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					Grand Haven High School
              Registration Process
                  Introduction To
                       Registration 2009-10
10th-12th Grade Counselors

Doug Klemm       A-G
Anne Runschke    H-O
Claudia Phipps   P-Z
  9th Grade Counselors

Carol Swartout   A-K
Steve Hewitt     L-Z
• Educational Planning
• College and Career Planning
• Course Selection
 Handouts for the Registration Process

•Course Selection Guide

•Transcript with Graduation Plan

•Current Schedule

•Registration Form

•Registration Instructions
        Registration Instructions

Course Selection Guide
Read the course descriptions carefully
Be aware of prerequisites for courses
Be aware of grade level restrictions
Sample Transcript &
  Graduation Plan
 Registration Instructions 2009/2010

 Check personal information for accuracy
 Look over all grades and check for accuracy
Graduation Plan
 Know your graduation requirements
 Know what credits you have already earned and
  what you will earn in 2nd and 3rd trimesters
 Understand the credits that are still needed for
  your graduation
                     CLASS of 2010 ONLY – 24.5 CREDITS REQUIRED

 Requirements                            Sequence of Courses                              Credit

B ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS                  9TH grade English (BE1)                           1
4 credits required
                                         English elective (BEL)                            1½
                                         American Lit/Comp. (BAL) or Honors American
                                         Lit/Comp. (BAL)
                                         Speech (BES)                                      ½
C SOCIAL STUDIES                         9th Grade Civics & Geography (CH1) or approved    1
3 credits required
                                         elective                                          1
                                         20th Century American History (CH2)
                                         U.S. Government (CGV)
                                         Social Studies elective (CEL)                     ½
D SCIENCE                                Physical Science credit (DSP)                     1
2 credits required
                                         Life Science credit (DSB)                         1

E MATHEMATICS                            Appropriate Math elective (EMT)                   2
2 credits required

G COMPUTER EDUCATION                     Appropriate Computer elective (GCP)               ½
½ credit required, 9-12

M PHYSICAL ED/HEALTH                     Appropriate Physical Education elective (MPE)     1
1 credit required

X ELECTIVES                              (XEL)
Credits required or additional credits
Earned in other academic areas                                                             11.5
                      CLASS of 2011 - 26 units of credit required to graduate
        CLASS of 2012 and beyond – 27.5 units of credit required to graduate

 Department                           Course Name & Graduation Requirement Code                       Credit
                                      9th Grade English (BE1)                                         1
B ENGLISH                             American Lit. Comp. (BAL) or Honors American Lit. Comp. (BAL)   1
4 credits required                    World Lit, Honors World Lit, or AP Language                     1
                                      AP Literature or Elective                                       1
                                      World History and Geography (CH1)                               1
C SOCIAL STUDIES                      20th Century American History (CH2)                             1
3 credits required                    U.S. Government/Civics and Economics (CH3)                      1

                                      Earth Science credit (DSP)                                      1
D SCIENCE                             Biology credit (DSB)                                            1
3 credits required                    Chemistry or Physics (DSC)                                      1
                                      Algebra I
E MATHEMATICS                         Geometry,                                                       4
4 credits required                    Algebra II , Additional Math credit in Senior year

Visual/Performing or Applied Art      Credit may be earned in any one category of the arts            1
1 credit

M PHYSICAL EDUCATION                  Appropriate Physical Education/Health Elective (MPE)            1
1 credit required
 On Line Learning Experience          Credit may be an on line course or learning experience

X ELECTIVES                           (XEL)                                                           10 or
10 credits required                                                                                   11.5
                                   10th Grade
                                 Course Request
                                  Class of 2012
(Please refer to the Course Offerings on reverse side and your transcript with
graduation plan when selecting courses for next year).

Student Name:_______________________________ Student ID#_______________

Please select 15 courses complete with Course Name and Course Number below.

                                   Course Name                   Course Number
1    English 10
2    English 10
3    Math
4    Math
5    Biology
6    Biology
7    20th Cent. Am. History
8    20th Cent. Am. History

Please Choose 3 Alternative courses in the event that a course above can not be

Alternative Course Selection

                                    Course Name                  Course Number

   Course Registration Form

Enter appropriate courses on the form
Enter one trimester course per line
You will have a total of 15 trimester
 course for next year
Select 3 trimester alternate courses
 Course Registration Form
 Speak to teachers, parents and counselor for
  recommendations in English, Math, Science
  and Social Studies
 Bucs’ Blade, Yearbook, Film Production and
  Advanced Art require an application process.
  Talk with your English or Art teacher for
  further instructions
 You are required to bring the completed form
  to your 3rd hour teacher on March 4th.
  NOTE:   If you do not hand in your form on March 4th, your counselor will
          choose your classes for you.
       Careerline Tech Center
Students should complete an application for Careerline
Tech Center – Applications available in Student Services
Approved Tech Center placements will be on a list in
Student Services
Careerline Tech Center Students must list Tech Center
on their Registration Form
Questions?? See your Counselor
         College Considerations
•   4 Years of English
•   4 Years of Math
•   3 Years of Science
•   3 Years of Social Studies
•   2-3 Years of Foreign Language
•   2 Years of Fine and Performing Arts
•   1 Year of Computer Usage
   NCAA Requirements
    Four Parts of Initial Eligibility

1. Graduation from High School
2. Minimum core grade point average.
3. Minimum ACT or SAT scores.
4. Completion of 16 core courses.

  See your counselor if you have questions
       Steps of Registration

Students should:
Consult with your teachers, counselor
 and parents regarding course selections
Complete the Registration Form
Turn the Registration Form into your
 3rd hour Teacher on March 4th
  Registration Dates to Remember

• February 18   Parent Night for Current HS Student

• February 25   All Students Receive Registration

• March 4       Turn in Completed Registration Form
                to 3rd Hour Teacher
Thank You

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