having any funds on deposit at
liquidated bank or banking corporations from              the time of' the closing of ' the bank are authorized
which they wer e received entitled thereto . The          to join in any reorganization plan, i f ', in the
commissioner shall report to the governor                 j udgment ' of such investment board or other
annually , in his r eport the names of banks or           governing board, the reorganization plan is in the
banking corporations so taken possession of and           best interests of all persons concerned . All
liquidated and the sums of unclaimed and unpaid           deposits made i n any state bank subsequent to
deposits or dividends with respect to each of             June 3, 192 '7 shall be subject to the conditions
them respectively ,                                       hereof '..
     (:14) The commissioner may pay over the      r            (16) Whenever the commissioner is in-
moneys so held by him to the persons respectively         formed, within 10 days after he has taken charge
entitled thereto, upon being furnished satisfacto-        of a bank pursuant to law, that a plan for the
ry evidence of' their right to the same . . In cases of   reorganization of such bank is being consider ed,
doubt or conflicting claims, the commissioner             the commissioner may refrain f r om complying
may require an order of the circuit court                 with any or all of the provisions of ' this section for
authorizing and directing the payment ther ' eof' . .     such time as he deems advisable, but for not more
The commissioner may apply the interest earned            than 40 days afte r he has taken charge of said
by the moneys so held by him towards defraying            bank .. The approval by the commissione r and the
the expenses in the payment and distribution of           acceptance by the 'depositors and unsecured
such unclaimed deposits or dividends to the               creditors of' a reorganization plan within the time
depositors and creditors entitled to receive the          specified as provided in subsection (15), shall
same , and if' necessary may draw on the fund to          operate to relieve the commissioner of " the duties
defray : such expenses . . A f 'ter, one year from the    and liabilities provided by this section in the case
time of the order for f i nal distribution, all           of liquidation of banks . .
unclaimed funds shall be turned over to the state             (17) Whenever it shall appear to the
treasury by said commissioner and shall be kept           commissioner that the books and records of" any
in ' a separate account in the general fund . . All       liquidated bank or banking corporation or
claims subsequently arising shall be presented to         segregated trust are no longer required by the
the commissioner .: If the commissioner deter-            commissioner, he may make application to the
mines that any claim so presented is a proper             circuit court having jurisdiction of ' such liquidat-
claim against said fund he shall certify to the           ed bank or banking corporation or segregated
department of administration the name and                 tr ust for- an order determining what books and
address of' the person entitled to payment and the        records are to be kept and what destroyed ,
amount thereof' and shall attach said claim to            stating in such application his recommendations
                    Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
  22 0 .08 BANKING                                                                                                 3102
  thereon .. Said circuit court shall thereupon enter      named therein to act as trustees and of the
 an order determining what books and records               powers of 'the trustees . .
  shall be kept and what shall be destroyed . The
  books and records ordered preserved shall be                 (20) In the event the commissioner, as
 delivered to the clerk of such court to be kept by         statutory receiver of closed state banks or in
 him until further order of the court Six years            connection with his supervision of segregated
 after the order of final distribution made in the         trusts, shall have in his possession any funds or
 liquidation of any bank or segregated trust, the          property by reason of any recovery on an official
                                                           bond or otherwise, and said funds shall not
 circuit court shall submit to the historical society
 copies of' the commissioner ' s application and the       belong to or be attributable to any specific bank
 court order determining what books and records
      t                                                    or banks in liquidation or to any specific
 have been kept .. On subsequent application of the        segregated trust or trusts and it shall appear that
 historical society the court may order delivery to        all or a number of banks in liquidation or all or a
 the society of' such books and records as the                      r
                                                           number of the segregated trusts supervised by
 society deems of permanent historical signifi-
        y                                                  the commissioner or the depositors or other
 cance and the destruction " of the balance,               creditors of such banks or trusts, may have an
 whether or not any such records have been                 interest in such funds or property, the commis-
                                                           sioner may petition the circuit court for Dane
 photographed or mcrophotographed .
