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									J-1 Student and J-2 Dependent
    Employment Workshop

 International Student and Scholar Services
            Vanderbilt University

J-1 Student Employment

      J-1 Employment Options


     Academic Training (AT)

    J-1On-Campus Employment
   What does on-campus mean?
    Employment that occurs on the premises of the university that the
    student is authorized to attend.

   Eligibility for on-campus employment
        Good academic standing
        Full-course of study
        Specific employment opportunity has been authorized by your
         International Student Advisor in advance and in writing.

   On-Campus employment is limited to a total of only 20 hours a week
    while your program is in session.

   You may work more than 20 hours a week on-campus while your
    program is on official break. There is no maximum limit. =)

        AT (Academic Training)
 AT   Fact Sheet
     Definition
     Eligibility
     Application Process
     Time limitations
     AT Authorization
 AT   Application

                 What is AT?
AT is authorization to participate in training off-campus (be
it paid or unpaid).

Academic training is work, training, or experience directly
related to a student’s major area of study.

AT may involve sequential or simultaneous activities, with
several employers, provided the application and approval
procedures are followed for each employer and activity,
and the time limits are not exceeded.

                  AT Eligibility
   Student must be in good academic standing.
   AT must be with a specific employer or training site, and
    be directly related to the major field of study listed on the
   Student must receive written approval in advance from
    their International Student Adviser before beginning the
   Unpaid academic training is authorized only prior to
    completion of the program, unless the training is
    significant part of the field and that adequate funding can
    be provided to cover all expenses.
   AT can only be authorized by the program sponsor
    (Vanderbilt, Department of State, Fullbright, USAID, etc.)

        AT Application Process
   AT Application Form
       Signed by Academic Adviser
   Job Offer
       On company letterhead
       Include salary
       Location of employment
       Description of training
       Beginning and ending dates of employment
       Name of supervisor
   Processing Times
       Schedule an appointment with your ISA at least two
        weeks before the program completion date.

               Time Limitations
   Bachelors and Masters degree students are permitted an
    overall limit of 18 months AT.
   Ph.D. Students are eligible for 18 months of AT and 18
    months of Post-Doctoral training for a total of 36 months. A
    new DS-2019 must be issued for the second 18 months.
   Non-degree students are limited to a total stay of 24
    months, including all study time plus any authorized
    academic training.
   Students may participate in AT before or after completion of
   The total period of authorized academic training must not
    exceed the time enrolled as a full-time student.
   Students must have an academic training offer before the
    program end date, and the training must begin within the 30
    day grace period following program completion.
   All AT is counted as full-time, even if employment is on a
    part-time basis.                                           9
          AT Authorization
 ISSSfacilitates the AT application

      authorization is an AT approval on
 Final
 your DS-2019 with A/RO signature

             While on AT
While you are on AT you are still considered a
  J-1 Vanderbilt student.
Therefore you must:
 Notify ISSS of any address change via the
  online Change of Address Form
 Maintain health insurance
 Have your DS-2019 signed for travel by ISSS
 Report changes of employment to ISSS
 Complete AT Evaluation

                 Life after AT
Within 30 days after completing AT, you must do
 one of the following:

 Depart the U.S.
 Apply for change of status in the U.S. You may
  not be eligible for this benefit if you are subject
  to 212(e) (H-1B, L or LPR)
 Begin another J-1 student program.

   Office Hours
    Monday – Friday: 8:00-5:00

   Walk-in Hours
    Monday – Friday: 10am – Noon and 1:30-3:30

   Student Life Center
    310 25th Avenue South, Suite 103
    Phone: 615-322-2753
    Fax: 615-343-7799
J-2 Employment

        J-2 Employment Packet
 J-2   Employment Fact Sheet
     Dependent Eligibility
     Application Process
     Length
     Extensions
     Authorization
 Form I-765
 Monthly Budget Sample

       Dependent Eligibility
J-2 dependents of J-1 Exchange Visitors
may apply to the United States Citizenship
and Immigration Services (USCIS) for work
authorization, provided the income from
such employment will be for the support of
the dependent(s), and not for the principal

            Application Process
 Schedule appointment with your International Adviser at least 3 months
  in advance of intended employment start date
 Submit complete application documents to your International Adviser at
  the scheduled appointment:
         Form I-765
         $380 Application fee: Check payable to U.S. Department of Homeland
         2 Passport-style photos
         Copy of DS-2019s for J-1 and J-2
         Copy of I-94 card (front and back) for J-1 and J-2
         Copy of Passport ID page(s) for J-1 and J-2
         Copy of Visa Stamp for J-1 and J-2
         Copy of all previous Employment Authorization Documents (EAD
         Monthly Expense Budget – See Sample
         Letter from J-2 stating why the employment is desired and that
          employment is not to support J-1

          Length, Extensions, &
   Length
       USCIS practice is to limit issuance of all EADs to no more than 1
        year. In any case, J-2 employment authorization may not exceed
        the program duration indicated on the principal’s DS-2019, and is
        valid only if the J-1 is maintaining status.
   Extensions
       A J-2 dependent must file form I-765 with all supporting documents
        each time an extension of employment is necessary.
   Authorization
       If permission for employment is granted, an Employment
        Authorization Document (EAD) card is issued and is valid for any
        kind of full-time or part-time employment for the period of time
        stated on the EAD. Employment may begin only after receiving
        approval from the USCIS.

                     Receipt Notice
Received Date
August 16, 2004

Notice Date
September 10, 2004


 Must    be an advertised volunteer position
 A volunteer position usually does not
  require you to have special skills. (specific
  lab work)
 If it is normally a paid position then it is not
  a valid volunteer position.

Examples of Illegal Employment
 Babysitting for a Professor
 House cleaning for your Advisor
 Translating texts for the local town library
 Editing papers for other students online
 Working for outside companies doing
  temporary work on campus

    Additional J-2 Information
 Limitations(two year home country
  residence requirement)
 Can study full-time

   Office Hours
    Monday – Friday: 8:00-5:00

   Walk-in Hours
    Monday – Friday: 10am – Noon and 1:30-3:30

   Student Life Center
    310 25th Avenue South, Suite 103
    Phone: 615-322-2753
    Fax: 615-343-7799
    Website:             24

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