The 180 Group Helps Professionals Outline How to Improve Company Performance

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					 The 180 Group Helps Professionals Outline How to Improve Company Performance

A successful business aggressively ensures its management and staff become more productive and
profitable by turning to in-house training and the development of strategies. But does every training
program and planning development meet expected goals? According to an article that appeared in the
August 2005 issue of the “Harvard Business Review” an average business team achieves only 63% of
objectives laid out in strategic plans.*

Despite managements’ attention to improve employee performances certain strategies fail to yield
results. Other strategies focus on creating high performance teams. It’s obvious certain teams function
more effectively than others.

“Productive and happy employees are the key to increased profits. Having a hard working employee,
one who actively participates in the company, is the best way to improve customer satisfaction. And
happy customers lead to loyal customers who frequently return to the company to spend more money,”
says Mr. Reid Warrick of The 180 Group, a Limited Liable Company that has helped many top companies
improve company performance. Some of these companies are General Electric, Inc., Islands Restaurants,
and Westinghouse, Inc. Marine Division.

“While it is true that some companies can maximize their profits, and succeed in building high
performance teams, it’s also important that the employee is recognized as a core link in creating high
performance teams. High performance employees want clear objectives, greater autonomy, and greater

“Most consultants have plenty of stories about what works in business, but as one researcher recently
stated ‘anecdotal evidence is not data.’ We believe in fact not opinions. Our proven system, ‘The
Wildfire System,’ is based on extensive research, and employee performance evaluation strategies that
work in real-world environments,” he adds.

The 180Group has designed a strategy with clear goals which will maximize profits. It focuses on getting
improvements quickly and creates a system that continues to improve long after the initial consultation.
The program isn’t designed to just focus on employee performance, but is all about improving
leadership skills. Senior leadership has to be fully engaged in our system’s execution. It requires hard
work and paying close attention to the system’s specific goals, Values, Vision, and Incentives. Everyone
will become involved in building the company into a world-class organization.

For more information about The 180 Group leadership program visit,

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Description: Certain businesses maximize profits while others remain in secondary positions. What are the deciding factors?