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									                                  The Birds and the Beads
                                       Spring 2009 Class Schedule
                     732-591-8233
All samples are available for viewing at the shop. Supply lists are available upon registration. Unless stated otherwise,
materials are not included in class fee. SUPPLIES MUST BE PURCHASED WELL BEFORE YOUR CLASS DATE.

                    5K Toursade with Barb Fee: $35              Charm Bracelet with Tamara
                    6/19 Fri. 10-1pm & 6:30-9:30pm              Honaman
                    A non-aerobic spin class that will          6/14 Sun. 10-3pm      Fee: $65
                    get your heart rate up. Exercise            Create a fun and colorful charm
                    your creativity and tone your cone          bracelet using round wire and
                    skills. Prereq: Earring Workshop.           beads. Learn basic wire-working
                                                                skills, how to use tools properly,
Ariel with Susan Eisemann                                       and finishing techniques. Earring workshop or experience
4/19 Sun. 10-3pm Fee: $60                                       with pliers.
Ready to try dimensional RAW?
Pinch beads are used as a base to                                                     Crimping 101 with Barb
make a beaded bead & firepolish                                                       4/14 Tue. & 6/16 Tue.
beads are embellished for the                                                         10-11:30pm & 6:30-8pm
companion units. Advanced. Students must be able to                                   Fee: $25 (includes partial kit)
RAW without assistance.                                                               Graduate from an elastic bracelet
                                                                                      to a long-lasting, secure piece of
                    Bangladesh with Brooke                      jewelry. You’ll design two bracelets and learn to use the
                    Innocenti                                   crimping plier. Beginner.
                    4/26 Sun. 10-3pm        Fee: $55
                    Create this textured bracelet that          Crystal Cuff with Brooke Innocenti
                    has luscious fringe around the              4/15 Wed. 10-2pm
                    crystal button that becomes a focal         5/21 Thu. 6:30-10:30pm
                    embellishment as well as a clasp.           Fee: $45
Prerequisite: Knowledge of peyote stitch.                       Make this fun beautiful bracelet by
                                                                encircling beads in a square stitch base with crystals
Bougainvillea Boutique with                                     and seed bead loops. All levels.
4/15 Wed 6:30-9:30pm                                                                Crystal Helix Bracelet with Barb
4/16 Thu. 10-1pm         Fee: $35                                                   5/5 Tue.      Fee: $35
Combine a mix of seed beads and                                                     10-1pm & 6:30-9:30pm
petite shapes with fine gauge wire                                                  This classic woven design goes one
in a simple twist technique that                                                    step further for a totally different
mimics a flowering vine. The result is a delicate                                   look, thanks to Donna and Barb.
necklace as unique and charming as you might                    You’ll work with our beloved 4mm crystals (AB and 2X
discover in a fine boutique. Beginner.                          colors are stunning) and walk away with a beautiful,
                                                                sparkling bracelet. All levels.
                Byzantine Bracelet with Barb
                6/10 Wed.      Fee: $35                         Delicate Drama with Susan
                10-1pm & 6:30-9:30pm                            Eisemann
                This form of chainmaille is a terrific          6/28 Sun. 10-4pm Fee: $70
                way to get started. It looks complicated        This vintage looking bracelet,
                and difficult but is really quite simple.       with its distinct design, has a
                Prerequisite: Experience with pliers.           timeless elegance. Embellish a
                                                                base of peyote with a Vintaj finding and a large
Caterpillar Bracelet with Barb                                  enameled bead. The class sample offers a fold-over
5/27 Wed.       Fee: $25                                        finish or clasp of your choice. Students must be
10-12pm & 6:30-8:30pm                                           proficient in peyote, RAW and embellishment. There is
Use up your stash of beads or start                             pre-homework in preparation for the class. Intermediate
from scratch to create a one of a                               Advanced.
kind fringe bracelet. All levels.
Earring Workshop                                                         Look Ma No Clasp with Karyn
4/17 Fri, 5/20 Wed, 6/25 Thu                                             6/24 Wed. 10-11:30pm or
10-11am & 6-7pm                                                          6/26 Fri. 6:30-8pm
Fee: $15 Includes supplies                                               Fee: $25
A great quick course for learning the                                    A macramé knot becomes an adjustable
basics of making dangle earrings with                                    clasp with pretty trimmings. All levels.
head pins & jewelry pliers. Beginner.
