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					                                            Popcorn Fundraising Program

                                                Activities and Roles
           Teach cubs:
            –     Responsibility
            –     Importance of working to pay for activities
            –     Communication skills
           Recognize Cub Achievement
            –     Cubs receive prizes / awards for reaching sales goals
           Raise money to fund:
            –     Pack activities
            –     Den activities
            –     Individual cub participation in winter overnight (if they meet a sales target)

Additional Context:
           Pack receives about 40% of the revenue
           A significant portion of the Pack share will be allocated to the Dens based on their
            sales to cover Den activities / material
           All Cubs are asked to sell at least one item

           Popcorn Kernel
            –     Overall responsibility for Popcorn program
            –     Design process for collecting orders from Cubs through the Den Leaders
            –     Submit popcorn order to Council
            –     Communicate to Pack about the popcorn program, in coordination with the
            –     Organize volunteers
           Assistant Popcorn Kernel
            –     Organize pickup of the Popcorn from the Council and distribution to the Dens /
                  Cubs, under the direction of the Popcorn Kernel

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            –     Design Show and Sell event(s)
                         Determine where and when
                         Create and manage sign- up process
                         Work with Cubmaster to recruit adult volunteers
            –     Support Show and Sell event(s)
                         Ensure popcorn gets to / from event
                         Organize adult / cub volunteers
                         Asst. Kernal does not need to say during entire Show and Sell
           Den Leaders
            –     Collect orders from Cubs and submit to Popcorn Kernel
            –     Receive popcorn from Kernel / Asst Kernel and distribute to Cubs
            –     Collect payments from Cubs and submit to Kernel
           Cubmaster
            –     Communicate to Cubs / Parents about Popcorn program (coordinated with Kernel)
            –     Recruit adult volunteers to help with Popcorn pick- up and show and sell (with
                  Committee Chair and Asst. Popcorn Kernal)


           Attend Council Popcorn training event
            –     Pack receives additional 2.5% on all sales by having someone attend the training
           Obtain / Refine popcorn selling materials
            –     Order forms and awards sheet (from Council)
            –     Order spreadsheet (update version from last year)
            –     Cubmaster / Committee Chair (with input from leadership team) to determine Pack
                  level awards for reaching sales goals (e.g. free ticket to the Pack Museum of
                  Science overnight in January for Cubs who sell more than $175)
           Show and Sell (Assistant Popcorn Kernel role)
            –     Submit order for Show and Sell events (due by 9/11/06)
                         Any leftover inventory can be used for other Cub orders or returned to
                          Council for refund
            –     Pickup Show and Sell inventory (9/23/06)
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                         Take 2 vehicles to pick- up popcorn
                           ►    You can squeeze the inventory into one mini- van if there are no seats in
                                the back and no front passenger, but it is a very tight fit
                           ►    Need 2 people to unload
                         Can store in basement of St. Brigid, if necessary (cover with tarp as others
                          have access to storage area), or at a Popcorn leader’s house
                         Cubmaster and Committee Chair have keys to St. Brigid
            –     Schedule / Design Show and Sell
                         Determine locations and times (recommend 2 dates in October on weekends)
                         Obtain permit from the town, if on town property, or approval from Wilson’s,
                          Stop and Shop, etc.
                         Create sign- up sheet for Cubs and parent volunteers
                         Send reminders to parents before show and sell
                           ►    Date, time and location
                           ►    Reminder that cubs should wear their Class A uniforms (not the Pack T
                         Create signs for show and sell
                         Identify chairs / tables to be used for event
            –     Conduct Show and Sell
                         Setup booth
                           ►    Table, chairs, signs, sign- up sheet, place to keep money
                           ►    Popcorn
                         Train volunteers on what to do (cubs, parents)
                         Ensure someone is responsible for closing up booth and returning excess
                          inventory to storage, and submitting orders and payment
                         FYI, we often receive donations, although we do not encourage Cubs to
                          proactively ask for donations – we want them to feel like they earn the money
            –     Submit payment, inventory sold / still available information to Popcorn Kernel
            –     Popcorn Kernal keeps track of sales and submits funds to Pack Treasurer

           Organize primary Cub sales activities (i.e. non-Show and Sell)
            –     Announce Popcorn program at late September Pack meeting (Cubmaster and /or
                  Popcorn Kernel)
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                         Objectives of program
                         How to sell (wear uniform, parent/guardian to accompany them )
                         Sales requirements (every cub sell at least one item)
                         Awards (council and pack)
                         Due dates for orders to be submitted to Den Leaders
                           ►    10/26/06 – Cubs submit to leaders
                           ►    10/27/06 – Den Leaders submit to Kernel
                         When / how money payments be collected (after order is delivered)
                         Timing of distribution of popcorn to Dens
                         Give sign- up materials to Den Leaders to distribute to Cubs
            –     Send reminder communications
                         Popcorn Kernel to ask Den Leaders remind Cubs – Den Leaders to follow-up
                          to ensure all Cub orders are collected
                         Cubmaster to send a couple of reminders during October
            –     Collect orders
                         Den leaders to compile orders from their Den onto an Excel Spreadsheet and
                          submit to Popcorn Kernel (by 10/27/06)
                         Popcorn Kernal consolidates order, nets out any leftover inventory from Show
                          and Sell, to determine final order amount
                         Kernal submits order to Council, including popcorn and prizes (10/30/06)

           Distribute Goods and Collect Funds
            –     Obtain Pickup-date and time from Council (date is 11/11/06) and determine
                  appropriate Den/Cub pickup time at St. Brigid
            –     Cubmaster / Committee Chair to recruit volunteers to help with goods popcorn
            –     Communicate to Pack about Den/Cub pick- up
            –     Pickup Popcorn and Prizes in Wilmington (11/ 11)
                         Ensure items received is reconciled with original order
            –     Bring goods to St. Brigid parking lot and breakout orders by Den
                         Be careful to understand how many units are in each box (they differ by type
                          of popcorn)

8db45fbb- d902-4c1f-88bf-7227267fce27.doc                 4
                         Give Den leaders a copy of the orders for each of the cubs in their den (this
                          will be the same sheet they submitted to Popcorn kernel)
            –     Den Leaders give out the popcorn to each Cub in their den
            –     Cubs deliver popcorn to people who ordered it and collect payment
                         Cubs should be in Class A uniform with a parent/guardian accompanying
                         Recommend payments by check made payable to Parent, but if purchaser is
                          more comfortable making payable to Pack 160, that is fine
                           ►    Making checks payable to parents will reduce the administrative burden
                                on the Pack
                         If paid in cash or checks payable to Parent, please have parents consolidate
                          these, and write a check to Pack 160 for the total amount
                         Parents should get all payments to Den Leaders by 11/27/06
            –     Den Leaders collect checks, reconcile with orders and deliver to Popcorn Kernal
            –     Kernal delivers cash to Pack Treasurer to deposit in Bank
                         Treasurer performs final reconciliation
           Prizes awarded to Cubs in December Pack Meeting
           Determine allocation of Pack revenue to Dens
            –     Communicate to Dens and Treasurer

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