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					           Movie Money Maker Report
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1|Page       – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report

Thank you for purchasing this product. Soon you too will know how to generate thousands of
dollars per month, simply by gathering and organizing things people search for online; Videos.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my online marketing adventures, it is that you can’t
create a solid product without knowing all the angles. Trust me - I know a whole lot about
making money with websites and will share it all with you.

This book is for you if:

       You are looking to make some extra money on the side.
       You are looking to quit your day job, and be able to provide for yourself.
       You are interested in developing skills that will give you financial freedom.
       You want to make some money, but not work too hard to earn it.
       You are bored, and have nothing better to read right now.

Obviously that last reason was me trying to be funny, but there’s nothing funny about making
money – it’s what makes the world go round! If I can rake in thousands of dollars per month,
simply by giving people things that are already out there, why can’t you?

After you’re done reading this report, you’ll know exactly how I do it. There will be no more
secrets for you. No more excuses not to get started making money, and no more financial
worries =)

In this day and age, where the entire world is online, the possibilities to make money are
limitless. I don’t have a University degree. I’m no rocket scientist. All you need is half a brain,
some spare time, and a dash of motivation. Welcome to the information age.

Ok, that’s enough of the ‘motivational speeches’. I was never any good at selling BS, so let’s just
dive right into the good stuff. Remember; you can read this book any way you want. Skip the
information that you already know, or re-read it to refresh your memory. There might even be
methods in here that you have already mastered and improved. Feel free to leave me with
feedback at I’m looking forward to hear about your success!

Let’s make some Money…
2|Page      – By Bob Jones
         Movie Money Maker Report
Before you read on – my proof of income:

Obviously anyone can come up with the wildest claims. So here’s the proof; People say a
picture is worth a 1000 words, but in this case it’s worth $3000 dollars!

You are looking at a screenshot of the statistics tool my affiliate company provides me with.

29/05/2009PDS CBA MULTIBILL$1,826.49

15/06/2009OST CBA MULTIBILL$1,408.22

And here are two lines I copied and pasted directly from my online banking statements this
month. I get paid directly into my bank account twice a month by them. Don’t ask me what the
PDS or OST mean. I only understand the numbers after the $ 

3|Page   – By Bob Jones
         Movie Money Maker Report

This screenshot is from a new method I recently discovered. CPA is where people need to fill
out surveys before they can access your premium content. Now it can be a little tricky to get
accepted into a CPA network, but since these guys know me, all you need to do is sign up with
the following link:

Now they can see that you were referred to them by me, and will accept your application right

*This guide was updated after the initial product. I now make over $5000 per month with my
video site. If I wasn’t so lazy, I could rinse and repeat this process and set up 10 times the
amount of sites. You do the math…

Step 1 – Get your site up and running.
The very first thing we need to get in place is a website. Don’t worry. You do not need to know
anything about programming, designing or any of that intelligent stuff. All you need be able to
do is point and click. (A bit of typing might be required at times, I’m sure you can handle it!)

We are going to set-up a Wordpress (WP) website. WP is a very user friendly CMS (Content
Management System), which allows us to add, delete, edit and post pretty much anything you
want - including videos.

Before we get the WP software, we need a place to host it. My preferred webhost is Liquidweb,
purely because they have top notch hardware, and their support is second to none. (Believe
me; I have tried a lot of hosting companies before I ended up here. I’m never leaving them!)

4|Page    – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report

They are some hosts, like Hostgator, that are cheaper. But remember; if you pay peanuts, you’ll
get monkeys. Eventually you will find out that its quality that counts when it comes to
webhosting, not quantity. (Heck, even huge sites like get hosted on

One of the big advantages with Liquidweb is that they have an easy one-click WP install
solution that comes with their hosting plans. You can install dozens of new WP sites in a matter
of seconds, without any technical know-how. (In this case, quantity does matter, because why
make money of one site, when you can make money with 10 or more?)

Anyways, it’s up to you to pick a host. You might already have a good account somewhere. If
you’re happy with it, please stay there and utilize that plan. All I can do is recommend
Liquidweb, purely based on my personal experience with them.

Once the hosting is sorted, we will need a domain name for your new money making website.

