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					                          RHA General Assembly Meeting Minutes
                                     March 4, 2009

   Attendance
       o Present
                 Executive Board: Stephanie, Luis, Kelly, Emalie, Casie, CJ, Joy, Ram, Kristin,
                 Representatives: Sherryl, Christine, Nancy, Tonika, Ryan, Max, Liz, Allison
                 RA Liaisons: Quince, Ali
                 Other Liaisons: Barrett (SG), Luis (UCB)
   Minutes
       o February 18, 2009 – Kelly moved, Christine 2nd, minutes approved
       o February 25, 2009 – Kelly moved, Allison 2nd, minutes approved
   VP of Finance
       o The new VP of Finance is Joy Howze; welcome!
   Co-Sponsorships
       o The Abyss – it will be on March 24th and 25th from 11am – 9pm both days; there will be
           passive and active scenes; the active scenes will go from 7 – 9pm; it used to be called The
           Tunnels of Oppression; some topics being covered include: sexual assault, identity, drug
           abuse, suicide, etc.; they are requesting $150 from RHA; the concern is where the money
           will be going towards – the final decision is that $100 will go towards pizza and $50 will
           go towards whatever else is needed; the final vote came out to be 8 – 0 – 0 (yes – no –
       o Rock the Dock – it will be on April 25th from 2 – 8pm; there will be 5 bands and they will
           each play for 1 hour; they are requesting $500 for to pay for the band Mark Rose; to help
           spread advertisement, there will be fliers put up around Edwardsville; for more
           information, you can visit; overall vote came out to be 8 –
           0 – 0 (yes – no – abstain)
       o It will be on May 22nd – 25th at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona; application
           will be put on the RHA website during spring break; applications are due March 26th
   No Frills Volunteers
       o If you are interested in helping out with No Frills, be sure to email Luis to get signed up
   Finals Kits
       o They will be distributed on April 26th and 27th
   Tasty Tuesday
       o It will be on March 24th in Evergreen from 7:15pm – 8:15pm; food will be served from
           Norii and ice cream will be provided
   Mud Volleyball
       o The fee for registration will be $24; t-shirt ideas are in the works and more information to
   NCC/ICC – IT
       o If you would like to travel and meet new people at different schools and conferences,
           then talk to Casie in being a part of this experience
   Area Reports
       o Prairie
                 Representatives
                        Open Mic Night and Root Beer Pong will be on March 26th
                 RA Liaison
                       Karaoke night is in the works with PAC
       o Woodland
                Representatives
                       Woodstock; there will be possible t-shirts
                RA Liaison
                       Spirit Week will be the week before Woodstock to get the residents
                          pumped up; there will be a wing Olympics; condom bingo tonight at 7pm
       o Evergreen
                Representatives
                       Milkshake Walk through – March 16th – there will be Vanilla or Vanilla
                          w/ chocolate syrup – if they bring their own cup, it will be $0.50 and if no
                          cup, it will be $1.00 – it will be from 7 – 9pm
                RA Liaison
                       Resume building workshop; March 18th – Iran movie series – Lucian
                          Stone will be speaking; March 29th – social travel agent will be speaking
                          on how to vacations cheaply @ 6pm
       o Bluff
                Representatives
                       The Abyss is coming up and will be helping the RAs tour; Pi Day will be
                          on the Thursday after spring break
       o Cougar Village
                RA Liaison
                       Social for the end of March will be called Shamrock ’09 – there will be
                          beach volleyball and music
       o Student Government
                Lobby Day is coming up, applications are now available in the Kimmel office and
                  are due March 18th @ 3pm – it is on March 25th – the students will go to
                  Springfield and lobby for the school – one topic is the science building; there is a
                  meeting this Friday
       o NRHH
                Nomination letters have been sent out, we are waiting for the applications to be
   Officer Reports
       o Emalie & Kelly
                The t-shirt idea has been established
       o Luis
                The Weekly Winner Drawing will be after the meeting; movie night will be after
                  spring break; Tell me a memory that you have about RHA. Email me at
         to be entered into the drawing
       o Casie
                I,S,F Committee - Email the members over spring break, they will plan to meet
                  the Sunday after break; NACURH is coming up, before sure to apply if you want
                  to go
       o CJ
                CRC meeting tomorrow at 6pm in the conference room; we will be making
                  posters on elections, mud volleyball, and NACURH
       o Ram
                Joe and Tara came up for a site visit; if you want to help with No Frills, be sure to
                  email Ram
       o Kristin
               NACURH application, Absence form, and constitution amendment form are on
                  the website
       o Joy
               Update budget
   Bucket o’ As and Bs
       o Liz Wall, Ali Davis, Quince Zackrie

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