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									                                  TRANSFER APPROVAL FORM
 A Team Member who has an interest in an internal job opportunity must complete this form and submit it to his/her
 manager. Once the manager completes his/her section of the form, the Team Member must submit this completed
 form to the Recruiter listed on the internal job posting. Refer to the Transfers and Promotions Policy (HR117) for
 additional information.

 In addition to completing the Transfer Approval Form, Team Members must also complete an on-line profile in the
 Internal Career Center located within (Internet) or JASnet (Intranet).

 Team Member:____________________________________                     Date: ______________________________

 Current Job Title:__________________________________                 Ext./Phone #: _______________________

 Dept./Store #: _____________________________________                 Time in Current Position: ______________

 Manager: ________________________________________                    Hire Date: __________________________

 Name of Position Applying for: _____________________________                Requisition #:___________________

 Recruiter:_____________________________________________                    Ext./Phone #: ___________________

 Team Member’s Signature:_______________________________________________________

 For Current Manager to Complete:

 Has the Team Member received written performance counseling within the last 90 days?
 Yes     No   (if “Yes”, provide the date of the written performance counseling: _______________)

 Does the Team Member appear to meet the minimum transfer eligibility requirements (i.e., in current position
 for at least 12 months; no written performance counseling within 90 days prior to transfer request; and meet
 minimum qualifications for desired position (refer to Company Policy Manual HR117 for additional
 Yes       No     (If “Yes”, explain answer below)

 Manager’s Signature: ________________________________ Date: ___________________

 Ext./Phone #____________________

Date Received in HR:___________

       JAS-914-HR (07/07)

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