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									    Welcome to SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
         Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                             July 11, 2010

 Readings for                                               Deacon’s Diary
  the Week                                                 WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR
Monday                                                            by Deacon Pat
  Is 1: 10-17
                                             The Sunday school teacher asked her 10-year-old students if
 Mt 10: 34-11:1
                                     they would be willing to give $1,000,000.00 to missionary work for
Tuesday                              children and families in need.
     Is 7: 1-9/Mt 11: 20-24
                                             “Yes!” they all screamed in unison.
                                             “Very good,” she said. “Would you give $1,000.00?”
Is 10: 5-7, 13b-16/Mt 11: 25-27
                                             “Yes!” they screamed again.
Is 26: 7-9, 12, 16-19/Mt 11: 28-30           “Good, would you give $100.00?”
Friday                                       The answer was as exuberant as before: “Yes!”
Is 38: 1-6, 21-22, 7-8/Mt 12: 1-8            “Would you give a dollar?”
Saturday                                     The answer was the same, except for one boy who remained
     Mi 2: 1-5/Mt 12: 14-21          silent.
For the Weekend                              “Why didn’t you say yes?” the teacher asked.
   Gn 18: 1-10a/Col 1: 24-28                 “Because,” he stammered, “I have a dollar in my pocket.”
         Lk 10: 38-42
                                                                 ~~Sabbath Moment by Terry Hershey
                                            In this week’s gospel, the scholar of the law tried to justify
                                     his actions (or lack of it) by asking Jesus: “Who is my neighbor?”
                                     We understand the concept of loving God and loving neighbor, but
                                     putting the concept into practice is much more difficult.
    Wednesday, July 14                      Like the children in this story, many of us have said or
     8:30 am/Chapel                  thought: “If I ever win the lottery, I would give a million dollars
          +John Klauck               to the church, or the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse, or to the
      Thursday, July 15              Missions.” But, that’s because we don’t have a million dollars.
       8:30 am/Chapel                       Well then, could we give $1,000.00, or $100.00 or $20.00?
   +Elmer, Rose & Diane              Most of us in this country do have access to that. Or do we find it
       Thielmann                     less painful to give $1.00?
      10:45/Willowdale                      Let’s keep this in mind when we respond to our Mission
   +Lester Heimermann                Appeal visiting priest, Fr. Elmer Aurelio.
       Friday, July 16               This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.
    1:30 pm/Homestead
    +Robert Dedering                                              Thank you!
Saturday, July 17 5:30 pm
                                     Thank you to Fr. Elmer for being with us this weekend
      +Warren Neils
                                     and sharing with us about the Missionary Fraternity of
Sunday, July 18 9:00 am              Mary of Guatemala. If you would still care to give to
  +Lowell & Edythe Freis             the Missionary Cooperation Appeal, there are envelopes
                                     in each entryway of the church. Checks can be made
                                     out to SS Peter & Paul as we will write one check to the
                                     diocese based on all contributions. We ask that monies
                                     be submitted by July 23. Thank you for your continued
   Your Stewardship Sharing—July 3/4                                               Welcome
       Adult Envelopes           $     4,819.00                             Baptism is the first of seven sacraments
       Loose Offertory           $       192.70                             by which we become a member of the
                                                                            church and a new creation in Christ. Isla
       Student Offertory         $         8.50                             Grace Schneider, daughter of Adam and
         Received to Date: $4,819.00                                        Nichole (Prior) Schneider, was baptized
             Needed weekly: $5,754.37                                       on Saturday, July 3. Welcome to the
            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             family of God, Isla. May you always walk with Jesus.
      Calendar of Events~~July 12—18                                      Phone Number Change
Monday—Friday: Liturgy of the Word                         Is a cell phone now your primary household phone?
              w/Communion—6:25 am/Chapel                   We’d appreciate you updating your records in the rectory
Tues         SVDP Meeting 6:15 pm/SVDP Store               office. Change of address? Please help us keep our
                                                           records up to date by notifying us of any changes in
Wed Mass 8:30 am/Chapel                                    your household. 894-3553
      Theology Uncorked 6:30--8 pm/Rectory
Thurs Mass 8:30 am/Chapel                                                        Thank You!
