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Cashiers and Employer Contract Agreement document sample

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                                             Contract Booking
This contract made between Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor and ____________ herein referred to as Employer,
represented by its duly authorized representative, for the purpose of securing the performance appearance of Henry
Turner Jr. & Flavor as entertainers for Employer on _____________, to perform at the engagement described below:

1) Venue:
2) Address:
3) City/State:
4) Time of Performance:
5) Length of Performance:
6) Phone Number:               Alternate Phone:
7) Other Specific Arrangements – PA and lights, one meal per day for four (4) band members, back stage snacks to
include bottled water, juices and/or no more than two beers or drinks each, towels, (water on stage), and 2 dbl. rms.

                                 SEE ATTACHED RIDERS AND ADDENDUMS

         Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor shall be paid the sum of __________ guaranteed, payable as follows:

         a) A 50% non-refundable binder _________ in a cashiers check, money order or wire cash transfer to
secure date. No dates will be reserved until binder is remitted, unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

         b) The balance of _______ to be paid in cash after performance--to Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor.

                                  ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

        We do have a TV advertising campaign for $200.00 more we can place ten 30 second TV ads with a
local TV station with Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor providing the spot with __________________listed in the

         It is understood and agreed that Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor’s services are subject to proven detention by
sickness, accidents, riots, strikes, acts of God or any other legitimate conditions beyond their control, and should
such occur, Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor will not hold Employer liable, nor will Employer hold Henry Turner Jr. &
Flavor liable for any payments not collected for such performances and/or services intended. Henry Turner Jr. &
Flavor will re-schedule appearance at a mutually acceptable future date in the event the contracted entertainment is

          Employer agrees that the performance(s) rendered pursuant to this agreement are not to be recorded,
reproduced or transmitted from the location of the performance in any manner or by any means whatsoever, in the
absence of a specific written agreement between the Employer and Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor relating to and
permitting such recording, reproduction, or transmission. Any such recording, reproduction, or transmission of the
performance without the above-described written consent shall constitute a breech of this contract, and shall render
all obligations of Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor hereunder to be null and void, and Employer agrees that all sums paid
hereunder will be surrendered as liquidated damages, in addition to any and all legal remedies.

         Employer agrees that Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor is to receive 100% Top Billing in all advertising, between
Henry Turner, Jr. and Flavor Band and ______________________________________________, limited to
newspapers, radio, posters, TV and marquees. “Special Guest Star” billing is acceptable if the above conditions are
not met.
         The Employer represents that there does not exist against him (it) in favor of any member of the
organization any claim of any kind arising out of any entertainment services rendered for Employer. No entertainer
will be required to perform any provisions of this contract or to render any services for Employer as long as any
such claim is unsatisfied or unpaid, in whole or in part. If the Employer breeches this agreement, he (it) shall pay
Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor, in addition to damages, the sum of 12% interest, plus reasonable attorney’s fees incurred
to enforce this contract.

         Employer agrees that issuance of complimentary tickets, discount prices, advertising passes and starting
time of the event shall be by written agreement between both parties.

         All terms and conditions of this written lease shall be binding upon the parties, their heirs and assigns, and
cannot be varied or waived by any representations or promise on the part of any agent or other person of the parties
hereto unless the same be in writing and mutually signed by the parties or the agent or agents of the parties hereto.
This contract in full with all and any attached riders and/or addendum’s contain the entire understanding between
both parties and cannot be changed except in writing. In the event of default of this agreement all monies collected
will be forfeited and retained, with additional damages and fees for reasonable attorney fees should this contract be
enforced by the courts.

       This agreement executed on the _________ day of _______, 200__, in the presence of the undersigned
competent witnesses.


Henry Turner, Jr. and Flavor Band                               Representative for the employer

Witness                                                         Witness

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