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                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                                   Human Resources
                              Recruitment & Selection Dept
                                  Police Headquarters

                                 Telephone: 01772 410314
                                 Facsimile: 01772 410395

                                      Our Ref: HR/SC

                                    Job Ref: S5/17/Q10

Date: As Postmark

Dear Applicant,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above vacancy within the Training Centre based at
Lancashire Police Headquarters, Hutton.

Please find enclosed an application pack consisting of: -
       Guidance notes for completing the application form
       Criminal Convictions – Guidance for Applicants
       Supplementary Information Sheet
       Advert
       Candidate Specification
       Application form
       Equal opportunities monitoring form

The completed form should be submitted to the Recruitment Team 5, Human Resources
Department, HQ, at the above address no later than 4.00pm on Friday 7th May 2010.
(Please note – late applications will not be processed). If we have not responded to your
application form within 6 weeks of the closing date, please assume that on this occasion,
your application was not successful.

Please note: The Association for Chief Police Officers National Vetting Policy recommends
that in order for candidates to apply for vacancies within the Police Community, they should
have a minimum of three years UK residence, prior to their application. As we apply these
guidelines, any applicants who have not been constantly resident in the UK for the last three
years cannot be considered for employment by Lancashire Constabulary.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie Carter
Human Resources Assistant
                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                             LANCASHIRE CONSTABULARY
                    Guidance on the completion of an Application Form

The purpose of this guidance is to clarify how applicants should provide evidence to support
their suitability. The information you supply on the application form is the basis for
considering your initial suitability for the post for which you are applying. Whether you will be
shortlisted for further consideration will depend on the information and evidence you have
supplied. Therefore, you should be careful to ensure that you have completed the application
form with all the relevant information and provided necessary evidence of the skills and / or
experiences outlined in the candidate specification. If you cannot demonstrate that you meet
the essential requirements of this post then you will NOT be shortlisted for interview.

    1. The length of the application, addressing the criterion identified in the “Candidate
       Specification”, should not exceed 150 words for each criterion. You may find it
       beneficial when completing the additional information section to use separate
       paragraphs for each of the essential and desirable criteria.
    2. Applications may be typed or hand-written (but legible please.)
    3. In respect of each criterion identified on the “Candidate Specification” as requiring
       evidence at the “application stage”, provide one example to support your application.
    4. The examples that you provide should be relevant, demonstrating your ability in the
       relevant areas.
    5. Statements saying that “I am good at” or “my supervisors say I am good” are not
       appropriate. The following structured approach may assist you:
       Set the scene
       When and what is the example about? What was the scenario situation that you
       What did you identify needed to be done? What were you tasked to do? What was
       your role?
       Action approach
       What did you do? Why? Were there options? Why did you select that particular course
       of action?
       How did it go? Was it successful? Why? With hindsight, would you have done
       things differently?

    6. The format outlined in „5‟ provides you with a structure to provide your best examples,
       demonstrating that you have the qualities required to perform the role.
    7. Should the selection process necessitate an interview, many applicants find that time
       spent in completing the application will assist in their preparation.
    8. Completing the full details for both referees, including telephone number, fax number
       and email addresses will significantly speed up the recruitment process, should you be

Thank you for the interest you have shown in this post and good luck with you application.

                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                      NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                              LANCASHIRE CONSTABULARY

The provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 provides
that the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 shall not apply to the police service and
applicants are therefore required to declare:

        All convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings
        Binding over
        Driving Offences (including details of any relevant disqualification)
        Fixed Penalty Notices
        Any involvement with the military authorities on disciplinary matters (whether involving
         courts martial or not)
        Involvement in a criminal investigation (whether or not this has led to a prosecution) or
         association with criminals.

Criminal Convictions
1. Applications will not be accepted from those who have been convicted or cautioned
for a serious arrestable offence such as:

       Treason
       Murder
       Manslaughter
       Rape
       Kidnapping
       Incest/intercourse with a girl under 13
       Buggery with a person under 16 or a person who has not consented
       Hostage taking, hi-jacking or torture
       Involvement in espionage, terrorism, sabotage or any actions to overthrow/undermine
        parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means or association (past or
        present) with any organisation advocating such activities
       Death by reckless driving
       Firearms offences
       Racially motivated or homophobic offences.