      Mass @ Willowdale 10:00 am                           A big thank you to Shirley Riha for a a special gift she
      $crip Available 2-4 pm/Rectory                       recently donated to SS. Peter & Paul. We hope to use
                                                           the gift in the near future to assist those who are hear-
Fri   Liturgy of the Word w/Communion
                                                           ing impaired within our community.
             8:30 am/Chapel
      Mass @ Homestead 1:30 pm                                            Anniversary & Passing
Sat   Reconciliation 4:45 pm                               Congratulations to Sr. Rosita Bunge, a native of Kiel
      Mass at 5:30 pm                                      and SS. Peter & Paul! Sr. Rosita recently celebrated
Sun Mass at 9:00 am                                        her 50th anniversary as a sister of the Franciscan Sisters
Sat/Sun $crip Volunteer Voland Hall after Mass             of Christian Charity in Manitowoc.
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                Also, Sr. Sean Marie Tobin, principal at SS. Peter &
                    Rest in Peace                          Paul School from 1978-83, recently passed away.
We pray for Catherine Hauch whose funeral Mass was         Please remember both sisters in your prayers.
celebrated here this week. May God grant her eternal                             Open House
rest. Please remember her family and all families who
have recently lost a loved one in your prayers. May God    The Kiel Historical Society will have an open house on
bring them peace and comfort.                              July 17th at the Charles Hein property, also known as
                                                           the Kiel Historical House. It is located at the southeast
                    Special Thank You                      corner of Fremont and Third Streets, City of Kiel.
We would like to thank Father Loren, Joe Zenk and Deacon The event will feature quilts and dolls from the collections
Pat Knier for all the visits and prayers for Willard. We’d of Faye Konen and Michelle May. Our event begins at
also like to thank the women who helped with the lunch.    1:00pm. and ends at 3:00pm. This is a free event but
May the Lord bless you all.                                donations are most appreciated.
                          Isabell Kienbaum and Family                     Reporting Sexual Abuse
                 Theology Uncorked                                               If you know of an incident of
All adults are invited to Theology Uncorked – a summer                           sexual abuse of a minor by a
adult faith sharing series taking place on consecutive                           priest, deacon, employee or
Wednesdays at Ss Peter & Paul in Kiel. The gatherings                            volunteer, please report it to Ms.
will take place from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. in the rectory living                      Ann Fox, Diocesan Assistance
room at Ss Peter & Paul with refreshments being provided.   Coordinator of the Diocese of Green Bay at
The topic for this Wednesday, July 14 is Vatican II: The    1-877-270-8174 or 920-272-8174.
Church in our Changing Times and is being presented by If you prefer to report an incident to someone not em-
Deacon Pat Knier. Come to one or come to all. Questions? ployed by the Diocese, please call Mr. Bob Johnson,
Call the parish office at 894-3553. Hope to see you there! executive director of American Foundation of
               Joe’s Upcoming Schedule                      Couseling Services in Green Bay and a facilitator who
Joe will be out of the office this coming week (July 12 –   can assist you in filing a report. Phone 920-437-8256.
18). He will be back in on Tuesday, July 20. Please         We also encourage you to report the incident to local
contact Deacon Pat at 894-3553 with any questions or        civil authorities.
concerns during that time.