Personally, I get all my domains at GoDaddy. Just because that’s where I started, and it just
seems easier for me to manage them from one place. You can pick up .COM names for under
$10, or even get a .INFO for less than a dollar! (.COM would be the preferred way to go, as this
looks more professional). It all depends on how serious you are about making money with a

Don’t go rushing in and register the first domain name that comes to mind. We will need to
think about a good name with keywords included, so you will receive more organic traffic
(people that find you through search engines like Google). In time, your site can be featured
above an official TV site in Google. People that are looking for a movie will find your site first!

5|Page     – By Bob Jones
         Movie Money Maker Report

Here’s a screenshot of this month’s traffic. The huge peak (36.000 visitors) was the season 5
finale of Lost. As you might know, season 6 is starting at the end of this year, so there will be
tons of people looking online for those episodes. And you now have plenty of time to prepare
for them. Lost is just one of the many shows you can go for.

Remember when I said we needed to get you a domain with the right keywords? The next
screenshot will tell you why. The more Google loves your site, the more money there is to be
made. This screenshot is just to show you how much traffic Google can get you if you choose
your keywords wisely, and use proper SEO techniques. Did I tell you yet that traffic equals
money? I think I have.

6|Page    – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
Keywords in your domain name are quite an important factor for Google in regards to your
SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). The more Google loves you, the higher you will get ranked,
the more people will find you, the more money you will be making. It’s really quite simple.

I will give you several suggestions to get started. Let’s say you want to start a site about the TV
show LOST. This is just an example; obviously you can pick any TV show or movie that’s out
there! Ask yourself this; “What do I search for in Google when I’m looking for the latest episode
of LOST?” Chances are you, and 99% of the other people that are looking for it, use the same
syntax – watch lost online.

A great free tool to come up with a keyword correct domain name is available at Going by the top ten suggested results in the keyword tool, you can
mingle, mix and mash until you’ve found something you like. Some examples given:

7|Page    – By Bob Jones
         Movie Money Maker Report

Those are just a few suggestions of hundreds of domains you can create. (Some might have
already been taken, so be quick about it!) Like I said, Google will definitely think you are more
accurate on the topic “LOST” than a website called; This will drastically improve your
position in the Google results.

Having said that, know that there are more factors in place to ‘guarantee’ your spot in
Google. Incoming links, your site’s content (original written content) and your site’s readability
for the Google spiders.

Ok, let’s see. We should have a webhosting plan by now, a good domain and WP installed. Time
to tweak a few things in WP and make it a little more ‘Google friendly’, shall we?

First off – I highly recommend you grab a copy of the THESIS wordpress theme. This theme is
probably as professional as they come. Easy to edit and mold to your personal likings. Another
option is the Woothemes pack. If you’re looking for bang for your buck, grab the massive 36-
theme pack they are offering at the moment. With a single click, you could change the look of
your site every day of the month, and then some 

8|Page    – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
One of the greatest features of WP is the availability of thousands of free plugins, which add all
sorts of functionality to your website. Have a look at the Wordpress Plugin Page and grab the
‘All in one SEO pack’, and the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugins. These two, along with askimet,
are the most important ones to insure a steady stream of SE traffic. Be careful now – browsing
all those wonderful wordpress plugins can be very time consuming!

After installing the plugins, I recommend that you change your permalinks setting to a Custom
Structure: /%postname%/. You can find this under the wp-admin/settings links in your website.

All this does is change an ugly link to something Google readable and memorable (e.g changes into
Guess which one get’s found sooner in Google by your visitors?

*This book is not about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is all about setting up a money
making website. Assuming you are serious about making money with a website, you most likely
know all the basics. If not, please email me with feedback, and I will try to answer your
questions the best I can. Perhaps If I will get enough emails, I’ll write a follow-up ebook on how
to optimize your website for the search engines =)

Step 2 – Get the content for your site.
Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. Half the job is done, all we are doing now is filling up
your new money making website with the content your visitors crave – the videos!

First off you need to decide what you want to offer. In my case, I have only put up the TV shows
that I actually like and watch. One of the reasons for this is that I’d like to be able to discuss the
episodes with my visitors, and not look like a knob who knows nothing about a show. I feel this
builds trust and recognition with my visitors.