                                                            Melfi’s Mystique with
                      Fan Tastic Necklace &                 Susan Eisemann
                      Earrings with Susan                   6/21 Sun. 1:30-6pm
                      Eisemann                              Fee: $55
                      6/21 Sun. 10-1pm      Fee: $40        As a tribute to a coworker
                      The center bead is surrounded         & friend, I tried to capture Melfi’s inner beauty & her
                      with a flair of delicas and is        exotic appearance in a piece of art. With peyote
enhanced with firepolished beads for the ultimate           increases, decreases, & embellishment the bracelet
fantastic necklace and earring set. Intermediate.           takes shape to a three dimensional sensational wrist
Should have experience with Peyote stitch.                  art. Intermediate/Advanced - must have completed at
                                                            least 2 peyote projects.
Fat Free Donut with Susan
Eisemann         Fee: $70                                                   Multi Metal Fringe Earring with Barb
6/14 Sun. 10-4pm                                                            Fee: $35
No, the project is not edible but                                           5/7 Thu. 10-1 & 6:30-9:30pm
what’s better than a large center                                           If repetition is the best way for you to
donut with a little crystal bling                                           learn, then this is the class for you to
embellishment?       Beaded bead                                            perfect your wrapped loop technique.
technique will compliment the neck chain to round out                       Mix or match your metals for a great
the design. Advanced. Prereq: any of the 2 bead RAW         go-to earring. Earring workshop or experience with
classes or completed at least 2 projects in the             pliers.
                                                            Night Knotters with Donna
                     Flat Peyote Bracelet with Barb         Fee: $40
                     5/13 Wed.     Fee: $30                 6/3 Wed. 6:30-9:30pm
                     10-12:30pm & 6:30-9pm                  Learn       to     string    and
                     Always in demand, learn the basic      professionally knot a necklace.
                     but essential off-loom weaving         This is the preferred method for
                     stitch. Create a flat strip that can   semi-precious natural beads for weight distribution and
                     later be completed as a bracelet.      security. Instruction includes attaching a clasp, using
You will work with large beads (8/0 size) to allow you to   French wire, design techniques, alternate stringing and
understand how to apply this technique. Beginner.           closure choices. All levels.

Get Konnected with Karyn                                                   Not-So-Heavy Metal Band with Barb
6/17 Wed. 6:30-9 or 6/18 Thu                                               Fee: $35
10-12:30pm        Fee: $30                                                 6/23 Tue. 6:30-9:30pm
A new bracelet with lots of links to                                       Link jump rings together to weave a
practice your pigtailing skills. With                                      supple metal clothe-like bracelet. A
a pretty toggle, silver connector                                          traditional chainmaille with a little
pieces, & sparkly beads, you’ll want to wear this every                    contemporary bling. Prereq: Earring
day. Warning: everyone will want you to make one for        Workshop, experience with pliers.
them too! Earring workshop or experience with pliers.
                                                            Picot Posies Necklace with Karyn
                     Goosebump        Bracelet       with   5/28 Thu. 10-12 & 6:30-8:30
                     Brooke Innocenti          Fee: $35     Fee: $25
                     4/28 Tue. 6:30-9:30pm &                Create a delicate garland of flowers
                     6/17 Wed. 10-1pm                       and leaves that will bloom fresh and
                     We will apply peyote stitch to         bright all year long!       This simple
create this colorful, bumpy-textured bracelet. Using        stringing technique uses different sizes of seed beads
different sizes of beads, there are a variety of finished   to build a uniquely natural effect. Beginner.
looks that can be achieved. Previous knowledge of
peyote helpful, but not required.
                      PMC Connection                         PMC- Intro to Copper Clay with
                      Certification Workshop Level 2         Alice Alper-Rein
                      with Alice Alper-Rein                  5/31 Sun. 10-2:30pm
                      6/7 Sun and                            Fee: $80 + materials fee
                      6/8 Mon. 10-5pm                        Be among the first students to
                      This is a comprehensive two day        work with the newest base metal
class in which advanced techniques are presented.            clay: Copper Clay. Learn to cut, shape and texture this
The workshop is open to those who have completed             richly colored metal clay while creating one pendant
Level 1 Certification (PMCC, Rio or Art Clay Silver) The     and a pair of earrings. Demonstrations and discussions
techniques are very specific but the students are            will include the similarities and differences of Copper
allowed room for personal creativity in their designs.       Clay and silver MC and how to combine the two clays.