2. Applicants are likely to be rejected if they have been involved in any of the following
(unless there are exceptionally compelling circumstances):

       Offences involving serious violence or injury including Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) and
        Actual Bodily Harm (ABH)*
       Offences involving unsolicited violence towards others
       Unlawful possession of weapons, firearms or going equipped to steal
       Gross indecency
       Acts of indecency
       Abuse or neglect of children

                                      NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

   Public order offences – involvement in riot, violent disorder, affray, causing intentional
    harassment, alarm or distress
   Interference with the Administration of Justice or the investigation of offences
   Burglary
   Offences which involve elements or acts of dishonesty, corruption, substantial financial
    gain or serious loss to anyone including theft, fraud and deception
   Serious involvement in drugs including possession of a Class A drug (heroin, morphine)
    or more than one Class B drug (amphetamines) and/or supplying drugs of any kind
   Reckless or Dangerous Driving within the last ten years
   One offence of drink driving or drunk in charge or drugs driving within the preceding ten
   More than one offence of drink driving or drunk in charge or drugs driving
   Other serious motoring offences such as convictions within the last five years of driving
    without insurance, failing to stop after an accident or driving whilst disqualified
   More than three endorseable traffic convictions (including fixed penalties) within the last
    five years (for offences on different dates)
   Two or more convictions for regulatory offences such as failure to renew vehicle excise
    licence within the last five years.
    Any offence committed as an adult or juvenile which resulted in a prison sentence
     (including custodial, suspended or deferred sentence and sentences served at a young
     offenders‟ institution or community home)
    Cautions (including reprimands and final warnings) for recordable offences within the last
     five years
    Juvenile convictions within the last five years for any recordable offence
    Any recordable offence other than listed above within the last five years.

NB: A recordable offence is any offence held on the Police National Computer as specified in
the National Police Records (Recordable Offences) Regulations 2000.

Anyone with such convictions who wishes to apply to join Lancashire Constabulary
must, before completing the application form, write to the following address giving full
details including the ‘exceptionally compelling circumstances’. A decision will then be
made regarding whether or not an application will be accepted and you will be notified
of the outcome as soon as possible:

Human Resources Department, HQ - Operations

* Applicants should note that historically the infliction of a minor injury would lead to a charge
of ABH. The criteria for charging in such events has changed with the result that such a
minor injury would now attract a charge of common assault and would not necessarily lead to
the rejection of a candidate. Any applicant with such a conviction should write in to the above
address giving full details of the offence for consideration as to whether an application would
be accepted.

3. An applicant’s age at the time of an offence and the aggravating circumstances
surrounding the offence will all have a bearing in the following cases:

                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

   Drunk and Disorderly – no more than one offence and only after 2 years have elapsed
    following a caution or 3 years have elapsed following a bindover / conviction
   Minor drugs offences or substance abuse – no more than one offence and only after 2
    years have elapsed following a caution or 3 years from conviction
   Common Assault – no more than one offence as a juvenile and only after 2 years have
    elapsed from end of bindover / conviction.

4. Where relatives and/or associates of an applicant are found to have unspent convictions
   or cautions for recordable offences, the following will be considered:

   The likelihood that the applicant‟s performance and discharge of duty will be adversely
    affected e.g. through adverse pressure or a conflict of interests
   The nature, number and seriousness of the offences or involvement in criminal activity
    and the time over which these took place
   Whether the circumstances are likely to bring discredit to or embarrass the police service
    or police force.

If you have any relatives or associates who have unspent convictions or cautions for
recordable offences this may affect your vetting. Please provide full details of these
individuals and any relevant information that may have a bearing on your application on a
separate sheet and attach it to the completed application form.

5. Undisclosed Convictions

Where it is suspected that an individual has failed to declare a conviction or caution,
enquiries will be made to ascertain whether the conviction or caution is attributable to the
individual. Where it is established that an individual has deliberately failed to disclose a
conviction or caution his or her application will be rejected.

6. Outstanding charges and summonses

Where an individual discloses an outstanding charge or summons the application will be put
on hold until the outcome is known, at which time it will be considered in line with the above

7. HM Forces

Serving members of the armed forces who are convicted of any criminal offence by a military
tribunal will have any such offence recorded on the PNC. This will include any aspect of a
conditional discharge.

