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									                                          ORDER FORM
                                                                                                                              *DonVito Appraisal is a dba of Nixon Appraisal, Inc.

TO:                  Krissi & Steve DONVITO                                                 Phone:       (951) 6 9 6 - 7 7 2 0
                     23622 Sirus Circle, Murrieta, CA 92562                                  www. d o n v i t o a p p r a i s a l . com
FAX #:               (951) 6 9 6 - 7 7 3 0                                                   d o n v i t o a p p r a i s a l @ a o l .c o m
* How did you hear about us? *

Contact:                                                                           Phone #:
Lender/Client:                                                                         Fax #:
Client Address:                                                                        Email:
Prospective Investor/intended users:

Investor Type (circle):                   Conventional/FNMA                                 S&L                  Private/Other:
                                                                                       *forward appraisal guidelines for any investor other than Fannie Mae.*

Loan Type (circle):                       Refinance             Purchase              2nd Mtg                 Cash-Out Refi                     Other: __________

Intended Use of Appraisal:                Mortgage/Lending                     Divorce               Estate Value                           Prospective Sale

Appraisal Report Forms Needed:                           1004-Full FNMA Residential                      1073-Condo                          2055 Ext. Only
(circle forms needed)
                                                         1025-(2-4) Family                    RARS Desk Review                      2000-SFR Field Review

       2070-Ext Only                                  2075-SFR Ext Only                      1075-Condo Ext Only                       1007-SFR Rent Survey

       2070-Int&Ext                       1004D-Appraisal Update               1004D-Appraisal Completion                              216-Net Oper. Income
                                                                           *(no inspection for 1007 required by FNMA = no pictures will be provided unless requested)

Special Instructions for Report:

Type of Property to be Appraised:                SFR-Det                        SFR-Att              Condominium                     Manuf.                   2-4 Family
                                                 New Const.                  Hypothetical            Vacant Land                     Other:

Status of Property (circle):                     Owner Occupied                             Vacant               Tenant Occupied                            2nd Home
Details:     1-st   2-st          Square Ftg:                    #Beds:                 # Bath:                            Pool          View Other______

Purchase Price (if applicable):                                                                  Estimated Value:
Sales Concession from seller:                                                                     Loan Amount:
* If Purchase, please forward copy of Sales contract ASAP via email or fax - required for completion of appraisal in timely manner*

Name of Borrower(s):
Borrower Address (if diff from subject address):

Address to be Appraised:
Person to Contact for Access:                                                                           Relationship:
Contact Number(s):
Who is responsible for PAYMENT? (circle)                                 Borrower at Door                     Call Buyer for $                     Bill Client

-Contact Name and phone for payment if not listed elsewhere:
                                               (Payment Options: CASH, Money Order, Check, Visa/Mastercard)
-The appraiser has been engaged by Client/Lender listed above to appraise The above mentioned property. *Once a report has been prepared for
a named Client(s) for an intended use, the appraiser will not "re-address" (transfer) the report to another party as it would violate the USPAP
Confidentiality/Ethics Rule. New assignments on this address will not be accepted from another client for up 6 months after this order without
"expressed permission" as a courtesy to original client. Retrospective Appraisal Assignments will entail a fee as this is a new assignment and
requires adherement to USPAP Rules.
-This assignment will be delivered to the lender/client and the lender/client will be responsible for any unpaid balance (Furthermore, Lender/
Client is responsible for "borrower" copy distribution). Client understands any unpaid balace at delivery will be due within 90 days, regardless of
loan status and will automatically be forwarded to a Collection Company after this period.

Signature of Lender/Client Represent. - Name ______________________                         Date of ORDER/Signature

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