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          Centre College • March 11-17, 2003 •

NEED HELP GETTING STARTED                        Convocations
                                                 March 11-12, 8 p.m., Newlin Hall, The Music
Communications Office can offer
help to those of you who want to                 Man.
create Web pages that are linked                 There's trouble in River City; and it's coming to the
to Centre’s Web site and represent               Norton Center as Harold Hill, everybody's favorite
official parts of the College. We                con artist-turned-conductor, rolls into town. A
can provide templates with a navi-               Broadway classic here at Centre.
gation bar and design elements
that are visually consistent with                March 13, at 7:30 p.m., Weisiger Theatre. Press
the homepage and other sections                  Distinguished Lecture/Book Signing.
of the College site. We can also
                                                                    Arianna Huffington, noted columnist, author, and political
provide “how-to” information and
assist in getting your page linked                                  commentator. Huffington will talk about her new book
and in your being able to access                                    Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political
and update your information as                                      Corruption are Undermining America. Named one of
needed. We can also provide tem-                                    Washington's most influential commentators by both
plates and basic instruction for                                    Newsweek and People, Huffington writes a syndicated col-
those desiring to create personal                                   umn that appears in many newspapers including the Los
pages that are linked to the Centre                                 Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Boston Herald, and
site. For more information call Tom              Dallas Morning News. Voted the “Funniest Celebrity in Washington,”
at 5715 or visit: http://www.
                                                 Huffington exposes the corruption of our political system and the bankrupt-
guidelines.htm.                                  cy of political leadership in a fearless and entertaining way. Her book is
                                                 available in the Centre Shoppes bookstore.
—Tom Sturgeon
                                                 March 15, 8 p.m., Newlin Hall. Aeros.
                                                 Five renowned choreographers join with gold medal-
Notices                                          ists from the Romanian Gymnastics Federation to
SUMMER JOBS AT CENTRE:                           create a unique, gravity-defying fusion of arts and
Applications for summer employ-                  athleticism. This will be one of the most remarkable
ment on campus may be obtained                   Norton Center performances in decades.
from the Human Resources
Department in Boles Hall, M– F,                  March 18, 8 p.m., Newlin Hall. James Galway: Flute.
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The office is              Known for his unique sound, superb musicianship, and dazzling virtuosity,
closed for lunch from 12 to 1 p.m.               James Galway is a matchless interpreter of both classical and popular
There are a limited number of posi-              music. He is the consummate entertainer whose charismatic appeal cross-
tions available. Please submit your
                                                 es all musical boundaries.
application before March 14.
—Kay L. Drake
                                                 NOTICE OF CANCELLATION: The convocation of April 22, Experiencing
STUDENT WORKERS NEEDED                           Christ: CCF Biographies, has been cancelled.
FOR SPRING BREAK: The Grace                      —Tom McKune and Kathy Nelson
Doherty Library will need 4 stu-
dents to work (M-F, 35 hrs.) over

Calendar                                                    Online campus calendar tips:
For a complete listing of events scheduled please           The online calendar is searchable by month, day or week; click the
visit the online campus calendar at the following link:     week, day or month to see what is happening. You can also search                 for convo listings by typing convo in the search box.
Spring Break. The work will include         Ganfield 244, phone: 6765. Carin       room draw in the Warehouse at
heavy lifting while we shift some           Brumback to Cooper 252, phone:         6:30 p.m.
books for the renovation project.           6722. Kana Hayasi to Cooper 352,       April 28: Special draw in the
If you are interested, please come          phone: 6728. Matt Durham to            Warehouse at 6 p.m.
by the Library and talk to Bob              Caldwell 104, phone: 6411. Ella        April 29: Number draw in the
Glass or Diane Pasick.                      Slone to Acheson 303, phone:           Warehouse from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
—Cynthia Woolcott                           6361.                                  Meeting for those who need a
                                            —Anita Bertram                         roommate at 4 p.m. in the SLO.
STUDENT TECHNOLOGY ASSIS-                                                          May 5: Room selection in the
TANT: Like computers? Like                  SPRING BREAK RESIDENCE                 Warehouse from 6 to 10 p.m.
Money? Want to be an STA for                HALL REMINDER: Residence
2003-2004? For more information             Halls and houses close at 6 p.m.       Students in the abroad programs
and an application, go here:                March 21 and remain closed until       for next year will be receiving sep-             noon, March 30 during spring           arate information.
