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					    APPLICATION PROCESS                                                 Later On                                     Face-to-Face Help
                                                      •   If you qualify for FEMA’s Individuals and       •   You can receive face-to-face help in filling
                                                          Households Program, you will receive a              out the SBA loan application at any
          Here’s How You Start                            federal government check or the funds will          Disaster Recovery Center or SBA Loan
•   Call the special toll-free application number         be directly deposited into your designated          Assistance Center. For the nearest location,
    1-800-621-FEMA (3362), TTY 1-800-462-                 bank account. A separate letter also will be        call the toll-free SBA Helpline at 1-
    7585, or register online at             sent to you explaining how you may use              800-659-2955.
                                                          the funds. You may get checks from other
        Here’s What Will Happen                           programs later.                                     SBA low-interest disaster loans are
                                                                                                              available to renters, homeowners, business
•   You will be asked for general information
    about your income, insurance, housing needs
                                                               Use of Disaster Grants                         owners and non-profit organizations that
                                                                                                              suffered losses due to the disaster.
    and the damage to your residence. (Use your
                                                      •   The grant funds may be used for rental
    legal name when applying. Do not use a
                                                          assistance if your home or apartment is
    nickname or abbreviation.)
                                                          uninhabitable because of the disaster.                         Loan Limits
                                                          Homeowners may use FEMA housing
•   You will be given an application number
                                                          repair grants for essential repairs to make     •   Homeowners may be eligible to borrow up
    which will help locate your file in the system.
                                                          your residence safe and sanitary. These             to $200,000 for real estate repairs.
    Write this number down so you will have it
                                                          grants are for repairs necessary to make
    secure and handy in the future.
                                                          primary rooms functional.                       •   Renters and homeowners can borrow up to
                                                                                                              $40,000 for replacement of disaster-
             A Few Days Later                             THE SBA PROCESS & FEMA                              damaged personal property.
•   A FEMA inspector will call you to arrange a       •   The U.S. Small Business Administration
    visit to your damaged home or apartment.              (SBA) may send you a loan application           •   Businesses may apply for up to $1.5
                                                          after you call to apply. It is very                 million for losses not fully covered by
                                                          important to complete the forms and
•   The FEMA inspector will come and look at                                                                  insurance.
                                                          return them to the SBA.
    disaster-related damages for FEMA’s
    Individuals and Households Program.                                                                   •   SBA loans are made for the repair or
                                                      •   FEMA’s temporary housing assistance and
                                                                                                              replacement of real estate or personal
                                                          grants for public transportation expenses,
• You will be asked to sign a document saying             medical and dental expenses, and funeral
                                                                                                              property. You may borrow up to 20
    that you were lawfully present in the United                                                              percent more to spend on things that will
                                                          and burial expenses do not require
    States at the time of the disaster. Proof of                                                              help keep your damage from occurring
                                                          individuals to apply for an SBA loan.
    ownership or occupancy also is required.                                                                  again.
                                                          However, applicants who receive SBA loan
                                                          applications must submit them to SBA loan
                                                          officers to be eligible for assistance that
                                                          covers real estate, business losses, personal
                                                          property, vehicle repair or replacement, and
                         1                                moving and storage expenses.
    WHAT TYPES OF ASSISTANCE                          FEMA disaster assistance covers basic
         ARE PROVIDED?                                needs only and will not normally
                                                      compensate you for your entire loss. If you
           Temporary Housing                          have insurance, FEMA may help pay for
                                                      basic needs not covered under your
Money for individuals to rent a different place to    insurance policy. You should contact your
live or a temporary housing unit, when rental         insurance agent first, then call FEMA to
properties are not available.                         apply. Some disaster aid does not have to
                                                      be paid back, while other forms of help may
                    Repair                            come in the form of loans. The FEMA
                                                      representative will explain the details when
Money for homeowners to repair damage from            you call.
the disaster that is not covered by insurance. The
goal is to make the damaged home safe and
sanitary.                                             Information to Remember
                Replacement                                  FEMA Disaster
Limited funds may be available under rare                   Application and
conditions to replace a disaster-damaged home.
                                                          Information Services
         Other Needs Assistance                                                                           Disaster Assistance
Money for necessary and serious needs caused          800-621-FEMA (3362)                                 Made Easy
by the disaster. This includes medical, dental,
funeral, personal property, transportation and
                                                            TTY 800-462-7585
other expenses that FEMA approves. The
homeowner may need to apply for an SBA low-                Or register online at
interest disaster loan before receiving assistance.
           FEMA Information
After you have applied for assistance, the FEMA       Disaster recovery assistance is available
Disaster Application and Information Services         without regard to race, color, sex, religion,
line is a very useful resource. You may ask           national origin, age, disability, economic status
about assistance programs, the status of your         or retaliation. If you or someone you know has
application or how money from various                 been discriminated against, call FEMA toll-free
assistance programs may be used. FEMA                 at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or contact your
assistance does not make you whole again, but         State Office of Equal Rights. If suspicious of
can give you a helping hand on the road to            any abuse of FEMA programs, please contact
recovery.                                             the fraud hotline at 1-800-323-8603.

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