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									                           RSA GOVERNMENT RETAIL SAVINGS BONDS
                                      BENEFICIARY NOMINATION APPLICATION FORM
Investor Full Name(s) and Surname:
Investor Number:
Investor ID Number:
Today’s Date:
Beneficiary Details [natural persons only]
Full Names and Surname                                                               Republic of South Africa Identity Number
Paragraph 13 & 14 of the Manual:


13. In the event of the death of a Registered Holder prior to the Maturity Date, the Maturity Date shall fall on the date on which the National Treasury receives all
   requisite documentation as set out in this clause 13. In the circumstances, the Capital Balance shall:

     in the event of a beneficiary having been nominated, be repaid in full to the nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries, after receipt of certified copies of the
      beneficiary or beneficiaries identity document(s) and personal bank statement(s); or

     in the event of a beneficiary not having been nominated, be redeemed in full at the request of the Executor and paid into an account determined by the Executor.
     However, a letter of Executorship issued by the Master of the High Court of the Republic is required before the National Treasury can register the RSA Retail
     Savings Bond(s) in the name of the deceased estate.

14. A Registered Holder is entitled to nominate any person or persons as a beneficiary or beneficiaries to his / her Portfolio in the event of his / her death. Such
   nominations must be made in writing only and must reflect the original signature of the nominator together with the beneficiary’s identity number. The National
   Treasury will not accept nominations made electronically.

     Investors are only entitled to nominate a person as a beneficiary if that person is a South African citizen or permanent resident of the Republic with a valid South
     African identity number.

  Investor’s Full Name(s) and Surname                                   Investor’s Signature                                                                          Date

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