You can obviously pick whichever show you want. Or perhaps you’re more into movies. Then
again, you could not give a damn, and just fill up your site with as much video material as you

9|Page     – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
can. Remember though, that with whatever you decide to put on there, it will attract a certain
type of visitor. For example; shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl will most likely attract a large
female group. The latest Terminator movie will probably get you more of a manly audience.

This is quite important to know later on. Make sure you don’t advertise FPS videogames on the
90210 and gossip girl pages, or throw a cosmetics ad on the Terminator page. See where I’m
going with this do you? Good!

Make sure that you will have NO or very little other links going out of your site besides the
affiliate links! If you want to make money, you’ll have to increase the chances of your visitors
actually landing on your money making page!

A few ideas for ad placement:

Right on top of the video, place a banner that points to an affiliate sales page. Add a text link
after every video “download this video”. Put a banner in your sidebar, above the fold.

This way you will give your visitors the opportunity to click on that affiliate sale link on every
single one of your pages.

The best way to go with your site is to create a unique page for each show. (e.g TV Shows) This
way your visitors can find any video of a show they like in a glance, and your life gets easier
because you know what to advertise where.

You now are also prepared for things like link building at a later stage. You get to target relevant
keywords to these pages, instead of having to randomly link back to pages with less targeted
and relevant information. This will also reduce the bounce rate on your website (people are less
likely to leave straight away since they have found what they were looking for).

By now we know what we are getting and where we are making it available for your visitors. It’s
time to go and grab those videos.

Depending on your Internet connection speed, you have a few options here. If you’ve got a
slow to average speed, or download and uploads caps, you might not want to upload your own
stuff. If you’re one of the lucky few with a 100Mbps line or faster, I recommend you download
new material, convert and watermark (branding for your own site) the videos, and upload them
to a video streaming site. There will be a list of upload sites further down.

10 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
The other option is to use an upload that someone else has put online. Don’t worry, you’re only
borrowing it, just like they did.

Here’s the big list of links where you can find your TV shows and movies:

And here’s the list to add your links to:

11 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report

Although these are just five sites to add your links to - trust me, these five will be the bulk of
your traffic!

*Quick tip: Sites like Sidereel are very popular for traffic generation. To stay on top of the list,
make sure you get your link on there no later than 30 minutes after the show is available

Speaking of Sidereel, it helps to get a little involved in the community there. If you show the staff
that you put in good links, fight spam and interact with users, you can easily become a
moderator for them. Be careful not to abuse your powers obviously. There are huge advantages
to being a mod. When a page is locked, you can still add or remove links for example.

A sneaky trick to get your link on the top of the list; Do not delete other peoples links. This will
flag you and you’ll receive complaints, resulting in a ban. Instead, edit the competitors links (add
a word to their link title for example). This will push them below your own link, without anyone
really noticing what happened. 

That was easy, wasn’t it? You’ve got your video packed site up and running, and ready to make
you money. But wait, I hope you didn’t forget what I said about Google readability…

Along with the video’s, I highly recommend that you grab a TV show’s episode or movie’s short
synopsis, and add it to the post. This way Search engines can index the text, and visitors are
more likely to find your website. It’ll also add a bit more credibility to your site if visitors see
that there are more than just videos on there.

Unless you’ve got all the time and patience in the world, you could skip the task of writing the
synopsis yourself. Simply use Google to find ‘TV Show Title Episode Guides’. Most likely you will
end up on or These sites have the recaps written nine out of ten times. All
you have to do is copy and paste. It doesn’t get much easier than that, unless you can get
someone else to do it for you =)

12 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
Besides the content that’s needed to actually label your website as an Online TV site, I suggest
that you make sure your visitors will feel at home and appreciated. Add some features like a
forum. Place small links underneath your video post to have visitors report broken links and
videos to you. These can all go into a specified board on your forum. This is a great way to make
sure your site stays current with working videos, and you are gathering user generated content
on your site for free.