Deadline is April 1.                        break. There will be no food serv-     —Ann Young
—Seth Thompson                              ice during this week. Please make
                                            your travel arrangements accord-       C.A.R.E. Applications for C.A.R.E.
INTERESTED IN FESTIVAL                      ingly.                                 officer positions will be available in
PAGEANTS? Centre would like to              —Ann Young                             the Student Life Office beginning
send one of its many female stu-                                                   March 13. If you are interested in
dents who has shown excellent               ROOM SELECTION: Information            serving as the chair for any type of
leadership, poise and character to          regarding room selection for next      service activity, please pick an
participate in the Kentucky                 year will be coming out soon.          application up and see what is
Mountain Laurel Festival Pageant,           Important dates:                       available. Feel free to contact
May 22-25. If you are interested,           April 1: Off-campus applications       Hannah Hoy with any questions.
pick up an application or call us for       available in the Student Life Office   —Heather Hayden
more information. Applications are          (SLO).
due March 12.                               April 14-18: Sign-up for single,       VANTAGE POINT: Accepting stu-
—Student Life Office                        special, apartments, and Hillsides     dent submissions. Send poetry
                                            in the SLO.                            and prose pieces as attachments
MUG BOOK UPDATE: Alex                       April 14: Off-campus applications      to by
Marsden to Nevin 219, phone:                and special medical requests are       March 20.
5805. Buddy Aubrey to Caldwell              due in writing to the SLO.             —Heather Hayden
314, phone: 6425. Bradlee Warren            April 21: Greek House rosters
to Caldwell 314, phone: 6425.               due.
Amanda Reinhardt to Breck 317,              April 24: Off-campus meeting in
phone: 5650. Ryan Fowler to                 the Warehouse at 4:30 p.m. Single

        notesworthy survey results
  I would like to thank those of you who participated in the Notesworthy
  Survey. There were 125 surveys returned. 86% of the surveys revealed
  that people were pleased with Notesworthy and responded with very posi-
                                                                                   VISITING AUTHOR’S BOOK
  tive comments. Notesworthy will continue to improve and all comments
                                                                                   AVAILABLE: Adrianna Huffington’s
  will be taken into consideration as there were some very good sugges-
                                                                                   bestselling and provocative book is
  tions. I encourage you to send your comments and suggestions to me at
                                                                                   available at the Centre Shoppes
  anytime (, as I am always looking for ways to
                                                                                   Bookstore. Pigs At The Trough is a
  improve Notesworthy. Thanks! Pizza coupons will be distributed in campus
                                                                                   compelling and scathing commen-
  mail later this week for the free pizza drawing winners.
                                                                                   tary on corporate America. Ms.
  —Mary Kay Jones                                                                  Huffington, one of Washington's
                                                          compli a                 most well-known and controversial
  Pizza Winners                                                   me
                                                           Little C nts of         commentators will deliver a lecture
                                                                   aesars          at Centre College March 13, in
  Lindsey Pritchard            Heather Hayden                   and
  Jessica Graff                Tony Stefater               Papa J                  Weisiger Theatre at 7:30 p.m. A
                                                                   ohns            booksigning will follow the lecture.
  Dominic Barbato              Sarah Smith
  Ellen Wisner                 Lisa Cloud                                          When purchased, the book will
  Ben Campbell                 Vail Brennan                                        have the Bookstore’s 30% best-
  Amy Dedman                   Heidi Lampela                                       seller discount. They can be pur-
  Abby Winterberg              Teather Sanders                                     chased at both the Bookstore or
  Travis Green                 Bryan Hess                                          after the lecture. Hurry, quantities
  Stacy Anne Hoehle            Adam Johnson                                        are limited.