                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                           LANCASHIRE CONSTABULARY

In order to assist us in processing your application, please complete the following information
and submit it with you completed application form.


Post Applied For:

Leave / commitments over the next two months (from closing date)



Notice Period:

Lancashire Constabulary have received the Positive About Disabled People Award and as
part of our commitment we guarantee selection in the first stage of the recruitment procedure
for every disabled application that meets the essential criteria.

Please send you completed application form, along with this supplementary sheet to: -

                                       Sophie Carter
                                     Human Resources
                                    Recruitment Team 5
                                    Police Headquarters
                                       Ellis Building
                                          PR4 5SB

All applications should reach us on or before the closing date. Please note that late
applications WILL NOT be processed.

                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                            NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                      LANCASHIRE CONSTABULARY


                        EXTERNAL APPLICATIONS

Please return ONLY the information requested below and retain all other
paperwork for your information.

     Application Form – Please check that you have signed the back page.
     Please note we cannot accept unsigned or typed signatures. Please
     also check that any supplementary sheets are named and attached to the
     application form.

     Supplementary Information Sheet – Please check you have informed us of
     any holidays, or date‟s that you will not be available for Aptitude Tests or

     Monitoring Form – This is not mandatory. We request this information so
     that we can monitor the number of applications per role.

     Thank you.

                            NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

£13,236 - £16,134 PER ANNUM PRO RATA
REF: S5/17/Q10

The Training Centre is seeking a highly motivated individual to provide reception services and
general clerical support to the department based at Lancashire Police Headquarters, Hutton.

The Reception is open between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm daily and the successful
candidate will be required to work an existing rota, being present over 5 days. A flexible
approach to working hours is an essential requirement of all applicants.

You will be required to plan, prepare for and assist students and visitors arriving and
departing at the Training Centre, and also to assist students using the IT and Office facilities.
You will also maintain information contained on nominal rolls and update the computer based
Human Resources System as required.

With experience of working in an administrative / clerical role within a busy office
environment, dealing with confidential information, you must have experience of inputting,
updating and maintaining computerised and manual filing / recording systems. Experience of
communicating across a wide spectrum of people, both individuals and in groups is essential.

                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                    NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                                 LANCASHIRE CONSTABULARY

                                  CANDIDATE SPECIFICATION

Post Title:           Part Time Receptionist (p/t 22.54 hours p/w)

Location:             Training Centre Reception

Responsible to:       Reception Manager

Job Purpose:          To provide reception services and general clerical support at
                      Training Centre.

Grade:                LC 2 – 3


    To plan, prepare for and assist students and visitors arriving and departing Training

    To assist students using IT and Office facilities at Training Centre.

    To maintain information contained on nominal rolls and update the computer based
     Human Resources System as required.

    To update visitor diary and maintain e-mail account for training centre reception

    To operate sports, accommodation, classroom and reserved parking booking system
     efficiently using excel.

    To prepare documentation for training courses, including photocopying, binding,
     laminating and preparation of PowerPoint presentations and word documents.

    To maintain supplies of office requisites and equipment.

    To sort mail and administer lost / found property system.

    To promote and comply with Lancashire Constabulary‟s policies on equal opportunities
     and health and safety both in the delivery of service and the treatment of others.
    To liaise with other departments to ensure smooth running of the Training Centre.
    To be responsible for improving your performance by participating in the Personal
     Development Review (PDR) process with your manager.
    To carry out any other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and
     grading of the post.

                                    NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED


Essential                                Desirable                   To be identified
                                         Customer Service            Application Form
                                         Qualification or proof of
                                         attending an in-house
                                         training course in
                                         customer service
Experience of working in an                                          Application Form /
administrative/clerical role within                                  Interview
a busy office environment dealing
with confidential information.
Demonstrate self-motivation and                                      Application Form
willingness to develop self within
the role
Experience of working effectively                                    Application Form
as part of a team
Experience of communicating                                          Application Form
across a wide spectrum of people
both individuals and in groups
Experience of composing letters                                      Application Form
and memos and responding to
routine correspondence
Experience of inputting, updating                                    Application Form /
and maintaining computerised                                         Aptitude Test
and      manual      filing/recording
Experience of using Microsoft                                        Application Form /
Software Applications including                                      Aptitude Test
MS Office, Word, Excel and