     (18) Whenever any bank or banking                    county for an order directing the disposition of
                                                          such funds or property . The court, upon
 corporation has been completely liquidated, the
                                                          presentation of such a petition, shalll direct the
 commissioner shall and he is hereby authorized
                                                          commissioner to give such notice of " hearing
 to cancel the charter of such bank or banking
 corporation .                                            thereon, by publication of a class 3 notice, under
                                                          ch . 985, or otherwise, as appears reasonable
    (19) Segregated trusts heretofore or here-
                                                          under the circumstances . The expenses of the
 after created-in connection with the stabilization
                                                          commissioner in any such proceeding shall be
 and readjustment or reorganization of' a bank
                                                          paid out of such funds or property If it shall
 shall be administered and liquidated under the
                                                          appear to the court that the persons to whom
 supervision of the commissioner and the circuit
 court of' the county in which the bank is located ,      such funds or property may ultimately belong
                                                          cannot be found or ascertained or that the
    (a) The trustees shall be confirmed by the
                                                          expense of such ascertainment would in the
circuit court of ' the county wherein such bank is
                                                         judgment of the court be excessive or unreason-
located and shall be subject to removal by said
                                                         able- under all the circumstances, the court shall
court .
                                                         enter an order directing the commissioner to
   (b) The administration and liquidation of
                                                         transmit such funds or property to the state
such trust shall be subject to the supervision of
                                                         treasurer to become the propert y of' the state. .
the commissioner and as far as practicable shall
                                                         Any person claiming an interest in any such
be subject to the approval of ' the circuit court of
                                                         funds or property so ordered to be transmitted to
the county wherein such bank is located in the
                                                         the state treasury may within 5 years after the
same manner and to the same extent as is the
                                                         entry of ' such order bring suit against the state for
administration of banks in liquidation under the
                                                         recovery thereof without interest :
provisions of this section ..
    (c) The commissioner shall make such                     (20a) After liquidation of the assets of a
 examinations of the books, records and assets of        delinquent bank, any remaining assets, including
 such trust as he deems necessary and shall              all unknown and undiscovered assets in the
 submit copies of such examinations to the               custody of the commissioner, shall, after
 trustees and to the circuit court . The cost of such    approval of the circuit court having jurisdiction
 examinations and the cost of the supervision            the r eof, be retained, by the commissioner who is
 rendered by the commissioner, which cost shall          authorized and empowered to hold such assets,
be determined by said commissioner, shall be a           claims and demands with the full right and
charge against the trust and shall be paid as an         power to compound, compromise,, settle and
expense of administration .                             assign the same with full authority to execute
   (d) The trustees of such trust shall be known        and deliver any legal .l instruments incidental
collectively as "the trustees of' the segregated        thereto without further court approval . Any
trust of (name of bank)" and in that name may           moneys or proceeds received therefrom shall be
sue and be sued and perform the duties imposed          paid into the general fund of the state of
on them : by law and the provisions of the              Wisconsin after the commissioner has first
agreement or court order creating such trust , A        deducted therefr om the costs of his services and
certificate issued by the commissioner shall be         other expenses incidental thereto .
sufficient proof' of the creation of such trust, of
                                                           Cross reference : See Chap 177 for disposition of unclaimed
the appointment and qualif ication of ' the persons     funds .
                     Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 3103                                                                                       BANKING 220 . 9

 220 . 081 Closed insured banks; fed era l                bank, or the owner of such insured deposits with
 deposit i nsu rance corporation may be                   like force and ef'f'ect as if the closed bank were a
 receiver. (1) The commissioner of banking                national bank, to the extent- now or hereafter
 may, in the event of the closing of'any bank which       necessary to enable said corporation, under
 is a member' of the federal deposit insurance            federal law, to make insured payments available
 corporation or the deposits in which are to any          to depositors of closed insured banks ..
 extent insured by said corporation, tender to said
 corporation the appointment as statutory                 220 . 085 Federal aid to banks . On approval
 receiver of such bank and if the corporation             of the banking review board, any state bank or
 accepts said appointment, the corporation shall          trust company, or the receiver of any insolvent or
 have and possess all the powers and privileges           delinquent state bank or trust company, may
 given by the laws of this state to the                   take advantage of'any act that may be enacted by
 commissioner of banking as statutory receiver of         the congress of the United States for- the relief of
 a closed bank and be subject to all the duties of        any state banks or trust companies ..
 the commissioner as such statutory receiver,
 except in so far as such powers, privileges, or
                                                          220 .086 Receiver of delinquent bank may
 duties are in conflict with the provisions of
                                                          borrow fro m federa l government agency ;
 subsection 1 of section 8 of said banking act of
                                                          court order . The commissioner of banking,
 19 .33, or any other applicable federal laws .