The four projects include applying color to MC using         Since firing takes several hours, all work will be fired
gold and glass enamels, bezel setting a natural, non-        outside of class time and will be available for pick-up at
fire-able gemstone, creating clasps and exploring            the store. The class includes demonstrations of various
surface finishes from deep texture to mirror finish.         finishing processes. Some metal clay experience is
Students who successfully complete this workshop are         recommended.
eligible to advance to PMCC Certification, Level 3.
Certification Classes are taught by Alice Alper-Rein,                          PMC- Silver Clay in a Day-
one of just twenty PMC Connection Senior Instructors                           Introductory Sampler with Alice
in the US. Class Fee: $450. All materials and Level 2                          Alper-Rein
Book included.                                                                 6/5 Fri. 10-4pm
                                                                               Fee: $65 + materials fee
PMC       Connection      Certification                                        Spend a day creating one-of-a-kind
Workshop Level 3 with Alice Alper-                           jewelry using fine silver metal clay. This class is geared
Rein                                                         for the beginning student, but intermediate students
6/28 Sun. and 6/29 Mon. 10-5pm                               who wish to learn the latest tips and tricks are also
This is a comprehensive two-day class                        welcome. Explore metal clay types and techniques.
in which advanced techniques are                             Learn to cut, shape and texture metal clay using simple
introduced through two specific                              tools like rubber stamps or leaves from the garden
projects. Students will learn to construct a wearable,       while creating a pendant and earrings and/or a focal
hinged box embellished with ornamental detail and            bead. No metal working or jewelry making experience
then apply gold, using the ancient Korean technique          is necessary to produce beautiful items using metal
known as Keumboo. The second project involves                clay.
setting an irregular non-fire-able gemstone. The
workshop is open to those who have completed Level 2
Certification in PMC or Art Clay Silver. As with the prior   Princess Charm-Ring with Karyn
classes, the techniques are very specific but the            5/12 Tue. 6:30-9:30pm
students are encouraged to explore personal creativity       5/14 Thu. 10-1pm
in their designs. Class Fee: $450. All clay materials        Fee: $35
included.                                                    In this class, you will learn how to
                                                             stitch flat peyote and zip it together to
                         PMC- Introducing                    make a ring. We'll take it one step further with a bit of
                         BronzCLay™ with Alice-Alper         freeform embellishment for a truly "one of a kind"
                         Rein                                creation. Beginner.
                         6/26 Fri. 10-2:30pm
                         Fee: $75 +materials fee
                         In this hands-on workshop,                        R.A.W. Beauty with Barb
you’ll learn the fundamentals of working with the                          4/21 Tue. or 6/4 Thu 6:30-10:30
newest metal clay: BronzClay™ Learn to cut, shape                          4/23 Thu. or 6/3 Wed 10-2pm
and texture this richly colored metal clay while creating                  Fee: $45
a pendant, earrings or other components that will                          Right Angle Weave at its most basic level
enhance your jewelry designs. Demonstrations and                           is simply beautiful in this cuff. Learn this
discussions will include the similarities and differences    challenging but versatile stitch that will open doors to
of BronzClay™ & silver MC. Since firing takes several        many creative adventures. We will use 4mm Swarovski
hours, all work will be fired outside of class time & will   crystals & pearls to create a cuff that is both sparkly &
be available for pick-up at the store. The class includes    soft. Add a fabulous clasp to enhance its RAW beauty.
demonstrations of various finishing processes. Some          Beginner, some off-loom weaving experience helpful.
metal clay experience is recommended.
                   Show-Byz Bracelet with Barb                this elegant bracelet. Weave a complex melody using
                   Fee: $35                                   simple techniques. All levels; experience crimping
                   5/29 Fri. 10-1 & 6:30-9:30                 helpful.