Experience of working with                                           Application Form
minimal supervision, organising
and prioritising own workload

Knowledge of Health & Safety,                                        Interview
Equal Opportunities, Community
Race Relations and Data
Protection legislation/issues
An acceptable level of sickness                                      AC1 Form (internal
absence                                                              applicants)
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                                                                 Application     Form
                                                                 and        Reference
                                                                 (external applicants)

A flexible approach to working                                   Interview
hours and practices
Respect for race and diversity - A                               Interview/PDR*
Understands other people‟s views and takes them into
account. Is tactful and diplomatic when dealing with people,
treating them with dignity and respect at all times.
Understands and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial
Problem Solving – C                                              Interview/PDR*
Gathers enough information to understand specific issues
and events. Uses information to identify problems and draw
logical conclusions. Makes good decisions.
Planning and Organising – C                                      Interview/PDR*
Plans and carries out activities in an orderly and well-
structured way. Prioritises tasks, uses time in the best
possible way and works within appropriate policy and
Personal Responsibility – B                                      Interview/PDR*
Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting
out issues or problems that arise. Is focused on achieving
results to required standards and developing skills and
Teamworking – C                                                  Interview/PDR*
Works effectively as a team member and helps build
relationships within it. Actively helps and supports others to
achieve team goals.
Effective Communication – C                                      Interview/PDR*
Speaks clearly and concisely, and does not use jargon. Uses
plain English and correct grammar. Listens carefully to

 Date last updated: September 2009

 Please note that the use of the terms “Assessment & Interview” is based upon candidates
 being successfully short-listed. In addition, the Division reserves the right to select the most
 suitable candidate based upon any combination of assessments that it deems appropriate.

 *Personal Development Review (PDR) refers to the ongoing internal appraisal scheme that
 Lancashire Constabulary employ to monitor and develop its employees.

 Grades A, B & C indicate the level of competence required and is taken from the National
 Competency Framework (NCF).

                                  NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

It is essential that you read all the guidance notes. You should complete all sections of this form in
person, either in black ink or typeface. Use continuation pages only where allowed and clearly mark
which questions they refer to. Please put your full name at the top of each continuation sheet. Do
not leave any empty spaces, sections that do not apply to you should be clearly marked N/A.

The information you provide in this application form will be entered into both a manual and computerised filing
system. The data will be used to assess your suitability to join Lancashire Constabulary and may be shared by
other forces in the United Kingdom in respect of any recruitment applications you make.

Post Applied For: (inc. reference number)

Division / Department:

Internal/External Applicant*:

*Internal applicants need only complete sections 1, 4 and 6 and attach a copy of their HRS record sheet (which
can be obtained from local HR departments). If anything has changed since you commenced your employment
with Lancashire Constabulary, or is not included in the HRS record sheet please complete the relevant section
of this application form to inform us of this.

Please read the guidance notes at the back of this form before completion.

Personal Details (See NOTE 1)

Surname(s):                                             Forename(s):

Title (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Other):                   National Insurance Number:

Current Address:                                        Email Address (if applicable):

                                                        Home Telephone Number (including area code):

                                                        (         )
Postcode:                                               Work/Mobile Telephone Number:

                                                        (             )

(Please note: The information provided on this page will be used solely for administrative reasons and will not
be considered as part of the selection process.)
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                         NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
Your Education (See NOTE 2)

Please give details of all secondary schools, colleges, universities or other institutions attended. Start with the
most recent and work backwards. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary and attach to this page. Please
ensure that dates of study are completed, as failure to do so will result in your application being delayed.

Full name & full address of                            Attendance            Full / Part-time    Course
school/college/university                              From/To                                   Completed

Your Qualifications and Training

Please list all your qualifications including vocational and professional qualifications, short courses and relevant
in-house training. Also include details of examinations/qualifications due to be taken. Start with the most
recent. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Examination type & subject                                      Date passed /             Grade
(e.g. GCSE Geography)                                           due to be taken           (e.g. Merit, 2:1, A*)

                                         NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
Present or most recent employment (See NOTE 3)

Name, address and                 Position held, date       Brief description of duties /       Reason for
telephone number of present       started and date left     key responsibilities                leaving/
or most recent employer                                                                         Wanting to leave

Tel No:
Fax No:

      Your current employer will not be contacted until the latter stages of the recruitment process.