Every time a visitor reports a broken video, they will most likely use specific keywords (e.g Hey
admin. I was trying to watch episode 12 of LOST season 5 ,but the video is not online anymore.
Can you put a new one up?) ((keywords highlighted)). It’s a great way to get easy and relevant
content added.

I’ve found that a chat room is also fun to have for the users. It makes them come back, even
after they have seen all the shows they wanted. They have made new friends on your site, so
they will return. Chatango provides free chatrooms, that you can copy and paste onto your

Videos, Features and Text in place? You’re all set to go!

Step 3 – Get paid.
Have you guessed the last thing we need to put in place to actually make money with your new
website? I sure hope you said ads and offers!

What I am about to share with you has worked quite well for me, and I don’t see why you could
not get the same, if not better results.

13 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
           Movie Money Maker Report
My $3000 paychecks come from YourClick. After ClickBank stopped offering the P2P products I
was selling earlier this year, I found YourClick. They now seem to be the biggest player in the
P2P product sales. Their payments are never late, never short, and always very welcome =)

Another affiliate company I am currently testing is NeverBlueAds. Not so much for P2P offers,
but things like ‘the IQ quiz’ ‘Ringtones’ and email submit offers. Some people might not be
interested in buying P2P, but who can withstand a banner that challenges you to measure your
IQ with someone else’s? Most people have a competitive nature, and can’t resist temptation!

 Besides the $3000 I get a month from my affiliate sales, I actually generate a bit more than
that. This is because I am still experimenting with additional income streams all the time. There
is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Some of the things I have tried are:

Google Adsense:

Whilst this does make you money, it won’t be a whole lot. Besides that, it adds more exit points
to your site. You don’t want a visitor leaving your site by clicking a link that makes you a couple
of cents do you? No. You want your visitor to leave your site by clicking a link that will direct
them to your affiliate sale offer. An offer which can earn you anywhere between $20 and $40
per sale! Sure, not everyone buys the product, but it’ll take a whole lot of Adsense clicks to
make that $20 or $40. I’d rather have all those clicks on my affiliate product sale page.


This is the same story as Google Adsense. It’ll simply take too long and too many clicks to make
you serious money. They do have different sorts of ads, like full screen fade ins and inline text
links, but still not worth the time and effort. Don’t give your visitors cheap exit points.

Zango/CPAlead Gateway:

14 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
You might have come across these. After searching the net, you’ve found yourself a site with
the show you wanted to see. Upon entry, the screen darkens, and a popup appears:”Please fill
out this survey to get access”. “Please download and install this toolbar to see the show”.

Sign up with CPALEAD here:

           (Make sure to use this referral link to guarantee approval into the network).

These offers will make you anywhere between $1 and $10 per survey filled out, or toolbar
installed. A lot of people will actually do these surveys and installs, even though you might think
it would just scare away visitors. The great thing about a movie or TV site is that people WILL
come back, every time there’s a new show or movie out. And they WILL do a survey 

Those are just a few examples of things I have tried for myself. One new method that I am
currently trying is CaptainAD. This program lets you add a tiny bit of JavaScript to your site, and
will automatically put an advertisement in most of the external videos that are embedded on
your site.

They will pay you a set amount per 1000 impressions. These are not exit points. People do not
have to action them. They simply play and ignore them, and you get paid.

That’s an additional revenue income right there, on top of the affiliate sales.

Another great benefit you have on a site like this; people interact. They can register, sign up,
comment and you get to keep all their email addresses so you can build a list.


Perhaps sent out a bi-weekly newsletter. Discussing new shows, recent celeb gossip. Anything
that is associated with the content of your site. It’s what they were looking for. It’s what they
are interested in. You are collecting email addresses through comments, direct emails, forum
subscriptions, RSS subscriptions and sign-ups. What you do with your list is really up to you. I’m
just thinking that it will keep old visitors coming back, and you might have figured out new ways
to generate revenue after a month.

So, what about traffic Bob?
Oops! I nearly forgot about the traffic topic. Let’s see…

15 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
If you’ve read all of the above, you know by now that Google will be one of the important traffic
sources for your site. If you have implemented all the things I mentioned (the WP plugins, SE
friendly links and additional text content) you should quickly start getting Search Engine visitors
to your site.