                   Hone your skills with wire & jump
                   rings. Join your favorite bead             The Glitz with Brooke Innocenti
                   stations together with Byzantine           Fee: $45
chain links in a "show-stopping" bracelet. Prereq:            5/6 Wed. 10-2pm & 6/12 Fri. 6-10pm
Earring Class and/or a wrapped loop class.                    Right angle weave two or four rows of
                                                              Swarovski pearls. Embellish with seed
Some Where in Time Trilogy with Susan Eisemann                beads and crystals of your choice. Fun
Whether you prefer the vintage style reminiscent of the       and beautiful.
romantic slide bracelet or the “bling, bling” of today, the
choice will be yours. Embellishment of pearls and                          Tuscana        Bracelet     with     Susan
crystals or just crystals will take shape as we increase                   Eisemann
and decrease into a three dimensional piece.                               6/7 Sun. 10-4pm Fee: $65
                                                                           Like big, bold and wonderful?           This
               Somewhere in Time Earrings                                  bracelet is not for the faint of heart. You
               5/3 Sun. 10-1pm                                             have built your RAW skills now put them
               Fee: $35                                                    to the test. Circular RAW components will
               Students must have knowledge of 2                           be assembled with alternating columns to
               bead RAW and the basic embellishment           create the ultimate in looks. Students must have
               techniques. Beginner/Intermediate.             experience in circular RAW, peyote. Bracelet will not
                                                              be completed in class. There is pre-homework in
Somewhere in                                                  preparation for the class. Advanced.
Time Bracelet (2 sessions)
5/3 Sun. 1:30-3:30                                            Viking Knitting with Jill Hurant
and 5/17 Sun 10-1                                             Fee: $45
Fee: $55                                                      4/24 Fri. 10-2pm 5/22 Fri. 6-
We will be concentrating on                                   10pm & 6/9 Tue. 6-10pm
embellishment and assembling the piece. The bracelet          Learn the age-old technique of
will have a self-closure rather than manufactured to          viking knitting or weaving fine
finish the look. Intermediate/ Advanced. Students must        gauge wire around a mandrel to produce a beautiful
have experience in RAW & peyote.                              bracelet or necklace. You will be amazed how easy
                                                              this is and how impressive it looks. Once you have
              Somewhere in Time Necklace                      made one, you won't want to stop. All levels.
              5/31 Sun 10-3pm    Fee: $55
              Learn the beaders “secret” of the self-                               Vintage Garden with Karyn
              toggle and the “must know” of                                         4/29 Wed. 10-12pm & 6:30-
              assembling    and     working     with                                8:30pm
              dimensional components. Intermediate/                                 Fee: $25
              Advanced.    Students    must    have                                 A new way to design with our
experience in RAW & peyote.                                                         favorite Vintaj brand brass
                                                              components. Inspired by French beaded flowers, this
Spring Break with Susan                                       technique shows you how to create miniature bouquets
Eisemann                                                      using a variety of glass beads and wire. Beginner.
5/17 Sun. 1:30-4:30pm
Fee: $40                                                      Wire Pendants with Tamara Honaman
Everything is blooming!     Little                            6/2 Tue. 6:30-9:30pm Fee: $50
bursts of blooms and leaves will                              Create two pendants using beads and
be around your neck done in seed beads, 4mm crystals          round wire. Learn basic wire-working skills,
& drops. The piece can be finished off with beads of          how to use tools properly, and finishing
your choice or chain to make it adjustable. Advanced          techniques. Beginner.
beginner/ Intermediate.

