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                        Appraisal Order Form
                                                                     YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION
              Company (Name):
              Address:                                            City:                                                      State:              Zip:
              Phone:                                                        Fax:
              Contact Person:                                          Phone:
              Email (Required for Acrobat PDF / electronic delivery):
              (You may type and save your company info and use it as a template for future orders for as long as the information remains the same)

                                                                PROPERTY INFORMATION
            Address:                                                                     City:
            State: CA          Zip:                             Minimum Value Required: $
             Purpose:              Refinance                PURCHASE DETAILS: Buyer LAST Name:
                                   Purchase                       Sales Price:                 Contract Date:                                               Listed in MLS?
            Property Type:                 SFR       Condo    Townhouse                         2-4 Unit
            Appraisal Type:                 Full (1004)    Drive By (2055)                                                                      If other, note below...

                Comp-Check ONLY (CMA) - Free
           (This is a quick value-range estimate used commonly as a guideline for you to help you sell a loan)

                Appraisal Order (Comp-Check automatically included)
            (If we find that the appraisal value will not meet your minimum value, we will contact you with a possible range estimate)

                                                   APPOINTMENT CONTACT INFORMATION
              Borrower            Agent Other:                                 Name:
           PHONE: (Home)                                                         (Work)                                      (Mobile)

           Delivery:            Email (PDF)       USPS Mail
           Payment:             COD (cash or check on-site)                       Paypal (Online credit-card payments)                (Sorry, we don't do escrow or lender billing)

           Notes: (Lockbox, closing cost credit, other email address, etc..- Do not list upgrades here unless it's a swimming pool or a square footage permitted addition.)

                    (No need to call - FAX Your order - Allow 24 Hrs.)

This form originates from an ADOBE PDF Fill-Form. This feature allows you to type the blank spaces as if you were using a typewriter. To use this feature, please visit our
website above and select "Orders and Payments." Once the page loads choose "Acrobat Order Form (PDF Fill-Form)." The Acrobat reader will load and you can start typing.

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