  Cara Roberts                 Laura Zanewicz                                      —Georgie Heizer
GREETING CARDS: The campus              UK COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY:                 of Crounse Academic Center and
bookstore has a special section of      UK's College of Dentistry will be        Sutcliffe Hall. This combined proj-
greeting cards that are only 59¢        hosting a DAT Workshop March             ect, which will be simultaneously
each. Now is a great time to stock      15, beginning at noon. This work-        undertaken, has been named The
up on cards to send to that special     shop will immediately follow a           College Centre in recognition of
someone...and maybe mom and             Saturday morning clinic for chil-        the central role these facilities play
dad, too.                               dren, sponsored by the American          in the lives of Centre students. A
—Brenda Myers                           Student Dental Association. You          three-dimensional scale model of
                                        are invited to participate in the free   The College Centre is displayed in
SENIORS: If you have not been           clinic starting at 9 a.m. and in the     the Doherty Library. Information
measured for your cap and gown,         DAT Workshop. There is a $20 reg-        sheets describing the construction
please stop by the bookstore this       istration fee to participate in the      project are available next to the
week.                                   workshop; this fee includes lunch.       model. The Groundbreaking
—Brenda Daniels                         The workshop will last from 12           Ceremony for The College Centre
                                        p.m. to 3 p.m. in MN363 of the           will be April 11.
                                        Chandler Medical Center. Reg-            —Jason Scott Embry
                                        istrations are due March 12.
Lost and Found                          Contact Dr. Muzyka if you want a         WEEKLY MEETINGS: Visit the
• Lost pig nose March 7 at              copy of the workshop registration        Centre Online Calendar for weekly
  Sutcliffe ballroom. If found, call    form or more details.                    meetings and events:
  Whitney at 8767.                      —Jennifer Muzyka               

• A gold elephant pin was found         THE TEMPEST: The traveling act-
  on the sidewalk in front of the       ing company, Shenandoah
  Greek Houses. Identify and            Shakespeare Express, will perform
  claim in the Student Life Office.     The Tempest March 17 at 8 p.m.
                                        in Weisiger Theatre. The company
• CVS Blue 35mm camera was              describes Shakespeare's final play
  lost between Old Quad and the         as "a moving fairy tale, an extend-
  Warehouse. If found, please call      ed magic show, and a farewell to         ENHANCE YOUR PUBLIC
  6950.                                 the stage that still defines our         SPEAKING SKILLS: Check out the
                                        humanity." Shenandoah will also          weekly on-campus meeting of and
• A silver box chain with a square      offer two workshops for                  get a free lunch. Toastmasters is
  shaped silver pendant, believed                    DramaCentre stu-            an international organization that
  to have been lost in the workout                   dents in Weisiger           has helped literally millions of peo-
  room. If found, please call Katie                  Theatre. The first, on      ple become more comfortable and
  at 5985.                                           Shakespeare, will be        effective in public speaking. The
                                                     on March 18 at 11:20        meeting is every Wednesday, noon
                                                     a.m., and the second,       to 1 p.m. in the Warehouse (3rd
                                        on stage combat, will be on March        floor). Meetings are informal, fun,
                                        18 at 4:10 p.m. Anyone is wel-           and there is no pressure in any
Meetings and                            come to attend the workshops as          way to take part. Just come and
Gatherings                              an observer.
                                        —Kathy Nelsen
                                                                                 enjoy lunch. Call Mike at 5718 with
              CENTREPEACE:                                                       —Mike Norris
              You've undoubtedly        OPEN FACULTY MEETING: An
              heard the political       accreditation team examining
              arguments and seen        Centre’s Education Program will be       Volunteer News
              the protests, but other
important issues concerning the
                                        on campus March 16-19. As part
                                        of the accreditation process, an
                                                                                 and Opportunities
potential war against Iraq have         open meeting must be held where          RAPE CRISIS FUNDRAISER: The
been largely ignored. CentrePeace       any member of the faculty can            Rape Crisis Center is planning the
will host a forum highlighting these    make comments about the                  annual Derby Tea fundraiser for the
issues March 12, 6:30 p.m. in           Education Program to team mem-           YWCA Spouse Abuse Center, and
Young 101. Panel members: Dr.           bers. The opening meeting will be        volunteers are needed to help
Alysia Fischer will be speaking         held during the common hour,             with kitchen management and
about postwar repercussions for         beginning at 11:20, March 18 in          food service. The Derby Tea is
Iraqi citizens, Dr. Brian Cooney will   Young 104.                               scheduled for May 8 from 6 to
be addressing strategic and moral       —Bradley Nystrom                         8:30 (Volunteers are asked to
issues in the Iraq Crisis, and Dr.                                               arrive by 5:30) at Southside
Robert Brownlee will be focusing        COLLEGE CENTRE GROUND-                   Christian Church on Hwy 127 just
on the economic impact of war.          BREAKING CEREMONY: Exciting              south of Harrodsburg. If you would
Everyone is invited.                    plans have been made for the $22         like to volunteer, please call Cari
—Brittany Perrin                        million renovation and expansion         Calico at 236-4445.
