Remedies Skeleton Outline by mrdildine

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									Remedies Skeleton Outline
1. Types of Damages a. Compensatory i. Tort 1. 2. 3. 4. ii. K 1. 2. b. Consequential i. Tort 1. 2. ii. K 1. 2. c. d.

FMV Dim in V Loss of Use Emotional Distress Reliance Expectancy


c. d. e. f. g. Tracing

SOL Unclean hands In pari delcto Waiver Estoppel

general Specific general special: incidental and consequential



4. 5. 6.



Punitive Limitations of Damages i. Avoidable Consequences ii. Off-Setting Benefits Rule 1. Collateral Source Exception iii. Causation 1. Px cause 2. Cause in fact iv. Economic Harm Rule v. Reasonable Certainty Requirement vi. Substantive Policy limitations e. Valuing Personal Injury i. Per diem ii. Wrongful death (and survival) Taxes, Time and the Value of Money a. Interest b. Taxes c. Discounting to present value Injunctions a. Preventative Injunction b. Reparative Injunction c. Permanent Injunction d. Specific Performance e. Personal Service Contracts f. Preliminary injunction i. Prelim Inj. ii. TRO Declaratory Judgments Restitution Other a. Replevin b. Ejectment c. Contempt a. Criminal b. Compensatory c. Civil Defenses a. Uncon. b. Laches

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