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									WCHS Scholarship List February                                          1                                  29199f4e-131d-4b46-b08b-3d3f4c914efc.xls

                                                                                          Where to
                                                                                Potential   get
   Name of Scholarship            Deadline         Eligibility & Criteria        Award application                    Website or email

                                            Seniors with a minimum 2.0 gpa.               Complete
                                            Participate in local cook-off                 application
                                            competition to move up in the                 online from
The Art Institutes Best Teen                competition. See website for       $5,000 per Dec. 1, 2011 -
Chef Competition                   2/5/2011 complete details and requirements. year       Feb. 10, 2011 choolCompetitions.aspx

                                           Seniors maintaining a GPA of 2/75               application
                                           or higher who are pursuing a                    online from
                                 12/1/2010 Bachelor's degree an denrolling at a            Dec. 1, 2011
2010 KFC Colonel's Scholars      to        college or university to start no    $5,000 per to Feb. 10,
program                          2/10/2011 later than 9/30/2011.                year       2011.  

                                            Seniors - AZ residents planning to
                                            attend U of A in the Fall and
                                            demonstrate financial need as
                                            determined by the FAFSA. Must
                                            have demonstrated knowledge and
University of Arizona Hispanic   02/12th/20 understanding of the Hispanic      $500 -
Alumni Scholarship               11         community.                         4,500        Apply Online
WCHS Scholarship List February                                           2                                 29199f4e-131d-4b46-b08b-3d3f4c914efc.xls

                                             Seniors - original literary
                                             composition must be submitted in
                                             personal essay/memoir format;
                                             compostions are judged by their
                                             technical merit. Compositions are
                                             judged by their technical merit.
                                             "We are looking for writing with a
                                             strong, clear voice by authors who             Applications
                                             are original, creative, and draw               available
                                             clear connections back to Dr.                  online and in
                                             Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go!.             the
Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You'll              Compositions should answer the                 Counseling
Go! Scholarship                    2/15/2011 question fully."                        $5,000 Office        c
                                             Seniors with a 3.5 GPA or better
                                             who plan to enroll and have been
                                             accepted at one of the National
National Commission for                      Commission Partner Institutions      Various
Cooperative Education              2/15/2011 (see website for details.)           amounts   Apply Online
                                             Seniors who have completed 50 or
                                             more hours of community service
                                             work between 6/1/10 to 2/23/2011 -
                                             be a member of Desert Schools
                                             Federal Credit Union for at least 6
                                             months (includes                               Email emma
                                             relatives/immediate family                     Garcia at
Desert Schools Federal Credit                members with accounts) and                     email address
Union Scholarships community                 maintian a 3.0 GPA during Senior    $1,000 -   in next
Service Awards                     2/26/2011 year.                               10,000     column

                                            Minority Senior students who plan
                                            to attend a University and can
                                  10/15/201 demonstrate financial need. SAT or
                                  1 to      ACT scores are required as well as up to
Jackie Robinson Foundation        3/15/2011 an essay.                          $7,500       Apply Online
WCHS Scholarship List February                                              3                                  29199f4e-131d-4b46-b08b-3d3f4c914efc.xls

                                              Seniors with minimum 3.0 GPA who
                                              can demonstrate community and
                                              extracurricular involvement. Essay
Arizona Congress of Parents and               regarding goals and financial need $500 per      Mail in
Teachers, Inc                       2/15/2011 required.                          semester      Application

                                              Seniors with a minimum of 3.0 gpa, $500 each Download
Arizona PTA Scholarship             2/15/2011 based on financial need.           semester application 
                                                Seniors - U.S resident who will
                                                attend a post-secondary institution;
                                                2.5 gpa or higher; work part-time
                                                an average of 10 hours per week or
                                                40 weeks per year; actively
                                                involved in community service
                                                activities; and demonstrate                    Download
Burger King Scholars Program       pending      financial need.                         $1,000 application

                                               If you are planning on attending
                                               Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY
                                               and will major in Computer Science
                                               or Information Technology          Full tuition,
                                               Systems, then you should apply for room and
Marist College NSF Scholarships      2/15/2011 this scholarship.                  board         Apply Online

                                               Specifically fo African American
                                               Seniors who will attend the
                                               Univesrity of Arizona. Requirements
                                               include: Be an Arizona resident,                Obtain
                                               possess a min. 3.0 pga,                         application
                                               demonstrated level of commitment                from the
The University of Arizona Alumni               to the African American community               Counseling
Association Black Alumni 2011-                 and performed community service Various         Office or in
2012 Scholarship                     2/22/2011 within that community.              amounts     the packet       ps/#freshman
WCHS Scholarship List February                                         4                                 29199f4e-131d-4b46-b08b-3d3f4c914efc.xls

                                           Seniors- first generation to attend
                                           college (neither parent holds a four
                                           year degree), min. 3.0 gpa, min.
                                           combined SAT of 1040 or ACT of
                                           22; demonstrated financial need by
                                           FAFSA; demonstrated leadership
                                           and community service; accepted
                                           by one of Arizona's 3 state
                                           universities. Application and
                                           letters or recommendation are
                                           done completely online this          $9,000 per
                                           year. You will need to know          year-
Dorrance Scholarship             2/25/2011 your teacher or counselor's          renewable Apply Online

                                           Seniors who will attend an Arizona
                                           university or communicty college as
Arizona CPA Foundation for                 a full time student in the fall of
Education and Innovation                   2011 and designates their major in             Download
Accounting Scholarship            2/5/2011 Accounting.                               $500 application     tivities/fei_scholarships.aspx

                                           9th-12th grade Students who have
                                           solid grades and are involved in
Best Buy @ 15 Scholarship                  volunteer community service or                       
Program                          2/15/2011 work experience.                         $1,000 Apply Online
                                           Seniors with a 3.5 gpa or better
                                           who plan to enroll and have ben
                                           accepted at one of the National
National Commission for                    Commitssion Partner Institutions
Cooperative Education            2/15/2011 (see website for more info)                      Apply
                                                                                 Various Amounts Online
                                           Seniors: Must be of Chicano/Latino
                                           descent; Must be an                           Obtain
                                           UNDOCUMENTED STUDENT; Must                    application in
                                           demonstrate financial need; Must              the
                                           demonstrate academic potential                Counseling
Que Llueva Café Scholarship      2/26/2011 and promise.                       $500-$1,000Office
WCHS Scholarship List February                                          5                             29199f4e-131d-4b46-b08b-3d3f4c914efc.xls

                                           Girls ages 12-18, who are
                                           interested in entrepreneurship or
                                           starting their own business. Write
                                           your own 250 -word personal
                                           statement, 750-word letter of
                                           recommendation (max of 5                        Obtain
                                           recommendations.) How you                       application in
Guardian -Girls Going Places               started your own business or                    the
11th Annual Entrepreneurship               service and are financially                     Counseling
Awards Program                   2/28/2011 independent!                                    Office

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