Previous Employment

You are now asked to provide full details of employment covering at least the last 10 years. Include full-time
and part-time work and answer the questions in each of the columns. Please ensure that dates of employment
are completed, as failure to do so will result in your application being delayed. Start with the most recent first.
Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Name, full address,             Position held, date         Brief description of duties / key   Reason for
postcode, telephone number      started and date left       responsibilities                    leaving
and nature of business

Tel No:

Tel No:

Tel No:

Tel No:

                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
Referees (See NOTE 4)

Please give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two referees and state their relationship to you.
Ideally one referee should be your current or most recent employer, although personal references can be used.
If you are still in, or have recently left full time education, references may be sought from the relevant school,
college or university. References must cover a period of at least 5 years and references will be sought
from all employers covering this 5 year period.

Referee 1:                                                Referee 2:
Name:                                                     Name:

Full Address:                                             Full Address:

Postcode:                                                 Postcode:
Current Occupation:                                       Current Occupation:

Relationship to You (i.e. Employer, Manager, Friend):     Relationship to You (i.e. Employer, Manager, Friend):

Telephone:                                                Telephone:
Fax No:                                                   Fax No:
Email:                                                    Email:
May we contact this referee now?                          May we contact this referee now?

Yes                   No                                  Yes                 No

Previous Applications to, or service with, a Police Force

a) Please give details or any previous service in any police force, in any capacity, for example as Police
Constable, Special Constable, Police Staff, Cadet or Volunteer etc.

Dates of service            Force address               Role                        Reason for leaving

b) Other than as above, please give details of any previous applications made to any police force, for example,
as Police Constable, Special Constable or Police Staff etc.

Month/year of               Force address               Post applied for            Result

                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

Using the „Essential‟ and „Desirable‟ criteria outlined in the Candidate Specification, please provide relevant
examples of your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities applicable to the post you are applying for. (Please
continue on a separate sheet if necessary)

                                        NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                          NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED


Nationality (See NOTE 5)

(You will be asked to evidence your identity, nationality, residency and your eligibility to work in the UK at a later
stage should your application be progressed)

Are you eligible to live and work in the UK?

                                                                    Yes                       No

Driving Licence (See NOTE 6)

Do you hold a full UK driving licence?

                                           N/A                         Yes                    No

Outside Employment and Financial Interests (It is important you read NOTE 7 before you
complete this section)

Do you currently have any employment, business or financial interest which you intend to continue should you
become a member of police staff?

                                                                    Yes                       No

If YES, please state the nature of this job or business and the extent of your involvement (e.g. actively
involved, non-executive director). Include hours spent on it.

Do you or your spouse/civil partner/co-resident partner or any co-habitee or relative living with you own or run
a shop or business, which requires a licence (e.g. liquor, gaming, refreshment house or entertainment)?

                                                                    Yes                       No

If YES, please give full details.

                                          NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                         NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
Health, Eyesight and Disability (See NOTE 8)

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in all areas
of employment, including recruitment, and defines disability as „a physical or mental impairment, which has a
substantial and long-term adverse effect on the ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’.

Lancashire Constabulary welcomes people with disabilities and will do its best to make adjustments to the
working arrangements and/or the working environment provided it is reasonable in all the circumstances to do

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

                                                                   Yes                     No

In support of your application, please let us know if you believe there are any reasonable adjustments we
should be making to enable you to do the job or assist with your application.

If you are successfully short listed you will be invited to complete and return a medical questionnaire. You will
also undertake a medical examination prior to appointment, and for certain posts, hearing and/or eyesight tests.

We will also contact your employer or school/college for verification of your sickness record when references are

Please state:
    a) How many occasions you have been absent from work due to ill health over the last three years.


     b) How many days sickness absence you have taken over the last three years.


For example, if you have been sick on three occasions and the total number of days sick was twelve, this
would be shown as:      a) 3 occasions
                        b) 12 days

               Please also complete the enclosed sickness/attendance record.
     c) Please state whether any of the above was directly related in your opinion, to a disability as defined by
        the Disability Discrimination Act (1995).

