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									 Atlanta Military Motorcycle Safety Rally
                22 & 23 April 2010
WHO: Open to all Soldiers, Family Members & DOD Civilians
WHAT: Fort McPherson/Fort Gillem Motorcycle Safety Rally
WHERE: Fort Gillem Commissary Parking Lot
WHEN: 22 & 23 April 2010, 0800-1600 Hours
Day 1 Safety Demo Riding, Static Display booths & Entertainment
Day 2 Group Ride Event: Destination: Andersonville National Park
WHY: Raise motorcycle safety awareness, increase education,
        and decrease motorcycle accidents/fatalities
                   Atlanta Military Motorcycle Safety Rally

           Conduct one 2010 consolidated motorcycle rally for Fort McPherson
  motorcyclists promoting safety and building partnerships within the Atlanta
    community by enhancing relationships with local, regional, and national
organizations that promote motorcycle safety, awareness and education creating
                              strategic alliances.

          Partners of this event include FORSCOM, ARCENT, USARC, IMCOM, and
other organizations. Resources are becoming limited and offering this one main
event will eliminate/minimize smaller organizational events throughout the year.
                  Atlanta Military Motorcycle Safety Rally

• Enhance motorcycle safety awareness and decrease the risk of motorcycle
  accidents through education
• Provide a “motorcycle safety awareness day” at Fort Gillem with the expectation
  that this consolidated event maximizes resources while still offering motorcycle
  safety awareness
• Showcase DOD and industry motorcycle safety initiatives
• Build relationships within the Atlanta community becoming an active citizen
  promoting safety
                       Atlanta Military Motorcycle Safety Rally


•   Maintain participation of event attendees and increase involvement in the future
•   Build capabilities and commitment to promote and enhance motorcycle safety initiatives
•   Enhance information sharing arrangements in support of motorcycle safety initiatives
    locally and throughout DoD
•   Develop capabilities and legitimacy for Fort McPherson to further develop a motorcycle
    safety program infrastructure
•   Build stronger partnership capabilities to enable continued operational support
•   Continue to promote professional dialog with emphasis on integration and interoperability
    of the Fort McPherson community with civilian organizations
•   Continue to develop interoperable systems, processes and procedures to provide effective
    information sharing
POC: Mr. Michael Amos
E: Mail:
Phone: COM 404-464-3319
         DSN 367-3319

ALT POC: SFC James Jett,
Phone: COM 404-464-7554
         DSN 367-7554

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