                   Symphony Bracelet with Terri
                   Cassell       Fee: $35
                   4/22 Wed. 10-1pm &
                   5/8 Fri. 6:30-9:30pm
                   This     beautiful   symphony   of
                   Swarovski colors and shapes create
April                                                           June
4/14 Tue    Crimping 101                    10-11:30 & 6:30-8   6/2 Tue.            Wire Pendants                              6:30-9:30pm
4/15 Wed.   Crystal Cuff                    10-2pm              6/3 Wed.            R.A.W. Beauty                              10-2pm
4/15 Wed    Bougainvillea Boutique          6:30-9:30pm         6/3 Wed.            Night Knotters                             6:30-9:30pm
4/16 Thu.   Bougainvillea Boutique          10-1pm              6/4 Thu             R.A.W. Beauty                              6:30-10:30
4/17 Fri    Earring Workshop                10-11am & 6-7pm     6/5 Fri.            PMC- Silver Clay in a Day                  10-4pm
4/19 Sun.   Ariel                           10-3pm              6/7 Sun.            Tuscana Bracelet                           10-4pm
4/21 Tue    R.A.W. Beauty.                  6:30-10:30          6/7 Sun.            PMC Certification Level 2                  10-5pm
4/22 Wed    Symphony Bracelet.              10-1pm              6/8 Mon.            PMC Certification Level 2                  10-5pm
4/23 Thu.   R.A.W. Beauty                   10-2pm              6/9 Tue.            Viking Knitting                            6-10pm
4/24 Fri.   Viking Knitting                 10-2pm              6/10 Wed.           Byzantine Bracelet                         10-1 & 6:30-9:30
4/26 Sun.   Bangladesh                      10-3pm              6/12 Fri.           The Glitz                                  6-10pm
4/28 Tue.   Goosebump Bracelet              6:30-9:30pm         6/14 Sun.           Fat Free Donut                             10-4pm
4/29 Wed.   Vintage Garden                  10-12 & 6:30-8:30   6/14 Sun.           Charm Bracelet                             10-3pm
                                                                6/16 Tue.           Crimping 101                               10-11:30 & 6:30-8
May                                                             6/17 Wed.           Goosebump Bracelet                         10-1pm
5/3 Sun.    Somewhere in Time Earrings      10-1pm              6/17 Wed.           Get Konnected                              6:30-9pm
5/3 Sun.    Somewhere in Time Bracelet I    1:30-3:30
                                                                6/18 Thu.           Get Konnected                              10-12:30pm
5/5 Tue.    Crystal Helix Bracelet          10-1 & 6:30-9:30
5/6 Wed.    The Glitz                       10-2pm              6/19 Fri.           5K Toursade                                10-1 & 6:30-9:30
5/7 Thu.    Multi Metal Fringe Earring      10-1 & 6:30-9:30    6/21 Sun.           Fan Tastic Necklace & Earrings             10-1pm
5/12 Tue.   Princess Charm-Ring             6:30-9:30pm         6/21 Sun.           Melfi’s Mystique                           1:30-6pm
5/13 Wed.   Flat Peyote Bracelet            10-12:30 & 6:30-9   6/23 Tue.           Not-So-Heavy Metal Band                    6:30-9:30pm
5/14 Thu.   Princess Charm-Ring             10-1pm              6/24 Wed.           Look Ma No Clasp                           10-11:30am
5/17 Sun    Somewhere in Time Bracelet II   10-1pm              6/25 Thu.           Earring Workshop                           10-11am & 6-7pm
5/17 Sun    Spring Break.                   1:30-4:30pm         6/26 Fri.           PMC- BronzCLay™                            10-2:30pm
5/20 Wed.   Earring Workshop                10-11am & 6-7pm     6/26 Fri.           Look Ma No Clasp                           6:30-8pm
5/21 Thu.   Crystal Cuff                    6:30-10:30pm        6/28 Sun.           Delicate Drama                             10-4pm
5/22 Fri.   Viking Knitting                 6-10                6/28 Sun.           PMC Certification Level 3 I                10-5pm
5/27 Wed.   Caterpillar Bracelet            10-12 & 6:30-8:30   6/29 Mon.           PMC Certification Level 3 II               10-5pm
5/28 Thu.   Picot Posies Necklace           10-12 & 6:30-8:30   • Payment is required in full to guarantee your space. Class size is limited
5/29 Fri.   Show-Byz Bracelet               10-1 & 6:30-9:30    • Payment may be transferred to another class up to one week before the
5/31 Sun.   Somewhere in Time Necklace      10-3pm                class, less a $5 fee.
5/31 Sun.   PMC- Intro to Copper Clay       10-2:30pm           • Payment is refundable up to one week before the class, less a $5 Fee.
                                                                • No refunds for cancellations one week or less before class or for "no-
                                                                • Full refund is issued for any classes cancelled by The Birds and the Beads.
                                                                • Prices subject to change without notice. The Birds & Beads is not
                                                                  responsible for misprints or typing errors.

                                                                HINT: Register early or the class may be cancelled the week before if there is not
                                                                adequate sign-up.

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