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									         2004-05 Hospital Scholarship Information

                          Scholarship                                       Criteria                                        Contact                   Deadline        Amount
Baptist Hospital East                               Student must be accepted in the nursing program.            Joanna Peterman; 896-7581;                       $5,000 per year
                                                    Acceptance letter must be attached to application.
                                                    Maintain 3.0 GPA. Six months commitment of
                                                    employment for every $2,500 of assistance. Promissory
                                                    notes will be completed each time money is paid.

CARITAS Nursing Award                               Offers up to $6,000 per year to nursing students at am      Michelle Bridges; CARITAS
                                                    accreditated institution for tuition and other college-     Foundation; 1850 Bluegrass
                                                    related expenses. The amount awarded is dependent           Avenue; Louisville, KY 40215;
                                                    upon the cost of tuition for one year at the school you     502-361-6550; FAX: 502-361-
                                                    are attending. Once accepted, recipients sign an            6799
                                                    agreement to work for CARITAS for one year for each
                                                    academic year you receive scholarship support. This
                                                    scholarship is given based on academic achievement, a
                                                    demonstrated desire to become a nurse and the quality
                                                    of the application/references.

CARITAS Bellarmine Nursing Award                    For nursing students accepted into the Accelerated BSN      Michelle Bridges; CARITAS
                                                    Program at Bellarmine University. It provides $9,000 to     Foundation; 1850 Bluegrass
                                                    defray the cost of tuition. In exchange for this generous   Avenue; Louisville, KY 40215;
                                                    financial aid, the recipient agrees to a two-year work      502-361-6550; FAX: 502-361-
                                                    commitment at CARITAS upon graduation. This                 6799
                                                    scholarship is given based on academic achievement, a
                                                    demonstrated desire to become a nurse, and the quality
                                                    of the application/references.

Clark Memorial Hospital                             Award covers tuition, fees, and books. Students must        Submit applications to Lynn          No deadline Up to $6,000 per
                                                    maintain an overall GPA of 3.0. Student must commit to      Meurer; Director of Education        to apply;     year
                                                    a year of employment w/ Clark Memorial for every year       and Research; Clark Memorial         scholarships
                                                    of scholarship                                              Hospital; 1220 Missouri Avenue;      are awarded
                                                                                                                Jeffersonville, IN 47130;            at the
                                                                                                                Questions may be directed to         beginning of
                                                                                                                812-283-2011 or Amy Vissing;         Fall, Spring,
                                                                                                                Recruiter, Clark Memorial            and
                                                                                                                Hospital; 1220 Missouri Avenue;      Summer
                                                                                                                Jeffersonville, IN 27130; 812-283-   semester.
                                                                                                                2214; fax (812-283-2666;
          2004-05 Hospital Scholarship Information

Hardin Memorial Hospital                                                                                         Judy Stephens; 270-706-1613;
Jewish Hospital                                      Instructions for the educational loan process is included   Michelle Gelhaus; (502) 540-       There is no   $6,000 to 24,000
                                                     in the application.                                         3817; application can be           dealline;
                                                                                                                 submitted online at the website:   committee
                                                                                                                 work/scholarship.html              monthly;
                                                                                                                                                    hear within
                                                                                                                                                    a week of

Norton Healthcare                                    Must meet for interview                                     Debra Rayman; 662-0003;
University of Louisville                                                                                         Tiff Howell; 502-562-3061;
2004-2005 Scholarship, grant and other financial resource information

                   Scholarship                                        Criteria                                              Contact                     Deadline      Amount
Allied Health Student Scholarship          Five students will receive a $1,000 Allied Health Student     Website:
                                           Scholarship. Students who have taken A and P or     
                                           microbiology in the last two years, or are currently enrolled
                                           can apply.                                                                                                   Nov-04     $1,000
Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarship   Information to come from David Wuinee                        BU Financial Aid Office
Program                                                                                                                                                            Average $3,000
Army Nurse Candidate Program               ANCP offers a $10,000 bonus: $5,000 upon acceptance
                                           of enrollment documentsand $5,000 at start of senior year
                                           for students in the program for two years or upon
                                           graduation for students in the program for one year. A
                                           monthly stipend for $1,000: Must be enrolled as a full
                                           time student to receive the stipend. (This includes the
                                           summer months). To qualify for ANCP you must be a
                                           junior or senior nursing student enrolled full time in an
                                           accredited BSN program, possess a minimum 3.2 GPA,
                                           be a US citizen, meet the moral and physical rquirements
                                           to become an Army Officer. This is not an ROTC
                                           program, so you will not have to be enrolled in any ROTC
                                           classes. Fro more information about this program and
                                           other Army benefits contact SFC Milton Kamala at 502-
                                           423-7342 or email at

Army ROTC                                  US citizen; between age 17 and 31; considered a              Website:
                                           freshman; must have a minimum high school SPA of 2.5;
                                           receive a minimum SAT of 920; ACT 19; pass fitness test      olarship Search/
                                           at the Army standard. Recipient must sign a conteract;
                                           enlist in the US Army Reserve for 8 years. Attend school
                                           named in the announcement letter. Attend leadership
Air Force ROTC                             Only high school seniors or graduates who have not           Headquarters/RROO; 551 East Maxwell Blvd.;                          $8,000
                                           attended college full-time qualify for the 4-year nursing    Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6106; 334-953-2091
                                           scholarship. Two type scholarships: pay full tuition, most   (phone); Wedsite:
                                           mandatory fees, plus a textbook allowance. Recipients        Http://
                                           receive a $100 monthly nontaxable allowance during the       holtypes/index.htm
                                           school year. After completion you will be commissioned a
                                           second lieutentent in the Air Force Nurse Corps and serve
                                           4 terms of active duty.
2004-2005 Scholarship, grant and other financial resource information

BEST IN CARE                                    Repayment program for KY's RN. After the financial aid         1-888-678-4635;
                                                package is presented the student will select a lender, for
                                                this repayment program the student would select The
                                                Student Loan People.