The 5 links I mentioned, where you add your links, will generate a ton of instant traffic spikes.

Also, Google for your desired keywords like “watch lost online”. You’ll find that a lot of the top
ten results are blogs that give you the option to leave comments. Why not throw in a few
linkbacks to your own site on there? Don’t make it look like spam, but after a few comments
you add a keyword link in there somewhere. Also you’ll find that some top ten results are big
sites like DIGG. Don’t worry about submitting your link to DIGG, just leave a comment in there
with a link. (And don’t forget to bury all the other comments, so yours will have higher visibility)

Obviously a great way to find more traffic is to see where the competition is getting it from.
Hop over to Alexa and check out where they are getting traffic from, what keywords they are
ranking for, and how you could beat them in their own game 

Another one of my favorite options is Yahoo Answers. People are always looking for episodes
on here, and all you have to do is dive in, find a relevant question and give them your link. This
can attract hundreds of new visitors to your site.

Youtube is also a massive traffic resource. Simply create teaser movies of upcoming
blockbusters, and add a link to your movie site in the info bit. Do a bit a digging around, and you
will find plenty of tools online that can help you boost your youtube video views. Oh, and why
stop at Youtube? Check out – a free service that will let you upload your video
to the top 25 video sites in one go!

The Aftermath

16 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
There’s not much more to it than just those three simple steps above. The beauty of this
process is that you can rinse and repeat it as often as you’d like. If you have 10 websites about
lost, chances are that you’ll ‘trap’ any visitor that left one of your sites into another one.

A few quick tips to tie this up so you can get started:

       It’s ok if not all your videos are working. Sometimes they get removed on the third party
        site, and you won’t notice until one of your visitors tells you about it. You’ll get more
        user generated content in your forums when they report a broken link, and since the
        video is broken, a lot of people will try the affiliate ads you’ve put up to try and get their
        fix. Just make sure they say something like “download full episode” or “alternative
        download link”. Even if they don’t sign-up immediately, most affiliate links store cookies
        in the visitors browser, so you’ll get paid even if they signup a month later!

       Remember that TV shows are like drugs to a lot of people. They need their greys
        anatomy or one three hill fix as soon as possible. They will search endlessly online until
        they find the episode they’ve missed. Once they find your site, make sure they can
        easily sign up for your RSS feed, preferably via email to build your list.

       If you’re really lazy, here are two pointers for you. Instead of adding your videos by
        hand every day (which takes no longer than 30 minutes), you could install a free
        wordpress plugin like wp-o-matic. All this does is grab other video sites’ posts (you can
        find them in the list I provided) and publish it on your own site. Very easy, but you’ll
        have less control of what content your site will contain if you don’t check it at times.

       Another lazy people tip: Hire someone to add the videos for you and post the links to
        the sites that will bring you traffic. I believe that you can hire a Virtual Assistant that will
        do this for you for less than a few hundred dollars per month. Surely you could afford
        one with your $5000 per month income 

How I make money every day, under 30 minutes:
17 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
    1. I log in to and check the TV schedule on the
       front page to see what is going on air soon.

    2. I visit to grab the episode title and synopsis. If
       no synopsis is available, look on or

    3. I add a new post to my blog. Starting with the show
       name, season, episode, title and synopsis.

    4. I browse my main source sites (all in the list on page 9)
       and find a suitable video.

    5. I have embedded the video to my blog-post, added tags
       like the show name, episode number and season, and hit

    6. I add the post link to the 5 sites I mentioned on page 10.

    7. I go do stuff I enjoy (like watching TV shows) while my
       site is making me money 

18 | P a g e – By Bob Jones
          Movie Money Maker Report
Useful Links:
Liquidweb webhosting – Highly recommended webhosting

Thesis wordpress theme – Professional SEO friendly theme

Woo Themes – A smashing 36 WP themes pack!

Virtual Assistents – Have someone else work for you 

Video advertising – Make money with in-video ads

CPALEAD – Make money with surveys

TVSHOWEXPRESS – This is my new affiliate network. These guys pay me even more!

If you have any questions regarding this report, please drop me an email at

I hope that 2010 will be a very successful year for all of us!

19 | P a g e – By Bob Jones