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									                    JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA
                        Jamia Nagar,
                      New Delhi-110025.

                NEHRU GUEST HOUSE

      Sealed tenders are invited for running a Catering Unit for
about 100 guests per day in the University Guest House (known
as Nehru House).

        Application form(s) alongwith detailed terms and conditions
may be had from the Asstt. Registrar, Store Purchase Office,
Jamia Millia Islamia on payment of Rs. 500/- (non-refundable).
Forms can also be downloaded from Jamia website and submitted with a DD of Rs. 500/- in favour
of Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia. Tenders are to be dropped in
the Tender Box in the Store Purchase Office by 01.11.2007.
before 3.30 p.m. The tenders will be opened at 4.00 p.m on the
same day. Bidder may ensure their presence at the time of
opening the tenders in the Office of the Registrar.

Dated: 11.10.2007                                     Sd/-


                           Office of the Registrar
                              Jamia Millia Islamia
                              New Delhi-110025.
                           26981717 Extn. 1240 1964

                                                      Cash Receipt/DD: Rs.500/-
                                                      Date _________

      Tender Form for running Catering Services at Nehru House

1.    Name of the Licensee (Service Provider)_____________________________

2.    Name of the Company                        _____________________________

3.    Present Address                            _____________________________

4.    Telephone No./ Mobile No                   _____________________________

5.    Name and address where the Licensee (Service Provider) is running the
      canteen/mess at present
      (attach proof)                       _____________________________

6.    Previous experience
      (Give details and attached proof)          _____________________________

7.    Turn over of the Company/ Licensee (Service Provider) during the last three
      years                               Year 1 ______Year 2 _____Year 3 ______

8.    Current/Saving Account No.__________Bank__________Branch
9.    Trade License No._____________________________
      (Attach copy)

10.   Earnest Money Deposits         Draft No. _____ Date ________

      (Rs.5000/-)                       Rs._______        Bank_________

11.   Attach copy of IT Return of last three years.

                                          (AUTHORISED SIGNATORY AND SEAL)

     Terms & Conditions for running Catering Services at Nehru
                            House, JMI

1.     Each Licensee (Service Provider) is required to submit a bank draft of Rs.
      5000/- as Earnest Money (refundable) in favour of JAMIA MlLLIA ISLAMIA,
      New Delhi-110025.

2.    The successful Licensee (Service Provider) for running Catering Unit shall
      have to make the following payments:

      Security Deposit           :       Rs.50,000/-

       License Fee P.M.          :       Rs.15,000/-

       Water Charge P.M.         :        As per actual consumption

       Electricity Charges           :   As per actual consumption

3.   The contract shall be for a duration of 11 months w.e.f the date of possession
      of Catering Unit extendable by the Vice Chancellor, J.M.I., on satisfactory
      performance for another two years on the same terms & conditions. The
      Licensee (Service Provider) shall vacate the premises on expiry of the period
      of contract unless the contract is extended/renewed for another term or lease
      period as decided by the University.

4.    The timings and the working days of the Catering Unit will be regulated as under:
      All Meals (Except bed tea) will be served in the Dining Hall.
      Meals will be served on advance order during the following Hours:-

         Bed Tea                         Summer              6:00 am – 8: 00 am
                                         Winter              7:00 am – 8:00 am
         Breakfast                                           8:00 am – 10:00 am
         Lunch                                               1:00 am – 2:30 pm
         Tea                                                 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
         Dinner                                              8:00 pm –10:00 pm

Note: Tea/Coffee/Biscuits must be made available from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
       above hours for the guests and visitors on usual payment.

 4 (a) The Licensee (Service Provider) shall display the list of the items & rates in
        the premises.

5.      The Licensee (Service Provider) should quote their rates along with the
        quantity for supply of items mentioned at Annexure- A&B.

6.    The Company should have a minimum annual turn over of at least Rs.5 Lakhs.

7.    The Company should have experience of operating at least 3-4 catering

      units/outlets in the Institutions/schools/universities/Shopping Malls etc.

8.     The Company should have its own kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery
        for preparation of items and serving customers. However, the University
        shall provide deep freezer, refrigerator and geyser to facilitate the Licensee
        (Service Provider).