Dr. Clifford V. Jennings Memorial Scholarship   For CARITAS employees and family members w/ at least Michelle Bridges; CARITAS Foundation; 1850
                                                12 college credits who are seeking a degree from an        Bluegrass Avenue; Louisville, KY 40215; 502-
                                                accredited institution. All academic areas are considered. 361-6550; FAX: 502-361-6799
                                                This fund was established by Foundation Board Member
                                                Shirley Jennings to honor her husband, oncologist Clifford
                                                Jennings, M.D. This scholarship is based on the quality of
                                                the application and references.

Kentucky Nurses Foundation Scholarship          The applicant must be a student in either prelicensure or      Kentucky Nurses Foundation; 1400 South
                                                graduate nursing education. Application must be                Fourth Street; Louisville, KY 40201-2616.
Louis-Edward Nicklies Scholarship Fund
Lydia's Professional Uniform/AACNE Excellence   To nursing students in their junior year of an accredited      Application downloaded from AACN Website
in Academics Nursing Scholarship                BSN program. Two scholarships in the amount of $2,500          at
                                                scholarships will be distributed in Fall and Spring
                                                semesters. Student must possess 3.5 GPA; complete
                                                required applicaion and submot a 250 word essay                                                               July 1 and
                                                describing career aspirations and financial need.                                                             November
                                                                                                                                                              1          $5,000
Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship Program     Open to racial and ethnic minority nursing students            Pam Chwedyk Phone: (312) 525-3095 Fax:             15-Jun $500 to $1,000
                                                entering the third or fourth year of an accredited four-year   (312) 429-3336 Email:
                                                BSN program or accelerated program leading to a BSN   Web site:
                                                degree. Must be US citizen or permanent resident     

National Health Service Corp
Nelson Co. Scholarship                          Awarded to undergraduate students from Nelson County;          Administered by BU Office of Financial Aid.
                                                there is a preference for Catholic students. One "full-ride"
                                                scholarship is offered each year to an incoming
                                                Bethlehem High School graduate.
2004-2005 Scholarship, grant and other financial resource information

Nurses Educational Funds                      Awards are made to Doctoral and Master's level students       Website: for an application.         Award are   Individual
                                              in nursing, as well two special scholarship awards to         Office phone: 914-964-4282.                        made        scholarships
                                              graduate students of minority origin.                                                                            every       are 2,500 to
                                                                                                                                                               April;      10,000
                                                                                                                                                               is March

Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund            KY resident; admitted to a nursing program; recipient         Richelle Livers, NISF Program Coordinator, at          1-Jun         $3,000.00
                                              must work as a nurse in KY for 1 year for each academic       Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund; Kentucky
                                              year funded. If recipient does not complete the nursing       Board of Nursing; 312 Whittington Pky. Ste
                                              program within the time frame specified or the                300; Louisville, KY 40222-5172; or call KBN
                                              employment required then the NISF monies must be              office at 800-305-2042 or 502-329-7000 or
                                              repaid plus accrued interest. Preference for awards is        502-329-7000, ext. 290
                                              given to applicants w/ financial need.

Nursing Scholarships Program                  In exchange for two years service at a health care facility   Sign up for e-mail notification when 2005              1-Jun
                                              the program pays: tuition; required fees; books, clinical     application is on-line (expected in April).
                                              supplies, lab expenses; and monthly stipend. US Citizens;     Website:
                                              enrolled or accepted as a full-time or part-time student in
                                              an accredited school of nursing; free from any Federal        .htm
                                              judgment liens; free from existing service commitments;
                                              not in default of any Federal debt; preference is given to
                                              qualified applicants w/ the greatest financial need.

Oncology Nursing BSN Scholarship              Candidate must be enrolled in a bachelors nursing degree
                                              in an NLN accredited program;
P. E. O. Educational Loan Fund                This is a 4% loan. The applicant myst be enrolled in an                                                                      Maximum
                                              accredited school; must be within 2 yeaars, but not less                                                                     amount loaned
                                              than 4 months, of completing their course of study.                                                                          to any one
                                                                                                                                                                           student is
Secretary's Award for Innovations in Health   Students compete for cash awards by entering papers
Promotion and Disease Prevention              describing proposed and/or implemented projects that        plication
                                              have been developed to meet course requirements or as
                                              part of a service learning or other academic experience.
                                              Student must be enrolled in part or full-time baccalaureate
                                              or higher educaiton program.
2004-2005 Scholarship, grant and other financial resource information

Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund      This scholarship is specially created for women attending     Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund -             3-Jan 5 $10,000
                                      college later in life.                                        Telephone: 507-931-1682 or Nursing office            scholarships;
                                                                                                    Miles 204                                            50 - $1,000
Taylor Drug Nursing Scholarship       Grant to assist needy nursing students matriculating in the BU financial aid office
                                      School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Renewable each
VALOR Program                                                                                       Submit information by March to Julia Gatsos;
                                                                                                    502-895-3401 extension 5736 or email
Vickey B. Owsley Scholarship          MSN student enrolled full or part-time; financial need; 3.0   Student applies for financial assistance
                                      or better GPA. Recipient is selected by MSN faculty w/        through the BU Financial Aid Office.
                                      advisement from Financial Aid based on need.

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