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									                 Secrets Of The Self Defense Groin Kick

The importance of physical exercise is an issue that increasingly is attracting the interest of people,
based on their awareness of the Greek maxim "mens sana in corpore sano '. In this approach we will
see what the practice of the Defense Staff may also add us.

1) Self Defense Self or third party - By practicing a martial art of self defense, is acquired over time,
knowledge and skills sufficient to deal with attacks against armed or freehand, increasing the
possibility of success in preserving our physical integrity or that of others, at risk against real violence
of any kind.

2) Physical Development - One of the first and great benefits that we get practicing self defense, it is an
eminently practical activity that requires physical work coordinated and appropriate to each
practitioner, dedicated to the needs of each motor technique, resulting in the development skills, aimed
at optimizing the full potential of every practitioner in various aspects such as: aerobic conditioning,
stretching, flexibility, agility, strength, coordination, etc..

3) Mental and Emotional Development - This is another great benefit immediately, where the
practitioner, concomitant physical development, will define and enhance personality attributes such as
decision-making capacity, resistance to frustration, perseverance, humility, persistence, and finally
values useful principles and fundamental to success in any professional activity. In other words, the
Self Defense contributes to healthy growth and a solid practitioner of psychological and emotional.

In short, we can say that the practice of Self Defense produces in the individual, and the consequent
benefits described above, a feeling of confidence and security in their own potential, which translates
into a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, as you feel fit to cope with situations of risk, you deal with
extreme situations, or manage crises in any order. Much as this is a preventive action against the
occurrence of unanticipated, result of careful and rational behavior motivated by the mindset of
Defence Staff.

The self defense groin kick is without a doubt a valuable technique in close quarters combat. (Any guy
who’s ever come crashing down on the crossbar of his bicycle knows that.) But there’s a bunch of
mistakes that many martial artists make when executing a groin kick for self defense – mistakes that
can actually end up hurting YOU as a result if you don’t do pay close attention to these aspects of your
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #1: Use In Close Quarters Combat!
Don’t go for a groin kick from far away! As men, we have a subconscious radar that register when
someone is going to hit our groin. This makes it harder to deliver an effective groin kick because he’s
more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an instinctive reaction.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #2: Beware The Headbutt!
Self defense groin kicks, when used as taught in most “traditional” training settings, use a “linear”
approach that places the martial artist directly in front of their attacker. But the way the body naturally
reacts when hit with a groin kick is to instantly bend forward.
If you attempt a groin kick for self defense when you’re right in front of your attacker, this places you
right in the way of your attacker’s head as it comes crashing down in an involuntary reaction. Needless
to say, you don’t want to transform your groin kick against your attacker into a “headbutt” that takes
YOU out of the fight. This IS for “self defense” remember!

Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #3: Attack HIGH First!
You can stop the natural “headbutt” reaction by first striking high to your attacker’s body. This also
makes sure that he doesn’t see the groin kick coming and you can deliver more power in your
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #4: Shift Your Body!
The secret to proper execution for a self defense groin kick then is to kick while shifting your body
slightly to the SIDE as you kick. When you execute this technique in this way, you can actually deliver
more power AND make sure you’re out of the way should your attacker’s head lurch forward.
Consider all of these techniques the next time you train for the self defense groin kick! For more
information Click here!!

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