                                                                    675min Phone-15%             $20
                                                                    Aeropostale-7%               $25
                      $CRIP SQUARE
                                                                    AmericanEagle-8%             $25
                                                                    Applebee-8%                  $25
You can help a child have a Catholic Elementary                     Arbys-10%                    $10
School education – and you can give that help                       BadgerCrk Eat/Golf-5%        $20
at no additional cost to yourself. How? Just get                    Barns & Noble-9%             $10
the “$crip Habit.” The IRS allows grandparents,                     Bath&BodyWork-13%            $10
                                                                    Bed,Bath,Beyond-7%           $25
relatives and friends to help school and Religious                  Best Buy-3%                  $25, 100
Education families with tuition costs through                       Boston//EldrBeer/Younkrs     $25,100
$crip purchases. To help a particular family, all                   bp gas-2%                    $50
you need do is write their name at the bottom of                    Cabela's-11%                 $25
                                                                    Chili's-11%                  $25
your form when buying $crip. Tuition credit                         Citgo-2%                     $50,100
available to families is 2.5% of the amount of                      Claires-9%                   $10
$crip purchases during the preceding school                         CoppsFood/PicnSav-4%         $25, 100
year. (Purchases made from September 2010                           CtryVisionsCoop-3%           $10,25
                                                                    Culvers-5%                   $10
through June 2011 will apply to the 2011-2012                       DairyQueen-15%               $5 Kiel
school year.)                                                       Exxon/Mobil-1.5%             $50
                                                                    Festival Foods-3%            $50
                                                                    FleetFarm-5%                 $10,25,100
                                                                    GanderMt-8%                  $25
   Date: August 14, 2010                                            Gap/Banana/OldNavy-9%        $25
                                                                    Gordmans-7%                  $25
   Registration: 7:30-8:30am                                        Henning's Cheese-10%         $20
   Race Times:                                                      Home Depot-4%                $25,100
                                                                    I-tunes Card-5%              $15
   9:00am: 2 & 5 mile run/walk                                      JCPenney-5%                  $25,100
                                                                    JoAnn Fabric-6%              $20
   10:30am: 1/2 Mile Youth Run                                      Koehrings in Kiel-10%        $25
   Location: Red Arrow Park,                                        Kohls-5%                     $10,25,100
                                                                    KwikTrip- 10%                $20,50,100
   Manitowoc, WI                                                    Lowes-4%                     $25,100
                                                                    MarcusTheatres-9%            $25
                                                                    Maurices-7%                  $20
        Contact: Liz Becker (920) 585-4380 or                       McDonalds-5%                 $5 book
          Stephany Becker (920) 517-8688                            Menards-3%                   $25,100
                                                                    Michael's-4%                 $25
For registration forms and more information visit our website at:   Millhome/ParkerJohn10%       $25
                     OfficeMax-5%                 $25
                                                                    Perkins-12%                  $10
 This run/walk is in memory of Carol Wester, a strong               Pier 1 Imports-9%            $25
supporter of Catholic education who dedicated her life              Piggly Wiggly-3%             $25, 100
to service through sharing her faith, nursing education,            Pizza Hut- 8%                $10
                                                                    RedLob/OlivGardn-9%          $25
and bringing smiles and hope to all she encountered.                RiverviewRest-10%            $10
  She was a person one could always rely on to lend a               Roecks Bakery-5%             $20
helping hand, share wisdom, and offer support. In her               SchwarzSupper-10%            $25
honor, the CRW Memorial Run/Walk was created with                   Sears/Kmart/LandsEnd-4%      $25,100
                                                                    Shopko-2%                    $25,50
   proceeds benefitting the Holy Family Cancer Care
                                                                    Six Flags Great America-8%   $30
 Center. The fund allows the nursing staff to provide               Starbucks-7%                 $10
  patients with the needed boost to continue fighting               Subway-8%,3%                 $5 bk,10,50
  their battle with cancer. Whether it be a weekend                 TexasRoadhouse-8%            $25
away, gas money to drive for the next set of tests, or              TJMaxx/Marshalls-7%          $25
simply a dinner and a movie, this fund is there to help             Vogel Chev-5%                account amt
                                                                    Waldenbk/Borders-9%          $10
 families create lasting memories, reminding them to
                                                                    Walgreens-7%                 $25, 100
              still have fun and enjoy life.                        Walmrt/SamsClub-2%           25, 100
                                                                    WeberGasStores-3%            $5,20,50
                                                                    Wendys-4%                    $10
         COME.             RUN.              WALK.                  Blank Certificate            any $ amount

                                                                    Name                          Total
            RONCALLI SUMMER SHOW                                                          SSTOP
Roncalli High School will be presenting a musical re-            Safe Streets Treatment Options Program
vue "One Hit Wonders" the show be presented Thurs-
                                                             Please come to learn about this new interfaith justice
day, July 22, Friday, July 23, and Saturday, July 24 at
                                                             organizing group in our county and how together
7:00 p.m. in the Zimmer Auditorium at Roncalli. The
                                                             we can reduce drunk driving, improve the lives of
summer show is suitable for the whole family including
free root beer float at intermission, games, and
                                                             our fellow citizens and increase public safety
prizes. All tickets are $5.00 at the box office, open July   through a treatment with accountability program
13 & 15 from 5-7 p.m. and July 19 thru 25 from 5-7 p.m.      currently operational in Winnebago and Outagamie
(686-8151) or at the door.                                   counties.