                                                                   Yes                          No

                                         NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

                                         NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

Are there any dates over the next 8 weeks (from the closing date for this post) that you would be unavailable
for assessment centre/interview (e.g. due to holidays)? If so please give any dates:

Flexible Working Arrangements

Are you wishing to apply for this post on a job share basis:

                                                                  Yes                          No

If YES do you have a potential job share partner with whom you wish your application to be linked? If so
please provide their full name below:

SECTION 6                DECLARATION

I declare that all the statements I have made in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief
and that no relevant information has been withheld.

I declare that I understand:

    I must inform the recruitment office without delay of any change in my circumstances.
    Criminal conviction and intelligence checks will be made against myself and family members and/or
     associates and I have informed them of this.
    Financial checks will be undertaken as required to verify my financial status (i.e. credit reference check) and
     that all such information will be treated in confidence. I consent to these checks being made.
    Any offer of appointment will be subject to satisfactory references and security vetting and continued good
    A member of a police force who has deliberately made any false statement or omitted information in
     connection with his or her application or appointment may be liable to misconduct proceedings which may
     lead to dismissal.
    If I am appointed to a role, which requires attendance at crime scenes, my fingerprints and a sample of my
     DNA will be taken and held on record for elimination purposes (and will be destroyed once my employment
     with the Constabulary comes to an end).
    The Chief Officer retains the right to reject any application at any stage of the recruitment process without
     giving reasons.
    The information I have provided may be held on manual filing and computer systems as part of the
     recruitment process. I understand this information may be shared with other police forces.

Signed:……………………………………………………………………Date: ……………………

Print Name: ……………………………………………………………...

                                         NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                      NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED


If your application is progressed to the interview/assessment centre stage you will be asked to
complete a vetting form outlining any criminal convictions or cautions you may have received.
We will also want to know whether any of your close family or associates are involved in criminal
activity and we will therefore search for any criminal convictions or cautions recorded against them.
You must advise them that these enquiries will be made. We cannot disclose the results of
these enquires to you.

Additionally, the police service is committed to full compliance with the duty to promote race equality
established in the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. It is unacceptable for any member of
police staff to be an active member of, or participate with, any organisation that promotes, as part of
its constitution, discrimination against any person by virtue of their race, creed, colour or religion.
For the purposes of this form, unacceptable organisations include the British National Party;
Combat 18 and the National Front.

                                      NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                          NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED


 The police service is an equal opportunities employer and is determined to ensure that:
  The workforce reflects the diverse society, which it serves, and that the working environment is free from
    any form of harassment, intimidation, bullying or victimisation.
  No job applicant or employee is treated more of less favourably on the grounds of age, colour, creed,
    disability, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion, faith or sexual
  No job applicant or employee is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be justified by the
    requirements of the job.

 The information on this form is for monitoring purposes only and will not be made available to those assessing
 your application. The information supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not affect your job
 application in any way. Completion of this section of the application form is voluntary, but the information will
 help us to ensure the equality of opportunity. This information forms no part of the recruitment process. It will be
 detached from your application on receipt.

 Date of Birth:                                          Gender :

                                                                  Male             Female

 Ethnic origin - Please tick as appropriate
 White                                               British
                                                     Any other white background
 Mixed                                               White and Black Caribbean
                                                     White and Black African
                                                     White and Asian
                                                     Any other mixed background
 Asian or Asian British                              Indian
                                                     Any other Asian background
 Black and Black British                             Caribbean
                                                     Any other black background
 Chinese or other ethnic group                       Chinese
                                                   Any other please specify

 Religious belief/faith - Please tick as appropriate
                                                     Christian (state denomination if you wish)
                                                     Other (please state)
                                                     Prefer not to say

                                          NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                            NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

To enable us to monitor our public relations and marketing activity, please indicate what prompted you to apply
to join the Lancashire Constabulary as a member of Police Staff.