9.        The Licensee (Service Provider) and staff        should have experience of
        handling both vegetarian and non vegetarian (Halal), North & South Indian
        dishes/food/snacks items. Plastic/Synthetic cups for tea etc. shall not be

10      The licensee (Service Provider) shall see to it that at least 75% of all the

        approved items are available in the Catering Unit every day failing which the

        contract is liable to be terminated by giving one month's notice in writing.

11.     The Catering Unit should be kept clean and free of unhygienic conditions.

12.      The bearer/staff (not below 18 years of age) employed by the Licensee
        (Service Provider) shall be properly uniformed as also neat and clean.

13.     Serving of liquor is prohibited.

14.    The Licensee (Service Provider) of the Catering Services shall be responsible for
       ensuring safety and maintenance of all the equipments including electrical
       equipments installed by the University in the catering unit during the entire period
       of the contract.

15.    If the Licensee (Service Provider) fails to pay license fee and other charges by the
       due date he shall have to pay a penalty of 20% of the license fee per week and
       the agreement shall be liable to be cancelled.
16.    If the licensee fails to complete the full term of the contract, the security money
       deposited by the licensee shall stand forfeited.
17.    In the event of failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract by the
       Licensee (Service Provider), the University shall have the authority to take
       possession of the premises.
18.    The successful Licensee (Service Provider) shall not let or sub-let the premises
       either in whole or in part. No additions or alterations in the premises shall be made
       without the written prior permission of the University.
19.    Catering unit shall be supervised by a Committee appointed by the Vice-
       Chancellor. The Licensee (Service Provider) shall abide by the directives of the
20.    In case of breach of any of the conditions of the contract, the security deposit shall
       be liable to be forfeited.

21.     Decision of the Vice-Chancellor of what shall constitute a breach of the terms and
       conditions of the tender/contract shall be final and binding on the parties.

22    The University in its absolute discretion reserves the right to award the contract to
       any party/person irrespective of the rates quoted by them, on reasonable grounds.

23.     An Agreement shall have to be signed by the Licensee (Service Provider) before
       entering the contract. Specimen copy of the Agreement, may be seen in the Store
       Purchase Office by the intending tenderers.
24.    The University shall provide space for four/five employees of the Licensee
       (Service Provider) to stay in a room at a convenient location.

25.   The Licensee (Service Provider) may also prepare the food on order for the
      Programmes/functions hosted by the University officials. In case of private
      booking by University officials/functionaries, Licensee (Service Provider)
      may be allowed to charge 75% of the amount in advance.

                                                     CATERING UNIT/CONTRACTOR



BREAKFAST BUFFET                                            Rs.

Buttered Toast         4 pcs
Boiled Egg/Omelet      two eggs

Note: Fruit Juice or Cold drink will be made available at
      extra cost of                                  Rs.

Non-Veg.Thali                                        Rs.

1.   Chicken/Mutton Curry
2.   Dal/Chholey/Rajma
3    Basmati Rice Half plate
4.   Green Salad
5.   Roti 4
6.   Sweet
7.   Raita/Dahi

Veg.Thali                                            Rs.

1.   Seasonal Vegetables
2.   Dal/Chholey/Rajma
3.   Basmati Rice half plate
4.   Raita
5.   Salad / Green Salad
6.   Roti 4
7.   Sweet / Dahi

Vegetarian Buffets                                   Rs.

1.   Palak Paneer/ Shahi Paneer/Mutter Paneer
2.   Vegetable (Seasonal or mixed), Kadhi Pakora
3.   Dal/Chholey/Rajma/Lobia
4.   Basmati Rice(Zeera/Mutter Pulao/Moong Pulao)
5.   Raita
6.   Green Salad
7.   Roti
8.   Gulab Jamun /Pheerni /Rasgulla/Fruit Cream

Non-Veg. Buffet (1                                 Rs.

1.    Chicken/Mutton/Kofta Curry/Shami Kebab
2.    Kadai Paneer/Mutter Paneer/Malai Kofta
3.    Seasonal Vegetable
4.    Dal/Chholey/Rajma
5.    Basmati Rice(Zeera/Muttar Pulao)
6.    Raita
7.    Green Salad
8.    Roti
9.    Gulab Jamun /Pheerni /Rasgulla/Custard

Note: Any additional non-veg will be charged                      Rs.