                                                          having taken possession of any delinquent bank,
     (2) In the event said federal deposit                may, as receiver, of such bank, and upon the order
 insurance corporation shall accept the appoint-          of the circuit court for the county in which such
 ment as such receiver, it is hereby authorized and       bank is located, borrow money from any agency
 empowered to be and act without bond as such             of the federal government, upon such terms and
 receiver                                                 conditions as may be satisfactory to such federal
     ( 3) Upon the acceptance of'the appointment          agency, and issue evidences of indebtedness
 as receiver of'any delinquent bank by said federal       therefor, and secure the payment of'such loan by
 deposit insurance corporation, the possession of         the mortgage, pledge, transfer in trust, or
 and title to all the assets, business and property of    hypothecation of any or all of the property and
 such bank of every kind and nature shall pass to         assets of such delinquent bank . .
and vest in said corporation without the
execution of any instruments of conveyance,              220 . 087 Additional interest on instalment
assignment, transfer or indorsement                      savings accounts . The bylaws of 'a state bank
    (4) The commissioner, or the federal deposit         may provide additional interest on instalment
insurance corporation being in possession ofany          deposits to be paid to its depositors for consistent
delinquent bank may, as receiver of such bank            and regular payments, not in excess of one per
and upon the order of the circuit court for the          cent per annum :
county in which such bank is located, borrow
money from the federal deposit insurance                   220 .09 Indemnity fund, national bank.
corporation and secure the payment of such loan            Every national bank which has been granted a
by the mortgage pledge, transfer in trust or               special permit by the federal reserve board to act
hypothecation of" any or all of the property and           in a f iduciary capacity under the provisions of
assets of such delinquent bank and upon like               subsection (k) of section 11, of' the federal
order may sell to said federal deposit insurance           reserve act shall deposit with the state treasurer
corporation any or all of'the property and assets          security, approved by the comm issioner of
of such delinquent bank .                                  banking, in the manner which is required of trust
                                                           company banks organized under the provisions
 220. 082 Closed insured banks ; subroga-                  of section 22 .3 .. 02 . Such securities shall be of the
tion of federal deposit Insurance corpora-                 same nature as the security designated by the
tion . Whenever . an,y bank whose deposits are in        ' provisions of such section for the deposit by trust
whole or in part insured pursuant to any federal           companies organized under the laws of ' this state .
laws, shall have been closed on account of the            Such national bank, so long as it shall continue
inability to meet the demands of its depositor's,         solvent and comply with the laws of this state
and the federal deposit insurance corporation or,         applicable thereto , may be permitted by the
its successors shall pay or make available for            commissioner to collect the interest on the
payment the insured deposit liabilities of"such           security so deposited and from time to time
closed institution, the corporation or its succes-        withdraw the said securities or any part thereof
sors, whether or not the same shall have become           provided that securities or cash of the amount
receiver or liquidator of such closed bank, shall         and value required by this section shall at all
be subrogated to all rights against such closed           times be maintained on deposit .
                   Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
  220. 10 BANKING                                                                                       3104

   220 .10 Books and a ccount s ; co m rr s9ssio ao-          (4) Contain a statement of the banks whose
   er ' s control . Whenever it appears to the            business has been closed during the year, the
   commissioner that any bank does not keep books         amount of their resources and liabilities,, the
  and accounts in such manner as to enable him to         amount paid to the creditors thereof and a
  readily ascertain the true condition of such bank,      statement of any banks organized during the
  he may require the officers of'such bank to open        year .
  and keep such books or accounts as he prescribes           (5) Report the names and compensation of
  for the purpose of keeping accurate and                the clerks employed by him, and the whole
  convenient records of the transactions and             amount of the expense of the office during the
  accounts of such bank .. Any bank that refuses or      year preceding,
  neglects to open and keep such books or accounts           (6) Include a report by the banking review
  as the commissioner prescribes shall be subject        board containing the names and compensation of
  to a penalty of $10 for each day it neglects and       its members and employes during the preceding
  fails to open and keep such prescribed books and       year and a summary of the acts and services of
  accounts .                                             such board during such year .
