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					                                            INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY
                             SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION FORM
                     This form should be completed by all applicants to UTC's master's program in I/O psychology. In addition to the
                information and documents requested on this form, applicants must also submit (1) a UTC Graduate Division application,
                (2) transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate course work, and (3) official scores from the GRE General Test.

NAME ____________________________________________                                          Social Security Number: ____ - ____ - ____

           By what name do you prefer to be called: _____________________                             Birth Date (M/D/Y): ___ / ___ / 19___

     Please indicate which of the courses on your transcript(s) satisfies each of the following prerequisites. (Note: Lack of these prerequisite courses does
     not preclude consideration of your application. If you are accepted, you may need to take these courses before starting the graduate course work.)

     Introduction to Statistics _______________       I/O Psychology _________________          One additional psych. course _______________

     Please provide the following information as far as you know it when you complete this form. While this information must also be officially received
     and verified, it helps the evaluation process to have this information as soon as possible. If you do not yet have your GRE scores, please indicate
     when you took the exam, or when you plan to take it.

           Current Overall GPA*: _____                 GRE Scores: V _____ / Q _____ / A _____ [Took/Plan to take ___ / ___ ]
           *: include all undergraduate coursework, not just your current institution

     The overall GPA from all undergraduate course work is typically used in the calculation of an applicant's formula score. If you think that another
     GPA value is a better reflection of your academic achievement, please indicate what that GPA and include a rationale as to why we should use it in
     your personal statement.

     GPA in psychology: _____ GPA in last two years:_____                      Other GPA ___________________ : _____

           Choose three persons familiar with your academic skills and qualifications and have them fill out the enclosed recommendation forms.
           Former or current professors are best. However, if they are not available, choose references who are familiar with you in a work context.
           Please instruct the people providing your recommendations to return the forms to you in a sealed envelope which they have signed the flap.
           You may find it easiest to give each reference a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that they can just drop it in the mail to you.

           Please attach a statement which (1) explains why you want to pursue graduate education in I/O psychology, (2) identifies your individual
           strengths and weaknesses as an applicant, and (3) provides the committee with any other information about yourself that will help us evaluate
           your application. This statement should not exceed two pages and should be typed.

     The following information has no bearing on your application. We need it only for planning or record keeping purposes.

     What is your home state (or country if an international applicant)? _____________________

     Do you intend to pursue the I/O degree full-time or part-time ? (please circle one)

     Give the following contact information, both current and permanent (if different):

     Current:         Postal Address _______________________________________________________________________________
                      Phone number(s) ______________________________________________________________________________
                      E-mail address _______________________________________________________________________________
     Permanent:       The following information will be effective on what date? ___________
                      Postal Address _______________________________________________________________________________
                      Phone number(s) ______________________________________________________________________________
                      E-mail address ________________________________________________________________________________

Return this form, together with your other application materials, to:          The Graduate Office
                                                                               The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
                                                                               615 McCallie Avenue
                                                                               Chattanooga, TN 37403                                           6/98

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