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Author : Lousie Smith

There are few bookworms out there (or reading this!) who are not aware of the magic of
booklights. It is one of those magical objects which satisfy one’s urge to read, whenever
and wherever desired, with neither being perturbed by the shortage of light, nor
disturbing the person next to you. The device itself has been invented for surreptitious
reading. If you have something to hide, all you have to do is sneak off to a dark corner
with your tiny, battery-powered light.
One has to keep in mind several factors when using booklights. To know the better of
these benign gadgets one must first evaluate several aspects first,
     The on/off switch should be convenient, the batteries should be easily replaceable,
       and it should essentially be easy to operate. If it looks cool or right out of the
       Hollywood then it’s an added advantage. The ‘over-ear’ booklight makes you feel
       like a spy!
     If it does not slip easily into your bag, or appears like it would come apart if
       jostled, then you should probably look for another model.
     Most important is the light quality. Some of these are too bright or irregular or
       harsh on the eyes. Attention should be taken that the light should be gentle (not
       too dim), even and able to illuminate an entire page.
     Lastly, there should be no stray light which may awaken the other person leading
       to discomfort (or grumbling). The light must be on the book and not overflowing

Coupled with the light we have the case of magnifiers—a blessing for the longsighted
folks. Every magnifier is unique to its purpose. They differ based on their magnifying
power, type of lens, and purpose of design. Optical magnifiers may be hand-held,
standing, spectacles and telescopes. The interesting part here is the ‘lighted magnifier’. A
lighted magnifier is a necessary tool for those involved in minute and precise assembly or
design. It is also a marvelous aid for persons who have difficulty with their vision. These
magnifiers significantly reduce eye strain and fatigue enlarging the finer details of an
object for the user. Proper illumination is very important as magnification in acquiring a
good viewing situation. A magnifier would be useless in low light, so increasing
illumination results in better vision. The best example of the lighted magnifier, the ‘arc
lamp’, can be made small and thus you have a booklight which both illuminates and

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