CAMP: Camp counselors are               eRECRUITING ORIENTATION:                  of Science and Children, the ele-
needed this summer at Camp              Learn how to use Career Service’s         mentary level journal of the
Easter Seals Virginia. The camp is      web-based system to find summer           National Science Teachers
aimed at children and adults with       jobs, internships, and full-time          Association. The article was
disabilities such as cerebral palsy,    employment during a brief orienta-        based on a lesson Skila taught
spina bifida, autism, learning dis-     tion session March 13 at 11:30.           during her K-1 student teaching
abilities, Down Syndrome, muscu-        Call 5283 to register.                    experience at Woodlawn
lar dystrophy, and all levels of                                                  Elementary. The article was also
developmental disabilities. To          FIFTH THIRD BANK: A recruiter             selected to be the feature article
request more information, call          from Fifth Third will be in Career        available on the NSTA Web site
(804) 633-9855 or (504) 864-5750        Services on March 14 to interview         at:
or e-mail: dbrown@va.easter-            students for post-graduation jobs.        news/stories/science_and_ or dduerk@va.easter-          Accepted students should have             children.php?news_story_ID=47                              already scheduled their interview         966.
                                        times through eRecruiting.
4-H CAMP: Camp Feltner, a 4-H
Camp in London, Ky. needs volun-        INTERNSHIP OF THE WEEK: The                  coming soon...
teers to serve as camp counselors       Louisville and Washington, D.C.
July 7-11. Counselors will super-       offices of Congresswoman Anne
vise 15-20 youth, ages 9-13.            M. Northup, Republican represen-
Counselors are also asked to            tative of Kentucky’s Third District
attend a one day in-service prior to    (Louisville), are seeking interns for
camp. Although the position is          this coming summer and fall.
unpaid, each volunteer is given a       Internships provide students with
full camp scholarship to award to a     an excellent opportunity to learn
child of his or her choice. Please      the inner workings of a congres-
see Trina in the Student Life Office    sional office. Interns may partici-         March 22-30
to pick up a job description, or con-   pate in legislative, administrative,
tact Judy Burkhead at                   and press-related duties, including     We want to know what you or 236-4484.           working closely with the legislative       do on spring break.
—Trina McFarland                        staff, researching policy and legis-
                                                                                Send us some photos and let us
                                        lation, and assisting with con-
                                                                                know what you do on spring break
                                        stituent correspondence. To apply,
                                                                                this year. We may use them for
                                        pick up an application in Career
Career Services                         Services. Summer applications are
                                                                                photo-of-the-week or as a spring
                                                                                break feature on the Web site.
SALES JOBS WITH MERCK                   due by March 28. Contact Annie
                                                                                Send photos and descriptions to
PHARMECEUTICALS: The dead-              Reed (‘02) at 202-225-5401 with
                                                                                Robin Deaton. Digital images
line to apply for an on-campus          questions.
                                                                                accepted and can be sent via
interview with Merck                    —Joy Asher
                                                                                e-mail to
Pharmaceuticals is March 21. You
                                                                                —Communications Office
must apply through eRecruiting.
Interview day is April 8. Call Career
Services (5284) if you have ques-

RESCHEDULED: The job fair has           Centre Sports
been rescheduled for March 31
                                        Visit the Centre Web site for the
from 2 to 6 p.m. We hope that this
                                        latest sports news and scores:
later time will enable more stu-
dents to attend. This is a great
chance to meet employers, give
them your resume, and make con-
tacts for potential jobs. If you have
already registered, there is nothing    Faculty and Staff
more you need to do. If you would
like to register, however, you must     News
come by Career Services for a           • The Tree of Life, an article by
brief resume critique. We will pro-       Donna M. Plummer, assistant
vide you with information packets         professor of education, Jeannie
and a web site where you can go           MacShara, primary literacy coach
to research companies and their           at Woodlawn Elementary and
job openings. Call 5283 to regis-         Skila King Brown '99 was pub-
ter or for more information.              lished in the March 2003 issue

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