                                                            (7) Give such other information as the
 220 .11 Location of bank, ho w re m oved . In           commissioner deems necessary .
 the event that any 2 banks shall be doing business
 in the same building, upon the same floor, and in        220 . 17 Effect of consolidating banks and
 such close proximity as to interfere with the            trust companies . (1) Whenever 2 or more
 proper examination of either bank, the commis-           banks or trust companies, including national
 sioner of banking may require either, of said            banks, authorized to do a banking business in the
 banks to remove its banking office to some other         state of Wisconsin, shall be consolidated under
 location within such reasonable time as may be           the charter of one of the consolidating banks or
 fixed by the commissioner                                trust companies, or under a new charter issued to
     History:] 971 c 164                                 such consolidated institution, the rights, inter-
                                                         ests and franchises of any bank or trust company
  220 .12 Attorney general, duty of . All joining in or party to such consolidation in and to
  proceedings by any bank to enjoin the commis-          every species of property, real, personal and
  sioner of banking in the discharge of his duties mixed and chosen in action thereto belonging,
  shall be had in the county where said bank is          shall be deemed transferred to and vested in the
  located, or in the supreme court of'this state.. All consolidated bank or trust company without any
  suits and proceedings arising out of the deed, indorsement or other instrument of
  provisions of' the banking laws, in which the          transfer, and the consolidated bankk or trust
  state, or, any of its officers or agents shall be      company shall take, hold and enjoy the same and
 parties, shall be conducted under the direction         all tights of propezty, franchises and interests in
 and supervision ofthe attorney general                  the same manner and to the same extent as were
                                                         held and : enjoyed by such consolidating banks
 220 .13 Copies as evidence . Copies of all and/or trust companies at the time of such
 records and papers in the office of the                consolidation.
 commissioner of banking, certified by him and               (2) And such consolidated bank or trust
 authenticated by his seal of of'f'ice, shall be        company, if' authorized to perform fiduciary
 evidence in all cases equally and of like effect as    services, as of the time of'the taking effect of'such
 the original .                                         consolidation shall succeed to all rights, obliga-
                                                        tions, relations and trusts, and the duties and
 220 . 14 Commissioner's report. The report liabilities connected therewith, held by any bank
 of the commissioner issued pursuant to s 15,04 or trust company party to such consolidation,
 (4) shall be published and shall :                     and without further appointment shall act .t as
     (1) Exhibit the condition of the various banks     trustee, executor, administrator or in any other
of'the state as of the day of'the last report made to   fiduciary capacity in which any such consolidat-
the commissioner by such banks .                        ing bank or trust companyy was acting at the time
    (2) Contain a statement of the condition of of such consolidation, andd shall execute and
every bank from which reports have been                 perform each and every such trust or relationn in
received, with an abstract of the whole amount of the same manner as if the consolidated bank or
capital returned by them, the whole amount of trust company itself' had assumed the trust or
their liabilities, the total amount of resources,      relation, including the obligations and liabilities
and specifying the amount of lawful money held connected therewith . And such consolidated
by banks at the time of their several returns .        bank or trust company shall be entitledd to be
    (3) Give a tabulated statement of the appointed or to act as trustee or executor or other
resources and liabilities of'each bank .               fiduciary to the same extent and with the same
                    Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 3105                                                                                     BANKING 220.29

 effect as would any bank or trust company party           220.2    Destruction of obsolete records by
 to such consolidation if prior thereto any bank or       state banks . Any state bank or credit union
 trust company party to such consolidation has            may destroy or dispose of such of its records as
 been designated as trustee or any other fiduciary        may have become obsolete after first obtaining
 in any trust' deed or other writing, or has been         the written consent of the commissioner of
 nominated as executor in any will .                      banking .

                                                          220.285 Reproduction and destruction of
 220.18 Bank or corporation notaries;                     records; evidence . (1) Any state bank,
 permitted acts . It shall be lawful for any              mutual savings bank, trust company bank ,
 notary public who is a stockholder, director,            licensees under ss .' 138 . 09 and 218 01 or credit
 o f ficer or employe of 'a bank or other corporation     union may cause any or all records kept by such
 to take the acknowledgment of any party to any           bank, licensees under ss . 1 :38 . 09 and '218 .. 01 or
 written instrument executed to or by such                credit union to be recorded, copied or reproduced
 corporation, or to administer an oathh to any            by any photostatic, photographic or miniature
 others stockholder,, director, officer, employe or       photographic p r ocess which correctly, accurate-
 agent of such corporation, or to protest for             ly and permanently copies, reproduces or forms a
 nonacceptance or nonpayment bills of exchange,           medium for copyi ng or reproducing the original
 drafts,, checks, notes . .andd other negotiable          record on a film or, other durable material and
 instruments which may be owned or held for               such bank, licensees under ss 138 . 09 and 218 .. 01
 collection by such corporation, if', notary is          or credit union may thereafter dispose of the
 not a party to such instrument, either individual-      original record after first obtaining the written
 ly or as a representative of such corporation,          consent of the commissioner of . banking .. This
                                                         section, excepting that part of it which requires
220 .196 F i ne l adjustment of statements               written consent of ' the commissioner of banking,
of account . When a statement of account has             is applicable to national banking associations
been rendered by a bank to a depositor                   insofar as it does not contravene federal law .
