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					Sending a school letter

Integris provides you with a letter writing facility. This allows you to create and save
any letters you may want to send from the school.

The facility makes use of Microsoft Word. The default location for the Integris letter
templates is C:\keys\integris\mmtpl\ letters\.

Integris is supplied with a school letter template called school.kst.
You can use this as a basis for creating your own letters. It is not supplied for you to
use as it stands.

The template contains a list of fields that you might want to use when compiling a
letter containing school information. You can recognize the fields as they are
surrounded by angle brackets <>. For example, <SchoolName> represents the name
of the school.

If you open the file in Word, you can copy the information you want into a new
document which then acts as your letter. You should then save the new document in
the default location for letter templates.

Once you have saved the document, you will be able to use it at a later date when
activating the mail merge feature in Integris.

You can access the letter writing facility when viewing either school, student or staff

Before attempting to use the mail merge feature in Integris, make sure you
have specified the path for Microsoft Word in the system preferences.

Create letter
To create a letter:

1. In Microsoft Word, open the schools
letter template, school.kst.
Remember this is held in the
C:\keys\integris\mmtpl\letters folder.
The contents are shown on screen.

2. Open a new document.

3. Create the letter you require using
Word‟s copy and paste facilities to
position the fields where you want the
true values to appear.
For example, to include the school
name and address at the top of the letter, position the fields <SchoolName> and
<SchoolAddress> at the top of the page (make sure you only select the text ad not
the whole cell in the table).

4. When the document is complete, save it into the default location for templates

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Remember to use the file extension .kst instead of the usual .doc, e.g. “visit01.kst”.
Make sure the name and the extension you enter are surrounded by double
quotation marks (“ ”). This is important so that Integris recognises the document as a
letter template.

The letter will then be available when using the mail merge facility in Integris.

5. Close both your new document and schools~1.kst.

If you wish to amend the contents of a letter at a later date, simply open the relevant .kst file in Word
and change as necessary.

Use mail merge
Once you have created the letter you want to send out using Microsoft Word, you can
use it with the Integris mail merge facility.

1. When viewing the school details, click on the Send Letter button.
The system displays the Letter Templates screen.

2. Click on the letter you want to use.

3. Click on the Open button.

The system opens MS Word 
the appropriate letter.
The fields in the letter are updated to
contain the current values of the school.
The letter is called New Letter.doc.

4. Amend the letter if necessary to add
further details.

5. Save and print the letter.

It is a good idea to save your mail merge letters in Word with unique names to avoid overwriting them.
Remember to use the Save As command instead of Save, otherwise you will keep saving your letters as
New Letter.doc every time.

Sending an e-mail

You can also use Integris to send an e-mail to anyone for whom you hold an email
address in the school directory.
To send an e-mail to someone in the directory:

1. Click on the Send an e-mail button.
The system displays the email screen.

2. Address the email.
     Enter the relevant address into the To field
     Click on the To button.

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The system collates all the email addresses held in the directory and displays them in
a list. Select the relevant e-mail address(es). When you have selected the
addresses, click on the Back button. The To field will now contain the e-mail
addresses of the recipients you selected.

3. Check the address in the From field and modify if necessary.

This contains the e-mail address you specified in the Return Address field on the e-
mail tab when setting up preferences. See „Setting Preferences‟ for details.

4. Enter a subject for the out-going mail.

5. Enter the text of the message.

6. Attach any files you want to send with the message.
See „Attach Files‟ for details.

7. Click on the Send button to send the message.

If you wish to send a message to more than one person at the same time:
1. Click on the first person‟s address
2. Press and hold the <Ctrl> key
3. Click on further addresses from the list.

You must establish a connection with your internet service provider (ISP) before you send the
message. If you do not do this, the system displays an error message and you lose your e-mail.

Attach files
To attach one or more files to a email message:
1. Click on the Attached Files tab.
The system brings the tab to the front.
2. Click on the Add button.
The system displays the File Attachments screen.
3. Navigate your PC and double-click on the file that you wish to send with the

The system displays the filename in the attached files list.

If you wish to send more than one file with your message, you
need to repeat this step for each file you want to send.

If you change your mind about sending a specific file with your message, you need to remove it from the
list of attached files.
To delete a file attachment from an out-going message:

1. Click on the file description from the attached files list.

2. Click on the Delete button

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