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									                                                                               27a. Appraisal Form

                                                                  Making it Local
                                                       Main Grant Application Appraisal Form

Project Name
Project Ref No
Organisation Applying
LAG(s): i.e. GD, Leader 4 , SDC, Making it Local                                                            Making it Local
Issues outstanding from Basic Eligibility Check
Comments from State Aid Assessment

                                                                 How to Complete this Form
For each question you should allocate a score of 0-4, using the following definitions for guidance.
Please note that the appraisal is designed to assess the project, not the ability of the applicant to complete the form.
If the application is unclear about the project, please refer to LAG project development officer for guidance.

     0   The   project   does not address the issue at all
     1   The   project   makes reference to the issue, but little effective action is planned
     2   The   project   addresses the issue, and action planned, but little definition on nature of action
     3   The   project   addresses the issue, and action is planned, but the effectiveness of the action is unclear
     4   The   project   fully addresses the issue, giving convincing and reasoned actions, that are likely to be successful

   For each question, please give a brief explanation of the score that has been given,
                            and add any relevant comments.
 If this form is completed electronically, the scores will be colour coded, with green for strong scores, orange for average scores and red for low

         Section on
 Q         Form                                  Issue                             Score                              Comments

                           How adequately is the target area defined? Is
 1         8a&b            there evidence of appropriate spread of outputs
                           across the target area?

 2         9a&b            How reasonable is the timescale for delivery?

 3              10         How clear are the project's aims?

            11 &           Are the project plans clear? Are the means of
          16 a & b         achieving the project sufficient?

                           Have appropriate sources of evidence been used
 5             12a         and referred to?

                           Will the project have a suitable level of impact
 6             12 b        or effect on the community where it is being

                           Do the activities of the project match with the
 7       13 & 13 a         identified LAG objectives? Is there a fit with
                           relevant local strategies?

                           How sufficient is the applicant's options
                           appraisal? Do you believe that there are any
 8             14 a        further options which still need to be

                           If the applicant has previous experience, will
 9             14 b        that assist the delivery of this project? Will it
                           add something new or additional?

                                                                            Issue status: Issue 5
                                                                          Issue Date: 29/04/2009
                                                                              Page Number: 1
                                                                  27a. Appraisal Form

                Does the applicant explain what will happen to
10     14 c     the proposed Project without LAG funding?

                How adequate and appropriate has the
11   15 a & b   consultation been with beneficiaries? Has the
                project proposal improved as a result?

                How adequate and appropriate are the
12     15 c     partnership arrangements?

                Does the project make links with other local
13    15 d      projects? Are you aware of other relevant
                projects or activities not being considered?

                Is there adequate management provision? Do
14    16 a      they have suitable skills and experience?

                Is the proposal for project delivery clear and
15    16 b      comprehensive?

16     16 c     Is the project sufficiently new and innovative?

                (If not applicable, score 4 on this issue) Are the
17   17 a & b   plans to obtain planning permission realistic and
                in line with the project dates?

                How well does the project contribute to
18   18 & 19    sustainable development? Note: a full
                environmental appraisal will be carried out.

                How well does the project support equal
19     20       opportunities? Are there any other measures
                that the project could reasonably take?

                Are the milestones reasonable, apt and
20     21       achievable in the timescale?

                Are you satisfied that the project's monitoring
21     22       and evaluation controls are adequate?

                How adequate is the risk analysis and risk
                management, bearing in mind the cost and
22     23       nature of the project? Are any potential risks
                being well managed?

                Has the applicant made adequate arrangements
23     24       to cashflow the project?

                If the project continues after the LAG funding,
24     26       does it have a viable future?

                Do the costs appear to be reasonable? Would it
25 Appendix 1   be useful to have further clarification i.e.
                quotes, tenders?

                                                               Issue status: Issue 5
                                                             Issue Date: 29/04/2009
                                                                 Page Number: 2
                                                                      27a. Appraisal Form

                  Has the applicant provided a realistic funding
26 Appendix 1     package? Is funding secured, or will it be
                  secured prior to the start of the project?

                  Is any "in kind" element eligible, auditable and
27 Appendix 1     realistic?

                  How realistic and reasonable is the applicant's
28 Appendix 1     identified financial contribution to the project?

                  How well do the outputs given contribute to the
29 Appendix 2     LAG target outputs?

                  Does the project represent good value for
30    Overall

                  Total Score (out of 120):                             Incomplete


Appraisers Recommendation:

Notes to the Appraiser: If your decision is to reject the application, please explain your reasons why. If you have
deferred (postponed) your decision, please explain what further information you would need to be able to
make a decision. Please also indicate the funding conditions that you would suggest if that information was to be
provided satisfactorily. If you have decided to approve the project, what funding conditions would you
 Note: If the contribution of the LAG(s) is less than 10%, there will be little leverage beyond the specified
contractual conditions to ensure the project is adequately managed and monitored, and this should be reflected in
any recommended conditions.

Explanation of
the Appraiser's

Signature                                                                 Date

                                                                                              The European Agricultural Fund
                                                                                              for Rural Development:
                                                                                              Europe investing in rural areas.

                                                                  Issue status: Issue 5
                                                                Issue Date: 29/04/2009
                                                                    Page Number: 3

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