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          Getaway Ideas

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                    Romantic Getaway Ideas
Do you have a lot of romantic weekend getaway ideas but just
cannot select one?

Or are you having difficulty coming up with great romantic weekend
getaway ideas?

Here are some recommendations to help you finally create a
romantic weekend getaway right this moment and in the future...and
save money at the same time.

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            Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

Are you on the lookout for some romantic weekend getaway

A number of the most romantic weekend getaways appear in the
most urban places in the United States. Here are just a few to give
some thought to.

                    Manhattan Here We Come

You can engage in a fabulous weekend in NYC and stay either at the
Marriott Hotel on Broadway, for example, which is right near the
Theatre District; or you can book a weekend at the Plaza Hotel
overlooking Central Park or stay in a luxurious resort nearby.

No matter what your spending budget is,
Manhattan is more than pliable.

Obviously, Manhattan is considered one of
the most romantic spots in the United

Whether or not you enjoy dinner from the
comfort of your hotel suite, your resort or dine at any one of the five
star-rated restaurants, the night-time is always young for lovers
who search for privacy in a city that hosts millions of tourists each

Whether you embark on a carriage ride through Central Park, enjoy
an opera at Lincoln Center, or walk along Fifth Avenue during the
night time hours; NYC offers something for everyone.

You can tack on Manhattan to your checklist of romantic weekend
getaway ideas to think about.

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            Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

Our next romantic weekend getaway idea takes us to the west
coast in the city so many people leave their hearts at...

              San Francisco Take Us We're Yours

With its rolling hills, fantastic food, and welcoming people, San
Francisco affords accommodations that are sure to enhance your
romantic edge.

                                      Some of the most prominent
                                      accommodations are the Fairmont
                                      hotel, located in the Nob Hill area
                                      and the downtown W San Francisco
                                      hotel that is close to cable cars,
                                      retail shops, restaurants, and

                               Stroll along Fisherman's Wharf
and stop by Ghirardelli Square where you can grab some of their
famous chocolate before having a meal at one of the many seafood

You'll have your selection of such noteworthy restaurants such as as
McCormick and Kuleto's, where you have a global view of the Bay, as
well as Alcatraz island; both of which offer a stunning setting.

You may want to stop by O'Neill's Irish Pub for an after-dinner
beverage. You'll want to leave your heart here after leaving this
fantastic city by the Bay.

What s the amount of romantic weekend getaway ideas do you
want? You can stop searching for San Francisco may well be just the
ideal romantic destination you are aiming for.

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            Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

Next comes the city that never sleeps and where romance is

                      The Romantic Las Vegas

Time will stand still at this touristy destination.

With a variety of hotels and resorts to
select from you can appreciate your
time here without having to be
concerned about time, because you'll
be enjoying every minute!

With great weather year round (hot,
but always dry), you can dwindle away
the early morning hours at your hotel's or your resort's pools and
spas and enjoy the evening attending a fabulous show.

You may want to try your luck at one of the many casinos that line
the strip.

Whether you take a settle at the Venetian Hotel and delight in a
romantic ride on a gondola or marvel at the lush indoor gardens at
the Mirage...Las Vegas is both affordable for any budget and is the
perfect weekend romantic getaway idea.

Next is the least likely place you would pick as romantic, but once
you get there you're destined to fall head over heals!

                         Love on Lake Placid

Far away from the maddening crowd, you will find comfort and
romance at the Mirror Lake Inn.

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            Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

With attractive mountain and lake views, fireplace, and very large
tubs, you will find the accommodations more than satisfactory. In
fact, they are quite contributory to a romantic weekend.

Among the many things you might
like to do is take a walk to the
surrounding town of Lake Placid,
only two miles away.

Here you will find shops along Main
Street and you can stop at the
Cottage for lunch.

Swimming, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the activities
available at Mirror Lake Inn.

The peacefulness and quiet ambiance of this Inn and Lake Placid is
the ideal weekend getaway destination for lovers.

And there you have it...a variety of great romantic weekend getaway
ideas you can select from for your next romantic week-end.

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