Non-Veg. Buffet (2 non-vege.dishes)                               Rs.

1.       Chicken/Mutton/Kofta
2.       Fish/ Shami Kebab
3.       Paneer item
4.       Seasonal Vegetable
5.       Rice/Zeera/Matter Pulao
6.       Dal/Chholey/Rajma
7.       Green Salad
8.       Raita
9.       Roti
10.      Gulab Jamun /Pheerni/ Fruit Cream/lce Cream.


Any additional Non-Veg will be charge Rs. ________ extra.

Coffee/ ea, Cookies, wafers                                 Rs.
Aerated drinks (per glass)                                  Rs. as per MRP
Juice (200 ml)/ Mineral water on MRP
Cold Drink per glass                                        Rs.
Paneer Pakoda
Halwa etc.


S. No.               Items           Quantity     Weight           Price
  1.     Cold Drinks                1 Bottle     300 ml    Rs. as per MRP
  2.     Ice-cream (Good Quality)                          Rs.
  3.     Tea                        1 Cup                  Rs.
  4.     Coffee                     1 Cup                  Rs.
  5.     Veg. Sandwich              1 Piece                Rs.
  6.     Veg. Patties               1 Piece                Rs.
  7.     Bread Pakoda               1 Piece                Rs.
  8.     Samosa                     1 Piece                Rs.
 10.     Omellette                  2 Eggs                 Rs.
 11.     Slice                      1 Piece                Rs.
 12.     Butter Slice               2 Pieces               Rs.
 13.     Jam butter Slice           2 Pieces               Rs.
 14.     Veg. Cutlets               1 Piece                Rs.
 15.     French Fries               1 Plate      100 gm    Rs.
 16.     Veg. Burger                1 Piece                Rs.
 17.     Gulab Jamun                1 Piece      50 gm     Rs.
 18.     Paneer Pakoda              1 Plate      100 gm    Rs.
 24.     Biryani (Mutton)           One Plate    300 gm    Rs.
 25.     Biryani (Chicken)          One Plate    300 gm    Rs.
 26.     Chicken Qorma              1½ Plate               Rs.
 27.     Chicken Qorma              Full Plate             Rs.
 28.     Mutton Qorma               1½ Plate               Rs.
 29.     Mutton Qorma               Full Plate             Rs.
 30.     Stew                       1 ½ Plate              Rs.
 31.     Stew                       Full Plate             Rs.
  32     Shami Kabab                2 Pieces               Rs.
 33.     Seekh Kabab                2 Pieces               Rs.
 34.     Dal Fry                    1 Plate                Rs.
 35.     Vegetable                  1 Plate                Rs.
 36.     Shahi Paneer               1 Plate                Rs.
 37.     Malai Kofta                1 Piece                Rs.
 38.     Rumali Roti                1 Piece                Rs.
 39.     Tandoori Roti              1 Piece                Rs.

                                        LICENCE DEED

        This Deed of License is made on this the ______ day of             _______ 2007
 BETWEEN Jamia Millia Islamia , New Delhi through its Registrar Shri S.M. Afzal as its
 authorized signatory {hereinafter called the Licenser of the one part} and Mr.
 _______________________________________hereinafter called the Licencee (Service
 Provider) of the other part.

        Whereas the Licensee (Service Provider) is being authorized of using the
 property for providing services known as Nehru Guest House, J.M.I. New Delhi by the
 Licenser for running a Catering Unit for a period of eleven months only, on the terms
 and conditions hereinafter mentioned and under the Rules of Jamia Millia Islamia, New
 Delhi, as amended from time to time.

        Now it is hereby agreed as under:

     1. That in consideration of the payment of Rs.15,000/- per mensem as License fee
        for permission to use the property called Nehru Guest House, in the Campus of
        Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, the Licenser, grants to the Licensee (Service
        Provider) authorizing it to use the said property for the period of eleven months
        commencing from _______________ 2007 extendable for two years subject to
        the specific condition that at the end of each licensing year, based on a review of
        the performance a decision on either to renew or rescind the contract then may
        be taken by the Nehru House Committee at its sole discretion which shall be so
        binding on the Licensee (Service Provider) and on the terms and conditions
        hereinafter mentioned under the rules of JMI, New Delhi-110025 and as
        amended from time to time shall be bound to quit and vacate the premises within
        one month of the notice of revocation of this License by the Licenser in the event
        of breach of any of the terms & conditions of this License or rules pertaining
        thereto as referred above or in the event of Licensee (Service Provider) being in
        arrears for a period of three months in respect of this license fees payable as
        herein prescribed.

