; Selected Sillinesses
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Selected Sillinesses


Playing with words whilst sailing alone.

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									                             Selected Sillinesses

I’d love to claim that this is a book of poetry, but as my first silly ditty explains, I never
did learn what the rules and the form are. I won’t claim it’s inspired but some times I feel
moved, to write something down when I don’t quite know why. And if someone else
should find they enjoy the nonsense I write, then good luck to them all my brothers and
sisters in silliness found.

    Where does it come from and where does it go?
My father was a physicist, from language and history
he told it to me, I’d really do better if I did desist.
And so the laws of poetry have passed me by entirely
does it rhyme and does it scan, I’ve no idea
but happily I may suppose, that of course it’s only prose

Now here’s a clever thing; when first they searched
an atom was supposed to be, if nothing else the smallest thing.
So what of nuclei and protons too, what’s an electron and does it fit in?
Is it a solid, or is it a force, does it repel or does it rebound?
And what about all of those spaces around?

They talk of neutrinos as small as they are
Which gaily pass through us and all the earth too
But what’s the effect and what do they do?
Coming so swiftly from bright burning star.

So if nothing is solid or liquid or gas
just energy, space and a dollop of mass.
Then what is a thought and what is the world?
The dream of a slumbering giant of course.

        There’s Nothing Wrong With Motorboats

There’s nothing wrong with motorboats,
like motor cars and motor bikes,
I like a thing that goes.

As boys we like to travel fast,
bikini’d beauty on the bow
be careful ooh you’ve splashed me now,

A sailor’d lash her to the mast
she’d not worry then how fast,
just come on baby make it last.

Inside they’re all posh wood veneer
inlaid with little sailing boats,
pretty, quaint of bygone year.

The cocktail cabinet is here, the CD and the DVD
the kids break up next week, you’ll see
the motor boats will soon be free.

                             Med’s Plastic Hell

Bavaria and Jenneau, the Halberg Rassy, Beneteau,
they build ‘em in their thousands,
though they’re really quite so so.
And all that fibre, glass and gel,
when all is said and done, where will it go?
Or is Med’s destiny a plastic hell.

                          The Bridge Of Plastic

There’s a ferry to Ibiza, but we all will soon just walk it,
on a bridge that’s made of plastic, with a wooden deck or two.
From coast to shining coast, afloat on polished grp
it’s onward next to Africa, and then we’ll have to see.

My boat of course is metal and painted blue not white,
many a fibreglass skipper has taken quite a fright.
She doesn’t fit, she’s not the same, they whisper with a groan,
So come on fella, be a sport and get her out of sight.

                              Inverse Of Rome
There was a young Roman called Livy
To Augustus’s secrets was privy
He wrote it all down
And gained wide renown
Now most of it’s lost, oh how silly

There was a bold general called Caesar
If he wanted a woman he’d seize her
She wouldn’t complain
For he had a great name
And a queen said he knew how to please her

Sertorio was king of Spain
Though many now don’t know his name
Pompey Magnus he defeated
Then to betrayal he was treated
Such a man deserves more fame

Lucius Sulla was a merry old soul
Non of his vices he could control
They made him dictator
Rome’s greatness to savour
Tho’ in theatre not senate he’d sooner enrol

Seven times consul was Gaius
From all of Germania saved us
The people adored him
The nobles abhorred him
Eclipsed by his nephew was Marius

Copyright Malcolm Snook 2007

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