               Annual Parish Festival                        A forum will take place on Thursday, July 15 from
                                                             6:30 to 8 pm at First Presbyterian Church, 405 North
             St John the Baptist, Johnsburg                  8th Street, Manitowoc with Judge Scott Woldt, a
July 17: 4:15 Mass with food and beverage following.         Winnebago County Circuit Judge.
     Music (Copper Box) from 8:30 pm to Midnight
    July 18: 10:30 am Outdoor Mass (bring chairs)                        Young Adult Opportunities
    Chicken & Beef Tip Dinner from 11am to 2 pm.             Boating with the Bishop- Join Bishop Ricken and
      Music (Jerry Schneider Orchestra) 1—5 pm               other young adults from around the Diocese and
             BINGO from 12:30 to 4:30 pm                     beyond on the "Foxy Lady" on August 31st. This
    Inflatable Activity Play Centers free of charge.         sunset cruise which includes hors de oeuvres is only
                  Contests and raffles.                      $20! The cruise departs at 8 PM sharp and docks at
                     Blood Drive                             10 PM. Students of Silver Lake College, St. Norbert
                                                             College or the
The Red Cross Blood Drive will be at the New Holstein
                                                             Commissioned Ministry Program receive a reduced
Community Center, near Kiwanis Park, on Monday,
                                                             rate- $15. Religious and clergy are free.
July 12 from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. Blood donors are
urgently needed. Walk-ins are welcome! If you have           To register this event please contact Shelia Schaut
questions, call Rita at 898-5213 or Audrey at 898-5249.      at the Department of Education (920) 272 8270
                   Picnic & Fiesta
                                                                    Share Your Views on Volunteerism
            St. Thomas the Apostle, Newton
  July 24: Polka Mass at 4 pm outside under the Big          If you are 40 years of age or older, the Catholic Network
            Tent with the Bob Kuether Band.                  of Volunteer Service wants to hear from you. Participate
         Pig roast & music to follow until 8 pm.             in a brief on-line survey, and you can help volunteers like
 July 25: Mass at 7:00 am         Bilingual Mass at 9:30     yourself find more opportunities that match their interests.
   Auction—BINGO—Collector’s Vehicle & Tractor               Parishes across the country are participating. CNVS will
   Display—Games—Market Square—50/50 Raffle                  treat the parish with the most survey participants to coffee
                                                             and refreshments following an upcoming Mass.
    Mexican & American Food and Refreshments
                                                             Take the survey today at
Newtonburg Brass Band & Jerry Krueger Band 1-6 pm

                                                               SS. Peter & Paul LITURGY MINISTERS – July 17/18
    Area Parish Mass Times:                                                         5:30 PM              9:00 AM
                     Saturday:                                SERVERS          Alexis LeBoeuf
                                                                               Elizabeth Klauck
                                                                                                  Alex Jenson
                                                                                                  Abby Swanson
                  New Holstein                                USHERS           Larry Chaltry      Mary Adleman
             Holy Rosary—4:00 pm                                               Helen Brost        John Adleman
                       Kiel                                                    Mandy Brost        Jackie Thiry
                                                                               Melvin Faust*      Tom Kohlmann*
           Ss. Peter & Paul—5:30 pm                           GREETER-E        Franceen Bowe      Jim & Noah Draxler
                                                                       -C      Joe Zenk           Mary Jo Meyer
                                                                       -W                         Grybush Family
          St. Anna: St. Ann—8:00 am
                                                              EUCHARISTIC      Agnes Arndt        Leslie Schuette
           Ss. Peter & Paul—9:00 am                           MINISTERS        Les Klauck         Jeff Schuette
            Holy Rosary—10:30 am                                               Tess Klauck        Tracy Schwartz
                                                              LECTOR           Faye Billmann      Judy Staub

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