2.       The Licensee (Service Provider) shall provide regular meals of break-fast, lunch
        and dinner in the buffet mode every day during the subsistence of this Agreement
        on the basis of intimated orders to the invitees, guests, inmates, visitors,
        employees, staff and Officer(s) of the University;

3.     The food items(s) served and their chargeable cost(s) shall be as per the
       Schedule annexed with this Agreement which shall also be displayed prominently
       in the Dinning Hall;

4.    The servant(s), employee(s) and agent(s) of the Licensee (Service Provider) for all
      purposes and intents shall be rendering personal services to the Licensee
      (Service Provider) who shall be wholly and solely responsible for their wages,
      salaries, remuneration, allowances, honorarium etc. In no way whatsoever any of
      the employees, servants or agents of the Licensee (Service Provider) shall
      be considered to be on the temporary/permanent rolls of the University.
5.    The servants employees and/or agents of the Licensee (Service Provider)
      shall be in proper uniform and shall conduct themselves with courtesy,
      politeness and respect.

6.    The Licensee (Service Provider) while discharging the services under this
      Agreement shall ensure that all due permission(s) and valid license(s) have
      been secured from municipal and civic authorities, labour department and
      other requisite agencies.

7.    In the day to day functioning of the Licensee (Service Provider) vis-a-vis
      catering services at Nehru House, all instructions issued from time to time
      by the Incharge, Nehru House shall be duly heeded and obeyed as also all
      anomalies indicated by the above-mentioned Incharge shall be rectified at
      the earliest.

 8.   The Licensee (Service Provider) shall ensure sufficiency of food items to
      meet any unforeseeable or sudden rise in demand/orders;

9.    The Licensee (Service Provider) and/or his agents employees, servants etc.
      shall NOT indulge in any unlawful activity and any act/conduct which is
      impermissible by any law or Notice of the University.
10.   The University shall charge a monthly license fee of RS.15,000/- (Rupees
      Fifteen Thousand Only).

 11.   The Licensee (Service Provider) shall have regulated access to the kitchen,
       bath-room and toilet in the Nehru House as also to a notified Rest-Room.
       However, it is clarified and expressly consented to that on the termination of
       this Agreement, the Licensee (Service Provider) alongwith his agents,
       employees etc. shall immediately and forthwith hand over the vacant,
       peaceable, physical possession of the property to the notified Officer of the

 12.   All taxes shall be levied and payable as per law.

 13.   The Licensee (Service Provider) shall be a bare Licensee only of the said property
       and nothing herein contained shall be construed as a demise at law of the said
       property or any part thereof so as to give the Licensee any interest therein. The
       overall control and superintendence of the said property shall remain vested in the
       Licenser, whose officials shall at all reasonable hours be entitled to inspect the
       said property about its bona fide use. Any notified agent/official of the Licenser
       shall have the right to inspect the said premises and taste samples of the food
       items prepared, cooked and/or processed as also sold by the Licensee (Service
       Provider) and any defects/shortcomings thereto shall be duly rectified.
14.    That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall not use the property for any purpose
       other than for which it has been licensed without the prior written permission of the