accompanied by vouchers, if"any, which are the               (2) Any photographic, photostatic or minia-
basis for debit entries in such account, or the          ture photographic copy or reproduction or copy
depositor's passbook has been written up by the          reproduced from a f i lm record made from a bank
bank showing the condition of the depositor's            record,, record of a licensee under ss 138 .09 and
account and delivered to such depositor with like        218 . 01 or credit union record is deemed to be an
accompaniment of vouchers, if any, such                  original record for all purposes and shall be
account shall, after the period of 5 years from the      treated as an original record in all courts or
date of its rendition, in the event no objection         administrative agencies for the purpose of its
thereto has been theretofore made by the                 admissibility in evidence .. A facsimile, exemplifi-
depositor, be deemed finally adjusted and settled        cation of certified copy of ' any such photographic
and its correctness conclusively presumed and            copy or reproduction or copy reproduced from a
such depositor shall thereafter be barred from           film record shall, for all purposes, be deemed a
questioning the correctness of such account for -        facsimile, exemplif ication or certified copy ofthe
any cause . .                                            original record
                                                           : 1971 c 239; 1973 c . 3 .

220 .225 City scrip . In an emergency a city              220 .29 Closing on legs l holidays . (1) No
 may issue scrip for the purpose of paying current       state bank, trust company bank or mutual
expenses . . The amount of scrip issued shall not        savings bank shall transact business or be open
exceed the interest of such city in delinquent real      for the purpose of transacting business on
estate taxes for the preceding 3 years . Until such      Sunday or on January 1, the .3rd Monday in
scrip has been redeemed in full, all money                February (which shall be the day of celebration
received by such city from such delinquent taxes         for February 12 and 22), the last Monday in
after the issuance of such scrip shall be used for       May (which shall be the day of celebration for
the sole purpose of redeeming such scrip . . This        May 30), July 4, the lst Monday in September
section shall not be construed as amending or            (Labor Day), the 2nd Monday in October,
affecting in any manner the provisions of                November 11, the 4th Thursday of November,
subsection (9) of section 6 ' 7 . . 12.. The amount of   December 25, or in each case on the succeeding
scrip issued under this section shall not be             Monday whenever any such day falls on a
considered an indebtedness of such city and shall        Sunday, or from 12 mm to 3 p .mm on Good Friday .
not be included in arriving at the 5 per centum          They shall transact business and be open for the
debt limitation under section 3 of article XI of         purpose of transacting business on any election
the constitution . .                                     day, city, county, state or national .
                  Electronically scanned images of the published statutes.
 220. 29 BANKING                                                                     3106

    (2) Nothing in any law of this state shall in potential threat to the health or safety of bank
 any manner affect the validity of', or render void customers or employes, or the security of the
 or voidable, the payment, certification or bank's property, the 2 persons may temporarily
 acceptance of a check or other negotiable close the bank to transaction of business pending
 instrument or any transaction by a bank because termination of the emergency . Within 24 hours
 done or performed on any election day, city, after a closing under this section, the bank shall
 county, state or national, or on any day on which notify the of'f'ice of the commissioner of banking
 the federal reserve bank of the .federal reserve by telephone or telegraph stating the reasons for
 district in which such bank is located is not open the closing .. Within 3 days after the termination
 for- the transaction of business because of such of the emergency, the bank shall file with the
 federal reserve bank's observance of a holiday on board of directors of the bank and transmit to the
 which Wisconsinn banks are not required by office of the commissioner of banking a written
 statute to be closed for the transaction of report of the closing setting forth in detail the
 business.., exact times of closing and reopening, the nature
   Hi sto ry : 1971 c 226 ; 1973 c, 140 of'the emergency, the reasons for the closing and
                                                     the names of the 2 persons who authorized the
220. 30 Closing In en9 ergeatcles . Whenever closing . . No liability shall be incurred by a bank
any emergency, such as a riot or civil commotion, because of proper closing under this section . A
an act of God, a threat of bombing or other bank may not declare in default for nonpayment
violence, an absence of police protection or a any obligation which became due while the bank
governmental order to close actually or poten- was closed under this section f'timely payment
tially exists which shall, in the opinion of the 2 thereon was tendered but not accepted because
senior bank officers or employes on the banking the bank was closedd
premises at, the time, constitute an actual or        History :   i9 7 i   c   izo


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