Tick any that apply

Police Constable or other police service employee

Friend/Family/Other word of mouth

Careers office/School/College/Library

Job Centre (please state which)

Internet Site (please state site)

Recruitment campaign

In local press (please state publication)


Other advertisements, articles, interviews

In national press (please state publication)

At local event (please state venue)

Recruitment Literature

Other (please specify)

Please give details of any other media, interviews or articles, which prompted your application.

To help us to monitor the return of applications please complete the following.

Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………………...……………………

Division applied for: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

                                            NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
Guidance notes for completion of this Application Form
Note 1       Personal Details
Please provide full contact details so that we can contact you, if necessary, regarding your
Note 2       Education and Skills

Where qualifications are a requirement for the post you are applying for you will be requested
to produce examination certificates if recommended for appointment.

Note 3       Employment

You are asked to provide details of employment covering at least the last 10 years. Include
full-time and part-time work and answer the questions in each of the columns.

Note 4       References

Give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two referees and include the position
they hold and telephone number, if known. These should ideally be your current and most
recent employer but they may be personal referees, however they must cover a period of at
least 5 years. References will always be taken from HM Services and from other police
forces, covering performance, conduct and absence. If you are still in, or have recently left,
full-time education, we may also ask for a referee from the relevant school, college or

We will not make enquiries with your current employer until you are recommended for
appointment unless you have agreed to let us approach them.

HM Forces: Applications from Service personnel will be accepted only if you have 12 months
or less to serve before discharge. For those with between 6 and 12 months still to serve
(excluding those applying for Communications Operator posts) the progression of your
application will be considered with regards to operational needs.             Please enclose
confirmation of your projected date of discharge (e.g. a letter from your Commanding Officer).

Note 5       Nationality

Police Forces must ensure that only eligible candidates are offered employment. To be
eligible for appointment to a post within Lancashire Constabulary you must be a British
Citizen or a member of the EC or other states in the EEA (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein).
Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals are also eligible but only if they are resident in
the UK free of restrictions and are able to prove this through production of the appropriate
documentation. Should your application be progressed you will be required to complete and
bring with you to the assessment centre or interview, a Vetting Form and a Nationality and
Immigration Status Form, as well as your passport and/or other documents verifying your
identity, nationality, employment eligibility and residency qualification.

                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

Note 6       Driving Licence
You need only complete this section if the post you are applying for requires the ability to
drive as outlined as an essential requirement on the candidate specification for the role.

Please note that if you are required to drive as part of your duties your personal motor vehicle
insurance policy must cover you for business use, and you may be asked to evidence this.

Note 7       Outside Employment and Financial Interests

Applicants for police staff posts with a maximum grade of LC8 or above, must declare any
outside employment or financial interests that they hold, which include:
 The holding of any office or employment for hire or gain (other than as a member of the
   Constabulary) or carrying on any business;
 Your spouse, civil partner, co-resident partner or any other co-habitee or relative living
   with you keeping a shop or similar in the area of the police service in question;
 You, your spouse, civil partner, co-resident partner or other co-habitee or relative living
   with you holding, or having a financial interest in any licence or permit relating to liquor
   licensing, refreshment houses or betting and gaming or the regulation of places of
   entertainment in the area of the police service in question.

Police staff applying for posts with a maximum grade of LC8 or above, may be allowed to
undertake outside employment or to have financial interests provided that it does not conflict
with nor could it be seen to be detrimental to the Constabulary‟s interest; or in any way
weaken public confidence in the conduct of the Constabulary. Staff applying for posts with a
maximum grade of LC7 or below, are recommended on a voluntary basis, to inform the
Constabulary of any form of outside employment or financial interest that they hold.

Note 8       Health, Eyesight and Disability

If you have a disability, we will make adjustments where it is reasonable to do so. Please
provide any relevant information about your disability and details of any reasonable
adjustment you think you may need to undertake the assessment process and the role you
are applying for.

Successful applicants will fill in a medical questionnaire and undertake a medical examination
prior to appointment, including a urine test to screen for illegal substance use. Information
about the medical and eyesight standards are included in your application pack if applicable
and you may be asked to provide a report from an optician.

A Final Word

What can hold up the process?
Your application will be processed as quickly as possible, however, these are some of the
more common reasons for holding up applications:
        Failure to complete all parts of the application form or to sign the declaration;
        Delays in obtaining references from referees.
Your co-operation can help avoid delays.
                                 NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED

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