15.      The Licensee (Service Provider) shall not be entitled to allow any other person to
         occupy the premises or to use any part thereof. The Licensee (Service Provider)
         shall not admit any person into partnership or become partner or to let or sublet
         the property.
16.      That the monthly License fee shall be payable in advance on or before the 10th
         day of English Calender month.
17.      The Licensee (Service Provider) shall not cause or permit to be caused any
         damage to the property. Under no circumstances the Licensee (Service Provider)
         shall make any addition/alteration without the previous written permission of the
         Licenser. In case any of the fixture is broken or stolen, cost thereof will have to be
         paid by the Licensee (Service Provider) or the same shall have to be replaced by
         Licensee (Service Provider).
18.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall be liable to compensate the Licenser
         any damage caused to be property as may be determined by the Licenser.
19.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall keep the place neat and clean in good
         hygienic condition and shall not employ or permit to be employed or remain in the
         premises any person suffering from any contagious, loathsome or infectious
         disease. The dealings of the Licensee (Service Provider) and its staff with the
         customers shall be polite and courteous.
20.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall pay water charges as per consumption
         per month.
21.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall pay electricity charges as per Govt.
22.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall obtain Government/Municipal license
         required for running the Licensee’s (Service Provider’s) business and to abide by
         all the terms of the license.
23.      The Licensee (Service Provider) should not employ/engage young children below
         18 years of age as prohibited under the law.
24.       Rates of items for sale be displayed prominently in the premises. Such rates shall
         be arrived at with the previous permission of the Licensor. Terms of business shall
         be prominently displayed and shall be in accordance with Act/Rules prevalent of
         Delhi Govt.
      25. That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall bear and pay the cost, charges and
         expenses or any incidental expenses to the preparation and execution of this deed
         in duplicate.

      26. That the Licenser shall retain the original license and Licensee shall keep the
         duplicate of the license.
      27. That no bills, posters, advertisements to be stuck on any part of the building from
         outside and inside the corridor.
      28. That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall keep adequate arrangements of fire
         extinguishers for use in case of emergencies. The University shall not be
         responsible for any loss or damage occurring to any goods, stores or articles kept
         in the said premises.
      29. That except where otherwise provided in the license deed, all questions and
         disputes relating to instructions/conditions herein before mentioned in any way
         arising out of or relating to the license deed whether arising during the occupation
         or after vacation of the premises determination of the license deed shall be
         referred to the Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, and whose decision as
         to whether a breach of the terms agreed upon warranting action under the above
         has taken place shall be binding and final.
      30. That on the expiry of the period fixed in the License or the revocation thereof
         under the conditions and terms fixed in the license or under the rules prescribed
         thereof or on non-use of the premises for a period of 30 days or on breach of any
         of the terms and conditions set for the above, the Licenser will be entitled to
         secure exclusive and absolute possession of the said premises and deal with it in
         such manner as it may deem fit. Any belongings of the Licensee (Service
         Provider), if found in such premises shall be liable to be auctioned unless claimed
         within one month of the assumption of such possession by the Licenser. The
         Licenser shall be further entitled to appropriate the proceeds of such sales,
         against the money due to the Licenser, from the Licensee (Service Provider).
31.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) will deposit a sum of Rs.50,000/- in cash or
         Bank draft in favour of Registrar, J.M.I. for fulfillment of the terms and conditions of
         the license. In the event of the breach of any of the terms the same shall stand
         forfeited. This will be without prejudice to other rights accruing to the Licenser as
         per terms and conditions of the agreement including claim of damages.
32.      If the Licensee (Service Provider) leaves in between without completing the full
         term of the contract, the security money deposited by the Licensee (Service
         Provider) will be forfeited.
33.      That the Licensee (Service Provider) shall be responsible for maintaining all the
         kitchen equipments including electrical equipments installed in the Catering Unit
         during the entire period of the contract.

34.   The timings of the Catering Unit shall be from 09:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. in all
      working days i.e. Monday to Saturday or as regulated by the University from time
      to time.
35.   That the Kitchen shall be supervised by a Nehru House Committee appointed by
      the Vice-Chancellor. The Licensee (Service Provider) shall abide by the directions
      of the Committee.
36.   That the rates of the items approved by the Committee shall only be charged.
37.   Any incidence of over-charging, if found to be true, shall make the Licensee
      (Service Provider) liable to fine of Rs.500/- or termination of contract or both.
38.   The Licensee (Service Provider) shall see to it that at least 75% of all items
      approved are available in the Catering Unit every day failing which his contract is
      liable to be terminated by giving one month’s notice in writing.
39.   That any new items other than the items approved shall only be introduced with
      the prior approval of the Committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.
40.   That if the licensee (Service Provider) fails to pay license fee and other charges by
      the due date it shall have to pay a penalty of 20% of the license fee per week and
      the agreement can also be cancelled.

      In witness whereof the Licenser and the Licensee (Service Provider)

      have signed this on                                 2007 at New Delhi.

      Signature of the Licenser                Signature of the Licensee (Service Provider)

                                              Name: ____________________

                                              Address: ___________________


      1. _____________________

      2. _____________________


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