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									      The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate
          Achievement (McNair) Program

Authorized by Congress in 1987 to commemorate the
tragic death of the astronaut, Ronald E. McNair, who
lost his life in the challenger shuttle tragedy in 1985.
Specifically designed to award grants to institutions
of higher education to provide disadvantaged college
students with effective preparation for doctoral
study, the first competition for McNair program
funds was held in 1989; at that time, the first 20
projects were funded. Over the past 20 years, the
McNair program has grown to 200 projects serving
approximately 4,200 students nationwide.
        The Federal TRIO Programs

Educational opportunity outreach and support
programs designed to motivate and encourage
students from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO
consists of nine outreach and support programs
targeted to serve and assist low-income, first
generation college students and disabled students
through the academic pipeline from middle school
through postbaccalaureate programs of study.
    Highlights of TRIO Legislation
    Title IV Higher Education Act
          Section 402 – General Provisions

•   Combination of Eligible Entities
•   5 year Grants
•   Minimum Grant Levels
•   Rank-Order Funding
•   3 Field Readers Per Application
  Highlights of TRIO Legislation
  Title IV Higher Education Act
        Section 402 – General Provisions

• Multiple Applications – Different Population
  or Campuses
• Coordination With Other Programs for
  Disadvantaged Students
• 10 Technical Assistance Workshops
• Low-Income Documentation
  Performance Indicators for the
        McNair Program

McNair participants will:
• Complete undergraduate programs at rates
  higher than comparable non-participants;
• Enroll in programs of study at the graduate level
  at higher rates than comparable non-participants;
• Earn doctorate degrees in various disciplines,
  including the fields of mathematics and science,
  at rates higher than comparable non-participants
    Program Purpose (§647.1)

Emphasis On:

• Preparation for Doctoral Level Studies

• Research Opportunities/Scholarly

• Entrance Into Postbaccalaureate Studies
   Applicant Eligibility (§647.2)

• Institutions of Higher Education

• Combinations of Institutions of Higher
   Participant Eligibility (§647.3)

1. Citizenship status
2. Enrolled in a degree program at an IHE
3. At least 2/3 of the Students must be both
   low-income AND first generation college
   students; the remaining 1/3 may be from a
   group that is underrepresented in graduate
4. Not enrolled in doctoral level study at an IHE
            Current Funding

                  Fiscal Year 2009

•   Funding Allocation for McNair: $47,593,967
•   Number of Awards: 200
•   Number of Participants: 5,439
•   Average Number of Participants: 27
•   Average Cost per Participant : $8,750
      Services Provided (§647.4)

•  research opportunities /scholarly activities
•  summer internships
•  tutoring
•  academic counseling; and
•  activities to assist participants with securing admission to and
   financial assistance for enrollment in a graduate program

•  educational or counseling services to improve the financial
   literacy and economic literacy of students
•  mentoring programs
•  exposure to cultural events and programs
      McNair Definitions (§647.7)

•   First-generation college student
•   Graduate center
•   Graduate education
•   HEA
•   Group underrepresented
•   Institution of higher education
•   Low-income individual
•   Summer internship
•   Target Population
       Assurances (§647.10)

• All participants must be enrolled in a
  degree program
• Participants in research will have
  completed his of her sophomore year of
• Not less than 2/3 of participants must be
  both low-income AND first-generation
  college students (Foreign degrees count!)
• 1/3 from underrepresented groups
 How a Grant is Made (§647.20)

• Selection Criteria (100 Points)

• Prior Experience (15 Points)

• Rank Order Selection
     Selection Criteria (§647.21)

1.   Need………………………………..       16 Points
2.   Objectives…………………………..    9 Points
3.   Plan of Operation………………….
                              44 Points
4.   Quality of Personnel………………
5. Adequacy of Resources and
                               9 Points
   Budget…………………………………        15 Points
6. Evaluation Plan……………………     7 Points
   Total                     100 Points
    Allowable Costs (§647.30)

1. Activities of an academic or scholarly
2. $2,800 stipends for eligible students
   engaged in research
3. Tuition, room and board, transportation
   for summer research
4. Computer hardware, software, and other
   equipment (if justified)
   Unallowable Costs (§647.31)

1. Payment of tuition,stipends,test
   preparation and fees, or any financial
   support to staff or students

2. Construction, renovation, or remodeling
   Other Requirements (647.32)

• Determine and Document Student Eligibility
• Recordkeeping
  *student eligibility
  *needs assessment
  *educational progress (during and after)
• Reporting Requirements
  *Annual Performance Report (APR)
• Project Director’s Authority
 *Must be sufficient to effectively administer all aspects of project
 *Appropriate professional qualifications, experience and
  administrative skills
         McNair Profile Sheet

         Part III A -- McNair Profile Sheet

   All applicants must complete this form

   Provides basic applicant information

   Includes McNair standardized objectives

   Profile Sheet may not be altered or revised

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